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This Is Why McDonald’s Will Go Bankrupt — Anthony Gucciardi

from Anthony Gucciardi:

Anthony Gucciardi breaks down how the fast food giant McDonald’s will continue to lose profits if they don’t change their ways.

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2 comments to This Is Why McDonald’s Will Go Bankrupt — Anthony Gucciardi

  • Ryutaro Sakurai

    Eighteen years ago, I wrote a book in which I labeled Mcadonald as junk food. Two month later, Fujita who was the head of Japan MacDonald called me to his office and yelled me “Stupid ignorandt morron”. Several years after, he died leaving a lot of money made by IPO.
    Now I am aware why he called me stupid. because I was naive enough to ignore the shadow behind golden arch which is the simbol of military occupation. And I’m sure Fujita was one of Langley asset. MacDonald’s business is stumbling and bruised on reputation in the Japanese market as well as in the world. I celebrate it wholeheartedly but feel it was too late to come.

  • Morgan Stout

    mcdonalds, burger king et al should be tried for attempted murder

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