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10 Disturbing Facts Most Americans Are Too Fearful to Face

from Ready Nutrition:

Sometimes you have to put out information in hopes that those who haven’t heard this will at least absorb a fraction of it.

If you haven’t heard this and you absorb just one of these random points, I believe that may be enough to cause a major paradigm shift your life or in the life of someone you know.

Here are 10 random, mostly recent but some archival information that is factual and verifiable for anyone willing to look it up.

1. GMOs

Genetically Modified Foods are illegal in many countries for health and medical reasons all the while the U.S. passes laws making GMO labeling illegal. You may be thinking, say what?

That’s right. U.S. citizens are being propagandized daily and are being practically forced to blindly consume GMOs while countries like Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Madeira, New Zealand, Peru, Australia, Russia, France and Switzerland have all booted Monsanto and their GMO crops from their countries.

That’s like being booted out of a town for being a rapist and child molester only to have that same person settle into the next town over and become a grade school teacher or pastor.

Now imagine the citizens of that other town having a law forced on them that says rapists and child molesters must be allowed to teach little kids and run churches. That’s what we’re talking about here.

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2 comments to 10 Disturbing Facts Most Americans Are Too Fearful to Face

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    It was a pretty accurate list of 10. The Sheeple prefer to keep their own WOOL over their eyes, while the alert/awake crowd prefer to be looking in all directions to prepare for the next wolf.

    Keep you eyes open, don’t become bitter, negative etc..and destroy yourself with HIGH Blood Pressure, stroke, heart attack,,etc. Keep some positive outlook as much as possible. Learn to Laugh at trouble… laugh at YOURSELF, and laugh with others.

    Don’t forget to SMILE often. It helps you and it helps those who see your smile… even if it’s a crooked, broken smile,, at least they’ll know your SOUL is GLOWING, happy & alive.

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