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US Military Uses IMF and World Bank to Launder 85% of Its Black Budget

by Jake Anderson, Activist Post:

Though transparency was a cause he championed when campaigning for the presidency, President Obama has largely avoided making certain defense costs known to the public. However, when it comes to military appropriations for government spy agencies, we know from Freedom of Information Act requests that the so-called “black budget” is an increasingly massive expenditure subsidized by American taxpayers. The CIA and and NSA alone garnered $52.6 billion in funding in 2013 while the Department of Defense black ops budget for secret military projects exceeds this number. It is estimated to be $58.7 billion for the fiscal year 2015.

What is the black budget? Officially, it is the military’s appropriations for “spy satellites, stealth bombers, next-missile-spotting radars, next-gen drones, and ultra-powerful eavesdropping gear.”

However, of greater interest to some may be the clandestine nature and full scope of the black budget, which, according to analyst Catherine Austin Fitts, goes far beyond classified appropriations. Based on her research, some of which can be found in her piece “What’s Up With the Black Budget?” Fitts concludes that the during the last decade, global financial elites have configured an elaborate system that makes most of the military budget unauditable. This is because the real black budget includes money acquired by intelligence groups via narcotics trafficking, predatory lending, and various kinds of other financial fraud.

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3 comments to US Military Uses IMF and World Bank to Launder 85% of Its Black Budget

  • CalSailX

    Political incorrect or not, women control enough of the house old finances of this world that this silly crap can only exist because. (a: They don’t know their power.) or (b: This looks like a deal, and I can spend anything left on myself.)

    The hell with supporting local business, and the hell with local industry. It’s about short term advantage. Please someone tell me about how “A,B,C” is about the “children” again! I hate to say it, but if your children can’t find a job because you helped to offshore their jobs with your control of the money the family injected in to the economy.

    Honey… you own this one!

  • CalSailX

    Hell the heroin trade went though the roof after the invasion of Afghanistan, that was just business to them. However I had a young man die that I’d invested part of my life in, a criminal showing me his get out of jail free card will still swing from a tree when it’s that personal.

    Your black budget isn’t worth the price we are paying! It’s not just the life’s of American’s that are squandered anger me, I look around this world I see the carnage in Russia, China, Pakistan, India, and the list goes on…

    Beyond the cult of Death and Debt, there is a world of real people that understand what is happening. I hope they enjoy what they think is power while they have a taste, because it will soon become bitter in their mouth.

  • Ms. Karen Hudes has confirmed the use of World Bank data by the illuminati in an evil way, I am confirming the use of terrorism against the USA from Mexico. In most of the cases the Offer Lettters do not complaint with NAFTA regulations so USA and Mexico labor laws are not used instead of that indian, japanese, german and others.

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