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Who Owns The Land?

from ZenGardner:

Land, cannot, by its nature, be exclusively owned by any human being. Any property ultimately belongs to the creator of that object, until such time as he or she sells it or gives it away.

The Supreme Creator has never sold the Earth to anyone, thus by natural law and simple logic no-one can claim exclusive ownership of the land. However, it also follows that all humans and creatures, may, by birthright and wise management utilize it within the limits of their authentic needs, and without encroaching upon others.

This concept is known as Allodial Earth wherein land may be held, managed and utilized, and that individuals may rightfully claim full ownership of the fruits of their labour upon that land, but not of the land itself.

To fully understand the extent of our enslavement we should understand the history we were NOT taught in school.

The Britannic Isles,(what we know today as England, Wales, Scotand and Eire) prior to the Anglo Saxon and Norman invasions was known as Albien. Albien, simply meant “the surface of the Earth”, and in those days it was inhabited by tribal communities, there were no borders, religious or political boundaries or divisions, no kings or, no landowners or serfs. The society was following an allodial system, each family held rights to a sufficient area of land to be able to cultivate and feed their families and trade or barter the excess.

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  • This story really grab my interest, until I read it! I thought that some real information was going to be given to the people about “Allodial Title” but found that it was just another story on the history of Catholicism. There is another story with a misleading title (Russia Supplies Syria With MiG-31 Jets To Protect Syrian Air Space) with a running time of 25:37, 24 of which is a review of what happen in the world to date and 1:37 on the title event. Is this going to be the new thing in alternative news? The story “”Allodial Title” started out so good. Well it set a fire under me because I believe this is one thing the people should know,and if they had the information so many of the people in the states United would not have kicked out of their homes. There is an old saying that “if you want something done right, do it yourself!” And that’s just what I’m going to do for my nine or ten readers of so if you one of the ten (or nine) readers of my page look out for it!

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