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Yuan To REPLACE Dollar As World Reserve Currency — JIM WILLIE


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1 comment to Yuan To REPLACE Dollar As World Reserve Currency — JIM WILLIE

  • Eric

    A ha ha! Jim Willie on fire again.

    The dollar is almost dead! It’s right in front of your eyes people!!!! This reminds me of how I told my neighbor that if his buddy just gets his body alkaline and detoxes his body, he might be able to beat the cancer eating away at him. Then I told him again. And again and again. Then I sent him an article and he goes, “somebody sent me something about how if you get your body alkaline…bla bla bla.” YEAH IT WAS me dumbass!

    They just don’t know enough to know that they just don’t know enough. They still think this is a freely traded market. Stupid morons only think of money in terms of dollars!

    The dollar (federal reserve note) is a lot of things…it’s currency, legal tender, credit, paper garbage… but it IS NOT MONEY!!!

    WAKE UP!!! What are the morons going to think when the store shelves are empty??? “but but but… i have dollars. how could this happen in amerika?”

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