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What to Eat When You Go Grain Free

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

A person’s diet is always an evolution. Maybe you have more time on your hands and can cook from scratch. Maybe you got a second time and scratch cooking is hard to fit in. Maybe a health issue has caused you to rethink the way you eat. Sometimes a change in eating habits is triggered by a change in finances. Often, it’s many things combined that cause your eating habits to change. Whatever the reason, there’s always a learning curve as you embrace the positive aspects of the change.

We’ve made two major changes over the past couple of years.

First of all, we are very committed to eating locally. When you eat locally grown food, you don’t have that separation from it that people who simply go to the grocery store and load up a cart do. When you eat locally, you know what you’re getting, and you know it to an exponentially greater degree.

Secondly, several months ago we swore off grains as a family due to some health issues with my daughter, and we haven’t looked back.  I think it’s entirely possible that many of the chronic health problems being experienced in our country could be related to the exceptionally high grain-and-carbohydrate intake of the average American. It isn’t even because people are just gorging on junk food. We’re being strongly encouraged to load up our plates with “health whole grains” despite a growing body of evidence that whole grains are anything but healthy.

And here’s the magical thing that I discovered:

Grain free and local go hand in hand.

The number one thing I noticed when we opted out of grains was that previously, when I tried to stay with more local foods, it was always grains that caused me to veer off plan. Because, well, grains don’t grow here.

I began to think about how I could eat food produced nearby and stick to my plan, and then it all clicked into place.

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