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There Is A Special Species Of Idiot At Large In The Financial Media Space – James Howard Kunstler

from The News Doctors:

There is a special species of idiot at large in the financial media space who believe absolutely in the desperate and tragic public relations bullshit that this society churns out to convince itself that the techno-industrial high life can continue indefinitely, despite the mandates of reality — in particular, the fairy tales about oil: we’re cruising to energy independencethe shale oil “miracle” will keep us driving to WalMart forever… our wells doth overflow as if this were Saudi America… don’t worry, be happy…!

Such a true believer is John Mauldin, the investment hustler and writer of the newsletter Thoughts From the Frontline, who called me out for obloquy in his latest edition. After dissing me, he said:

I have written for years that Peak Oil is nonsense. Longtime readers know that I’m a believer in ever-accelerating technological transformation, but I have to admit I did not see the exponential transformation of the drilling business as it is currently unfolding. The changes are truly breathtaking and have gone largely unnoticed.”

Mauldin is going to be very disappointed when he discovers that the vaunted efficiencies in shale drilling and fracking he’s hyping will only accelerate the depletion of wells which, at best, produce a few hundred barrels of oil a day, and only for the first year, after which they deplete by at least half that rate, and after four years are little better than “stripper” wells. The PR shills at Cambridge Energy Research (Dan Yergin’s propaganda mill for the oil industry) must have pumped a five-gallon jug of Kool-Aid down poor John’s craw. He believes every whopper they spin out — e.g. that “Right now, some US shale operators can break even at $10/barrel.”

The truth is the shale oil industry couldn’t make a profit at $100/barrel. The drilling and fracking boom that began around 2005 was paid for with high-risk, high-yield junk bond financing and other sketchy, poorly collateralized financing. Most of the earnings in the early years of shale oil came from flipping land leases to greater fools. Now that the price of oil has fallen by more than 50 percent in the past year, the prospect dims for that junk financing to be repaid. Since that was “bottom-of-the-barrel” financing, the odds are that the shale producers will have a very hard time finding more borrowed money to keep up the relentless pace of drilling needed to stay ahead of the short depletion rates. They are also running out “sweet spots” that are worth drilling.

We will look back on the shale oil frenzy of 2005 to 2015 as a very interesting industrial stunt borne of desperation. It gave a floundering industry something to do with all its equipment and its trained personnel, and it gave wishful hucksters something to wish for, but it never penciled-out economically. Shale oil production turned down in 2015 and the money will not be there to get the production back to where it was before the price crash. Ever.

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5 comments to There Is A Special Species Of Idiot At Large In The Financial Media Space – James Howard Kunstler

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  • pj

    James H Kunstler is a wonderful writer (check out A World Made By Hand Series), and his web site. I enjoy going there 1x a week to listen to a podcast or read his latest take on the news of the day. Another refreshingly honest piece James!

  • anon

    “Don’t worry – be happy” – isn’t that the mantra of the typical, uneducated American, that “special species of idiot at large” (not only in the financial media space, but among the general population)?

    Uneducated Americans. THAT is why we are where we are, economically, and otherwise.

    • John

      “Uneducated Americans. THAT is why we are where we are, economically, and otherwise.”

      Several Presidents along with the 535 Politicians & their Corrupt Electronic Voting Machines are responsible Economically & Otherwise.

      They make all the Laws & Rules.

  • Markus Sinne

    Maudlin lives a lot of his life in science fiction books. Nothing wrong with that, in and of itself, but trying to fit life into their pages may be less than wise. I’ve also been concerned about his considerable ties with the system, ala James Rickard. Not that their motives are suspect, although that thought crosses my mind, but because it may lead such folks to enter the same mindset of those at the top–that they are in front of the power curve. Time will tell.

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