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The Coming Economic Collapse Will Push The US Into A 3rd World Country

from X22Report Spotlight:

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  • knowtoomuch

    The Dow dropped 777 points on the worst trading day during october 2008.

    Last thursday and friday combined it imploded 888 points.

    777 stands for human fullness in the christian theology

    888 stands for God’s Fulness.

    So this is probably done on purpose by The Cabal I guess.

    They LOVE throwing with symbolic numbers, to let the ‘insiders’ know world wide.

    But of course I could be wrong.

    • Ed_B

      Could be… but I doubt it. Playing their game according to numbers that are somehow meaningful is what they do. It’s what they have done for a long time and they are continuing to do it. I see no reason why they would change their basic way of thinking. That said, yes, we probably can get too carried away with this stuff and maybe read too much into most situations. The devil, as usual, is in the details.

  • A guy from Ukraine

    Too many convergancies just to be considered as a coincedence. The question is whether they will be willing (or will be able) to wait until the end of the Shemitah like they did in the past or just step in with their agenda before that.
    It now seems to be even less a coincidence that the 70-th UN session is taking place in September with Pope speaking out at Congress. I’m tempted to believe the crisis is supposed to be well on by that time for the world leaders to get softened enough to accept the World Governance Agenda proposed the elite. If that will be the case I fear that might mark the biblical event of the rise of the AntiChrist and trigger the countdown to rapture… God bless all of us if I’m right ( hopefully not)

    • Dante

      You’re thinking like me in so far as the Pope’s visit. I’ve been somewhat skeptical of the September business right along, only because timing is a difficult thing to predict, even when it looks like a sure thing. But while nonchalantly reading one of the many articles on all of the convergences planned for September the other day, a very clear thought flashed in my mind when I came upon the part about the Pope; that we actually could be in the midst of some real heavy duty stuff by the time he arrives, making his visit much more than what most might believe it to be currently. It may be turned into an very important SPIRITUAL visit (not that I subscribe to the believe that he is a legitimate representative of God)in the face of serious global crisis, and one that will be more than just symbolic. DECISIONS might be made on that day, and very important ones. All ritual and theater for mass consumption, of course, but nonetheless a kickoff to begin the new game.

      • Ed_B

        I don’t think that a lot of people are predicting timing. What they are saying is that this IS a timed series of events and that the timing is based on prophecy or some other time or time period that has special significance. We don’t know the timing but those who are instigating all this sure do!

        Yes, it would be good to KNOW the timing of world-shaking events. But we don’t and we are unlikely to ever know this. SO… what we need to do is forget about timing and concentrate on the things that we CAN affect in our lives… like prepping and stacking. Those are things that we CAN do.

  • Willie

    You’re being set up… but of course you are all too smart for that.

  • videoctr

    Of course, this is all by design and orchestrated. “Problem, Reaction, Solution”.
    The country has been looted by those in charge. Now the take down is underway.

    Will people run to the FEMA camps? Is that how they will save us?
    Don’t get on that ship? “To serve man”…’s… it’s… a cookbook!

  • Allender

    Bill Holter KNOWS.

    What he says is basically what is happening.

    Without the intelligence and bravery of Holter, made so available by SGT Report…hate to think about that.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    To SGT staff,, (and to BILL HOLTER),, THANK YOU for all your HARD WORK, intelligence, honesty, probing, analyzing, and TELLING what you are finding,, for telling what’s on your mind,,and what you think may be happening,,and what may be causing it, etc.

    You guys are a wonderful blessing,, not just to your direct audience,,but then to the OTHER people that WE TELL about what WE now (because we LEARNED about it from YOU.)

    You are reaching your own audience and WE are reaching out to all the people WE touch in our lives.

    …..You are the SNOWBALL at the top of the mountain, and it’s getting bigger as it rolls down the hill.

    …. I enjoyed this interview and consider it to be another very important open analysis of events, cause, effect, result, etc.

    .. I am about as ready for a “Black Monday” as possible,,but really hope such things will wait until after the official “Shemitah”.. Hahaha.. but it is what it is.

    Even if we get a MASSIVE “Black Monday”.. things will still “putter along” for another week or so before we get to the riot stages (I hope). I’m expecting my last few car repair parts in the mail & at the auto parts store. Once I get them,, I’m good.

    I am sad that I have NOT yet been able to order 2 BIKE MOTOR kits,, perhaps I’ll CHARGE one on Sunday,,and try to get it here by Friday. One for gas,, and one for electric.

    • SGT

      Craig and Eric and anon and Ed and all of you who post comments regularly here, thank YOU – you keep us inspired to keep working hard day in and day out. I really do pray things somehow work out well for all of us – certainly precious metals will help, but the global geopolitical situation is getting very frightening, especially when one comes to believe that our own government is more than willing to spark a thermonuclear war. May God bless all of us.

      • Craig escaped from Detroit

        Hello SGT (Sean, Peter, & wonderful staff,, whoever you may be)… I see how you keep a vigilant watch over your pages and often comment back to your readers. Thanks for your diligence and your care.. not just from me,, but ALL of us. (even if they don’t mention it to you.)

        I follow your articles not just for the info.. but also for the WISE, clever, and USEFUL comments from your readers,, as these readers of yours,, have a LOT of GREAT information, and we try to improve each others depth of knowledge and ideas… as well as poke a few sticks at each other on occasion.

        OK,, back to the target? I’m ordering my Bicycle MOTOR kit right now from Ebay ($130 delivered), it’s 80cc/ 2 cycle, and that’s big enough to move MY big butt down the road for VERY little fuel.

        I hope OTHER people will rush to buy a few of these,, as the gas stations may be few and far between during the worst of our USSA 3rd world future. This is a BACK UP plan,, hope I really don’t have to use it,,but if it becomes a requirement,, I’ll be thankful to have it.

  • Larry from Montreal

    I ditto the compliments about this site and the intelligent commentators that frequent the site.

  • AgShaman

    They use their buddies in Hollywood as signaling devices.

    One month from the new Hitman movie release

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