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Author and former Libertarian nominee for Vice President of the United States Wayne Allyn Root joins us to talk about Donald Trump’s run for the White House, Hillary Clinton’s crimes and the unstoppable economic collapse.

On Donald Trump: “I’m telling you he’s going to win the Presidency because he’s relentless, he’s courageous, he doesn’t care if you like him, he doesn’t care if he offends you…. and he tells you what he thinks…. and I’m telling you this is the right guy.”

On Hillary Clinton: “She’s such a criminal. She’s a relentless criminal, the Clinton’s are relentless criminals. And you’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg… she will NEVER win the nomination. It will all fall apart when people find out that A.) She’s a criminal. B.) She’s a fraud. C.) She’s in scandal after scandal, she sold out the country, she’s guilty of TREASON.”

On Federal Reserve money printing and economic collapse: “This is a disaster, it’s all a fake, it’s all a mirage, it’s all going to implode, I don’t know when, no one does, could be tomorrow, could be five years from now but in the end it’s going to implode and it’s going to be bad.”

Plus Wayne’s thoughts on immigration, the “impossible” to build wall on the US-Mexico border, gold, dangerous vaccines and much more – thanks for tuning in.

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38 comments to TRUMP CAN WIN, BUT HE CAN’T STOP THE COLLAPSE — Wayne Allyn Root

  • Rainmaker

    Trump can win, but he will NOT take on the bankers nor the FED. So. it won’t matter. All problems could be, would be, negated if the corruption in the banking system was remived. Immigration as an issue is just a slight of hand trick.

  • SGT

    I think the Donald is beholden to some very powerful interests as Brother N documented, and we shared at The Phaser:

  • Sergio of the Jungle.

    Put a fork in her! Excellent idea. Can I select it? I have a favorite hardware store in mind for the purchase.

  • Sergio of the Jungle.

    On the subject of Trump Can Win, a toy poodle could win if it entertained the public enough. I hereby nominate Kim Kardashian’s rabbit, Bruce, as POTUS.
    Go, Bruce!

  • mangrove

    Trump doesn’t want to win. He’s been put up as a spoiler so that Hitlery will be the first woman president (even though she’s probably not a woman since she’s probably not even human, but I digress).

    The selection has already been made, and nothing except some celestial intervention is going to stop her. She’s in possession of the ultimate Teflon, provided by the elites.

    Janet Yellen, chair of the Federal Reserve. Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF. Margaret Chan, head of WHO. Shall I continue? Are you seeing a pattern yet? And Bruce Jenner is a fake, but it doesn’t matter when the vast majority think his little game is real.

  • Sorry Charlie

    Mangrove, thank you for the above video – excellent! SGT – dude, you can do better than this loser (Wayne Allen Root) – I almost barfed listening to the guy. I will tell you what is good about Trump: NOTHING. This guy (Root) is a misinformation agent.

  • Praxis

    Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope. LALALALALALALALAAaaaaa

    A few months from now I’ll wonder what the so called state has to apologize for next. Reminds me of 2011 and I’m seriously going to plug my ears, make my plans for serfdom and dream about an intelligent amicable society.

    It’s over. 5 Presidential cycles, 10 Congressional cycles, 4 Senatorial cycles. Failure.
    It’s over. I have tried and tried since I was 12 years old and just about everyone agrees with me in their hearts. They’re just too scared to “fail”.

    How can you succeed at anything without failure to gain perspective? Furthermore, how can you succeed if you refuse to shed fear; yet they do every time?

    Even Kennedy was an awful person until he started making waves. That was 50 years ago.

    I’m sorry, but it’s over. Enjoy your Huxlearian soft slavery. Even he knew it was all wrapped up in the 30’s.

    The only saving grace is maybe Bitcoin at its roots? Sad thing is that if that really caught on they’ll slash and burn one sector by one until people are left helpless if they resist. No sweat off their backs. THEY HAVE ALL OF THE ASSETS.

    Fuck you George Carlin for being right. I’m sure you’d smile and quip back “I told you. Don’t get bent out of shape over it. Just enjoy the sideshow”.

    What’s really infuriating is this quasi oligarchy / monarchy due to association is completely helpless. They need us. STOP PARTICIPATING! IGNORE THEM! EVEN IF IT IS TO A FAULT IN YOUR NEIGHBOR’S EYES!

    That’s the only way we win. No swords, no words. Just a cold shoulder and some prepared ingenuity to pick up the pieces and the willingness to console their manifold minions who have to be abandoned.

    It is going to be the worst age since the dark ages for the everyman/woman but that generational sacrifice is going to be what it will take. These psychopaths and their obedient flunkies have to just die. If you add the the problem, you’re simply prolonging it. You cannot become God. Sorry guys. Especially at the expense of ALL OF CREATION. (aherm Fukushima)

  • NIX

    Savior, savior, savior! whose the most beautifull for the lemming in the mirror.

  • NIX

    DOW down 600 pts premarket (anyone owns PM in this joint?)

  • Brian

    Praxis has the right idea. Let us take it one step further and get off the voter rolls and establish yourselves as human beings and not “persons” that are used by UNITED STATES INC as chattel. It is a rigged corporate selection. Voting in this farce is no different than voting in a share holders meeting for Mcshit or Sprawlmart. Do not vote and check out “Season of Treason” by Kurt Kallenbach to get a handle on what this company did to the American people. We have been scammed on a level that is unimaginable.

  • Pablo

    Root normally is a voice of reason and common sense but when he starts inserting the word “WE” are going to win he totally lost me.

    There is no “WE” like in a favorite sports team or something. I can’t stand when people identify things they have no real connection to.

    Trump is NO Libertarian by any stretch. The guy is for putting “boots on the ground” in Syria and who knows where else… Obama had some really nice promises too while campaigning and see how well that turned out!!

