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Trump Says THIS About Bergdahl, Has Obama And Bergdahl’s Lawyer Furious Within 60 Seconds

from Western Journalism:

When Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called accused deserter Bowe Bergdahl “a dirty, rotten traitor,” a New Hampshire audience cheered its approval. The cheers redoubled when Trump did a brief pantomime of firing a rifle, as in a firing squad, while saying, “You know, in the old days… bing, bong. When we were strong.”

Trump’s actions brought a volley of protests from the White House and Eugene Fidell, Bergdahl’s defense attorney.

A tweet attributed to a White House official read: “Trump comment on Bowe Bergdahl ‘Crossed the Line.’”

“This is the lowest kind of demagoguery,” Fidell said Thursday. “Mr. Trump’s comments are contemptible and un-American. They are a call for mob justice.”

Trump made the remarks during a town hall meeting Wednesday in New Hampshire.

“We get a traitor named Bergdahl, a dirty, rotten traitor, who, by the way, when he deserted, six young, beautiful people were killed trying to find him,” Trump is heard saying in a video posted by the Wall Street Journal.

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3 comments to Trump Says THIS About Bergdahl, Has Obama And Bergdahl’s Lawyer Furious Within 60 Seconds

  • BRF

    Eventually you would think Trump will over play his hand and begin to turn off the crowd of spectators he has gathered. with all his puffery. I wonder if Trump ever served let alone in an action where others shot back? Trump is the vomit of the bile that poisons America and the rest of the west. If he really was in it for the “good of the nation” we might hear more of his concrete proposals instead of vague utterances of restoring greatness. Trump has no real idea of how to fix the nation anymore than he has any deep understanding of anything other than how to game the system. A true charlatan if ever there was one. An Elmer Gantry for the masses. The masses thinking they have group intelligence when they have individual and group stupidity, masked by a self indulgent longing for what they do not know, other than what is fed to them as desirable.

  • Phil

    Some people can’t handle the truth, so they attack the messenger.
    Trump has to ruffle the roost of those that have been way way too
    comfortable steeling from the citizens.
    Ignorance is bliss and destructive. Because the truth is ignored!
    I am ashamed of those that wish to live in the slavery society that
    America has been turned into.
    Grow up people! Stop being a bunch of Mamby Pamby’s!

  • Hussein Obama supposedly is furious at trump s truthful comments on Bergdahl, probably because Obama is a TRAITOR himself. Obama is giving aid to America s enemy Iran with his deal, which by definition is traitorous.

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