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This is Sparta – 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs are Coming to Greece

from Liberty Blitzkrieg:

I simply cannot stress enough how important Greece is to freedom, liberty and civilization across the globe. Greece is not a one-off, or merely a small nation in big trouble that holds little relevance for the rest of us. Greece is everything.

What is happening to Greece follows the exact same game plan of what will eventually happen to every other supposedly sovereign nation. First there is an explosion of debt. Then a crisis. Then a bailout. Then creditor imposed hardship is forced upon the average population, in conjunction with unlimited bailouts for the bankers and other oligarch criminals. Finally, when a public which mistakenly believes it is living in a democracy exercises its right to national sovereignty, the sad truth is exposed. They are not a people living under a free political system.

It is precisely because Greece has progressed further along than any other Western nation into this neo-feudal hellhole, that it presents an incredible opportunity for resistance, The Greeks, quite literally, must fight for their very lives. Having been pushed into a corner, they will be forced to experiment in myriad ways if they desire to escape the criminal oligarch vortex in one piece.

Last week, I explored how Greeks are already embracing various local alternative currencies in the post, Greeks Flock to Grassroots Alternative Currencies in Affront to Euro Debt Slavery. One of the more interesting observations from the original Wall Street Journal article was that:

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5 comments to This is Sparta – 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs are Coming to Greece

  • anon

    This is an excellent article – in that Greece serves as the example for what will be coming to the United States in the not-too-distant future. Americans would do well to heed what the Greek people do (that works) in order to survive all the Central Banker FU@$-!#% BULLSH^T that, as I said – will be coming to the U.S. in the not-too-distant future.

    Greece should serve as a major WAKE-UP CALL to Americans. Americans simply must find de-centralized, local SOLUTIONS – NOW, before the coming Central Banker FU@$-!#% BULLSH^T that is going on, in Greece, as you read this.

    • anon

      One caveat: Bitcoin, is just as FIAT, as Federal Reserve Notes. I prefer BULLION. Also, Bitcoin can be stolen, as has already happened to at least a few unfortunate Bitcoin buyers/investors.

      • anon

        Also, the Central Bankers WANT everything to go DIGITAL. Hence, they may be behind the so-called “alternative” Bitcoin push. Citi Bank or Citi Group now has Citi Coin. Which mega-bank will be next – to roll out their own digital currency? All software has a back-door in it, somewhere – so, I suspect the IRS or NSA or any other Federal agency can gain access to anyone’s Bitcoin, and steal it…

      • fonestar

        Bitcoin can be stolen if you’re dumb enough to keep it in online, unsecure wallets. Stop spreading FUD…

        • anon

          Ok. Go ahead and keep it in a SECURE wallet. BTW, I had no intention of spreading “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt”. You are free to store your Bitcoin however you like.

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