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Want to See the Future of America? Check Out This Astonishing Survey of Government Workers

from Sovereign Man:

Deep within one of the darkened parking garages of Terminal 1 at Charles de Gaulle airport, there’s an attractive young French girl who’s desperately trying to manage an entire fleet of rental cars by herself.

She’s basically the only person working the garage for one of the major car rental agencies, so she has to take care of every single pickup and return by herself.

It’s pretty clear that she’s overwhelmed and completely stressed out– she has too much work and simply can’t handle it.

On Saturday morning when I arrived to Paris, I passed by the main desk of the rental car agency within the terminal to pick up my keys and contract.

But when I got to the garage and looked at the car, I noticed there were some pretty big scratches and dings.

Not a big deal… but I needed someone from the agency to annotate my contract so that they wouldn’t charge me later for damage that I didn’t cause.

I tried flagging down this girl for a quick signature. Instead I got a rather frantic ‘talk to the hand while I deal with the 30 people in line before you.’

Twenty minutes later I was still waiting for a simple signature. Honestly I didn’t really even care at that point; I was much more intrigued watching this poor girl bumble around haplessly trying to do way too much with too few resources.

It struck me as so curious why one of the largest car rental agencies in the world would have just one worker at one of their busiest tourist transit points.

If you look around in France, it’s actually quite typical to see. And the answer isn’t hard to find: regulation.

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