    I’ve managed to vote in every presidential election I could, but this one there is no way I can cast a vote for a lessor of the evils. The stakes too high and will no longer suffice I can morally say I put one of these criminals in office.

  • Petedivine

    You know America is desperate when Donald Trump is your beacon of hope for a better future. The other options are manifestations of demonic killers called Jeb and Hillary. I’m sure brown people in foreign countries shutter at the thought of a Hillary or Bush Presidency. All those bombs and drones destroying in the name of U.S. It’s my hope we at least stop killing innocent people around the world. That’s the one change I’d like to see. Forget the wall. Today it’s to keep people out, tomorrow it will be used to keep people in.

  • NIX


  • Tyler Durden II

    I too agree with Praxis. I was a big LP back 25 years ago. I have awaken a bit since and now find myself an anarcho-capitalist with each passing day.

    Shifting subjects, what are all your (including Sean) on borrowing from a 403b plan and using it to options trade through a platform such as Dough? Any gains would buy PM. My only other debt is my mortgage .

  • jerry

    I like Simon Black’s take on Trump and his experience with bankruptcy which must happen we must default to get change that’s actually change or its the same ole same ole even with Kim’s rabbit

  • C.i.

    The Collapse Started Last Thursday.

    Now Monday And Aint It A Bitch Aye……….

  • KSKing

    We’re all being played if we waste time even thinking about the Election Circus, and in particular the center ring clown Trump. The fact that Hitlery is still running proves how utterly corrupt the US Govt System is.

    Let’s talk about the Financial Markets crashing. Let’s talk about the explosion at the US Military base in Sagamihara Japan. Let talk about WTI(Oil) down as of this writing to $38.31

    • Willie

      Journalistic objectivity is a sham

      In the piece, Greenwald speaks of the need for journalists to recognize the prevalence of false or questionable information being disseminated in the press, and he argues that the average person needs to be able to do the same:

      “[T]hat realization is equally vital for consumers of journalism. Journalistic objectivity is a sham, a horribly misleading and self-flattering conceit. Don’t simply trust claims made in authoritative media tones — even if, perhaps especially if, journalists work for the most influential media outlets — unless they point to evidence that confirms or at least suggests their truth. And when consuming journalism products, always consciously realize that, even when malice or other forms of bad faith are nonexistent, so much of what is said and claimed by journalists is simply untrue.”

    • anon

      +1 (KSKing)

      “We’re all being played if we waste time even thinking about the Election Circus, and in particular the center ring clown Trump. The fact that Hitlery is still running proves how utterly corrupt the US Govt System is.”

  • ArvLondon

    How long until Donald’s wall isn’t there to stop immigrants coming in but to stop Americans getting out?

  • anon

    Can Trump “win”? Sure. All the OTHER PRE-SELECTED SELL-OUTS have “won”, in the past.
    Can Trump stop the economic collapse? Of course not. The economic collapse is INEVITABLE – it’s built right into the fiat currency system. Western (Int’l) Central Bankers, primarily out of the ‘City’ of London, but also elsewhere in the “EU”, and in the U.S., will use the coming collapse to pick up even more hard assets, at FIRE SALE prices, when this thing blows, just as they did after the pre-orchestrated 1929 Stock Market Manipulation/Crash. They will also manage the public’s perception of the collapse, in such a way, as to further their NWO Agenda, and make the most of the coming (economic collapse) “crisis”. Their motto: “Never let a good ‘crisis’ go to waste!”

    The “elites” will do everything they can, to advance their NWO Agenda, regardless of which pre-selected SELL-OUT “wins” the Presidency. No one that is an ACTUAL threat to the status quo (ie., to the Central Bankers), will EVER get anywhere near the Oval Office. Obama was Rothschilds’ choice. And so will the next President be. No matter who “wins” the Office of POTUS, its a GUARANTEED WIN for the so-called “Federal” “Reserve”.

  • Praxis

    God! I was being sincere! The 9×4 stone wall needs to go.

    Well here is my reply to a few corroborating comments. I’ll be off now.

    I have one thing against the ridiculousness of political candidacy, politics and the whole caravan of absurdity surrounding it.

    Repetition. It’s a Freudian tactic and it’s terrifically insulting; thusly, you get only the voice of the best of the worst.

    The heroin and heroine fantasy of the couch laden man. The — Majority.

    Prove me wrong. Iceland had good balls but it’s the follow through that matters. TBD. These things take time.

    Criticize me, please.

  • Brian

    You da man Praxis. The corporate selection is a sham. Everyone remove yourself from the voter rolls and Don’t get fooled again !

  • Eric

    To suggest that one “can win” would mean that there is a choice. There is no choice.

    Someone has to oversee the largest bankruptcy in the history of the world. It might as well be zio-controlled mr. quadruple corporate bankruptcy who gets to be the one to take the blame for bankrupting the US corporation.

  • Eric

    Now. Let’s all get our hopes up.


  • Ed_B

    “… she sold out the country, she’s guilty of TREASON.”

    Agreed. But not mentioned is that she has a LOT of company in this… most of the US Congress, for openers.

  • Eric

    “TRUMP THIS” !! Parody by Toots Sweet

  • cory

    this guy is a used car salesman…..i find it difficult to take him seriously when he is pumping donald trump.

    it is like lifting the veil to find another and another….

  • Willie

    I was walking through the local mall and came upon a “Mexican Book Store.” Never having seen one before, I went in. As I was wandering around, a clerk asked if he could help me find something. I asked, “Do you have a copy of Donald Trump’s book about his proposed immigration policy regarding Mexicans?”

    The clerk said, “Fuck you, get out and stay out!”
    I said, “Yes, that’s the one. Do you have it in paperback?”

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