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Tianjin, China, cyber attacks and ‘computationally amplified warfare’ – Health Ranger warns of China’s plan to destroy America from 7000 miles away

by David Gutierrez, Natural News:

As a follow-up to our exclusive Natural News story on the Tianjin explosion in China — which also covered military helicopters in Beijing and “kinetic retaliation” by the Pentagon using exotic space weapons — I’m offering additional analysis of the global war that’s already under way (and where it’s headed).

There are two things to disclose up front. First, make no mistake: I am pro America in all this. China is an evil, communist regime that enslaves its people and commits heinous crimes against humanity (such as the organ harvesting of political prisoners). Although I am extremely critical of the corrupt Obama regime currently in power in Washington, I am 100% pro-America and pro-freedom (and especially pro-Texas). I offer this information in the hope that America can defend itself against the crippling attacks that will soon be unleashed by China.

Secondly, I thought it was common knowledge that I speak conversational Mandarin Chinese and previously lived in Asia, but it seems a lot of people weren’t aware of that. I can only speak and listen to Mandarin, I cannot read it, so I rely on translators to help me read Chinese documents. (Documents from mainland China are written in “simplified” Chinese, while those from Taiwan are mostly written in traditional Chinese.) For many years, I have maintained contact with dissident sources in mainland China, and while they aren’t 100% accurate, they have proven reliable over time.

Mainland China, much like Google News, censors and does not allow anyone to access this website. The Chinese government operates a massive censorship firewall which forbids the transmission of any content that’s critical of the government. (Similar to the NY Times or the Washington Post, both of which are state-run media mouthpieces for the criminal regime in Washington D.C.) As a result, Chinese dissidents risk their lives to bring you the information you’re reading here. China just recently arrested 15,000 people for so-called “internet crimes.” Such “crimes” include writing a blog that reports the truth about Chinese government corruption.

The Chinese game plan for attacking America

Based on what I’ve learned from multiple sources, the Chinese game plan for America consists of a triple-layered simultaneous surprise attack — an “electronic Pearl Harbor” — as described below. For the record, this information is gleaned from a combination of things I’ve been told, things I’ve read and the exercising of “connect the dots” logic that anticipates likely tactical moves targeting the United States.

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3 comments to Tianjin, China, cyber attacks and ‘computationally amplified warfare’ – Health Ranger warns of China’s plan to destroy America from 7000 miles away

  • Christine

    This is quite a bit of one-sided garbage. First of all, talking about China “harvesting” body parts, we’re having a nice little scandal with Planned Parenthood playing out right now, with pictures, videos and witness statements. Bad case of speck and log, don’t you think?

    Secondly, we (the Occident, i.e., US and NATO, colonies of Israel) are currently involved in no less than 7 wars, going on 14, all of them unconstitutional and internationally actionable. China is involved in… NONE of them or, if it now has become, it is in a self-defense posture! When was the last time China attacked anyone?

    Thirdly, MONSANTO, which you decry every chance you get and rightfully so, is an American atrocity which keeps being kicked out of countries one at a time and China told them to go piss up a rope (pardon my French) a while back. It shows consciousness we don’t have here since we BUY that frankenfood. 64 countries banned Monsanto. What are you doing wrong is you can’t get that result here?

    Fourth, WE created the economic crisis which, as everyone knows, is not a crisis but the biggest scandal ever visited upon humanity. When did China bring the entire world to its knees?

    Fifth: the devastation of earth would never have taken place, had Tesla’s inventions been allowed to see the light of day, which JP Morgan (an American) swore they wouldn’t “unless I can put a meter on it”. By depriving the entire world of Tesla zero point energy in the name of PROFIT, the oil industry, a.k.a banks, a.k.a big pharma has been able, for 50 years, to peg an entire world economic system on… petrodollar, pollution and a way of life that has been steadily killing people not only here (look at the physical shape of the country with 70% of overweight people, among whom 35% are flat out morbidly obese) but everywhere it’s been exported to. Australia and Canada are not far behind us, Europe lining up very nicely behind and Africa suffering now from diabetes, a disease never known there until 30 years ago.

    Sixth: Natural News consistently talks about “reversing” the damages caused by all of the above, none of which is would have been of China’s doing but for America shoving its way of life down everyone’s throat. China’s only fault seems to have been that… it wanted a slice of the pie but since the pie was the only one already prepared and cooked by us and determined by our world-imposed fiat money, it had to eat of THAT pie. Should they be faulted for having asked us to share? The US have made it their policy to topple any country’s government reasonable yet brash enough to refuse that lifestyle. Keep in mind… out of 249, the US have been at war for 222 of them. China? Invaded and drugged by the British, invaded and killed by the Japanese. Name one major war China declared or was involved in other than as a victim.
    Seventh: about reversing damages… funny that your site always mentions it. How is “reversing health damages” on Monsanto going? How is it working for you? Because, in case you didn’t noticed, hardly any of the food produced here is healthy enough to provide anything except humongous blobs running around town while holding buckets of soda. China doesn’t have blobs. Hmmm… I wonder why.

    America will always find fault with anyone brave enough to defend itself. China is not responsible for NAFTA and every treaty impoverishing us while helping it to develop its own economy. Who came up with those treaties and put us in front of the fait-accompli? Our own, made-in-the-USA Congress and government.

    Lastly… there is that little issue of NUCLEAR ENERGY. You know… Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukushima and even Chernobyl, to a large extent. Why did all of it happen? Because WE were arrogant enough to want to dominate and control the world, long after the Romans, the Greeks, the Ottomans, the French, the British and the Germans taught us it could be done; long after even the Catholic church failed at it (and God knows, it had the longest run with it. Still couldn’t get it right…) None of it would ever have happened if PROFIT as envisioned by JP Morgan had not obscured the survival of our species on earth, compromised the first day one bomb was blown in Nevada.

    Texas is probably a great place. It’s got its own problems with our own Federal government. Tell you what: how about Texas resolves its issues, all of them, and THEN turns around and talks about the Chinese bogeyman who never existed in the first place.

    America has truly given a bad, bad name to Christianity… Just for the heck of it, how soon do you think before America gets off its high horse built on hypocrisy turned into an art form and really starts looking in the mirror…? Because for me, personally, the “Don’t get me wrong, I’m an American and a God-believing Patriot” is getting very, very old in the absence of action I would be delighted to credit my compatriots for, if only they even attempted to fix any of the above without resorting to… taxpayers’ money.

  • Christine


    “…and the Germans taught us it could NOT be done…”

  • tony wilson

    demon china
    bogey men
    reds comin for ya
    to the homolands
    kill ya pets
    eat ya apple pie

    news just in from rita katz rupurt murdoch news.

    talk death toll
    talk depleted uranium
    talk gaza
    libya and iraq
    talk usa usa and tel aviv london body counts.

    gladio kaos
    barbara spector and the jewish soros refugee agenda.
    mixing of the goy divide and conquer

    not russia not china not muslim
    but satanic babylonian talmud
    blood spill death rituals
    and oded yinon

    king netanyahoo
    blackmailed blackman in whitehouse
    kosher holland,camoron and dog erdogan

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