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The World is Defenseless in Next Financial Crash — Bill Holter

from Greg Hunter:

Financial writer Bill Holter says, in the last year, there have been many big warnings from the Bank of International Settlements and the IMF about a coming financial calamity. Holter contends, “I think they are trying to get out in front of this. I think they are telling the truth the world is defenseless. The central banks, the sovereign Treasuries have fired all their bullets already, and they realize when this next crash comes, there’s nothing that can be done.”

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3 comments to The World is Defenseless in Next Financial Crash — Bill Holter

  • Craig it's all gone

    Hello Sean & SGT staff. I just got a “You are Blocked” notice. I’m sorry,, I don’t know what I did to “trigger” the automatic blocking? or have I been too much of a “bad boy” in some respects?

    I don’t know how to use “HTML” in my posts, so THAT can’t be it, but please look into it if you will. I’d appreciate it.
    You know I (SOMETIMES) post a few very controversial posts (trying to get people thinking and questioning things of blind faith in some topics), but I don’t do it too often and I always back it up with logical, factual poking.

    Thanks again,

  • Craig it's all gone

    Here’s what I was attempting to post when the Block hit me. Perhaps it was just a temporary fault in your end of the system.

    I don’t give Blind faith to any beliefs,, especially when I can find some really sharp, clever contradictions to shake things up with the sharpest logic I can use to poke holes in established thinking. Thanks for Tolerating me,, I don’t stay STUCK on “poking”. (now back to the topic HERE.)

    China has been creating it’s own world wide banking systems to replace all levels of western banking systems, but has not yet implemented the “replacement” of the world’s banking system.

    So now, China has been “insulted-slapped in the face- embarrassed”…. and the Chinese gov’t is extremely sensitive to “losing face” and not being in control of “the narrative”. (The Chinese gov’t goes to extreme levels to manipulate everything in their country, and this slap in the face will lead to SOME backlash response by China.)

    The Chinese seem like they do NOT YET wish to become the World’s Reserve Currency,, but this will eventually happen,,, but it’s too early. China wants to collect more of the world’s gold and have time to improve-mature it’s own world banking systems,, and when it is fully ready,, at that time it will make various moves to take bigger control.

    China will formulate SOME kind of backlash to being denied entry into the SDR basket.

    The crashing of the Chinese stock markets,, both from their own bubble & the manipulations by the “western powers”,, (to teach a painful lesson to China for making TOO many big moves to replace the western banking systems)… but then Chinese “forces” shut down Wall Street, United Air Lines, Verizon & the Wall Street Journal.. all at the same time,, for about 4 hours,, sent the message BACK to the Western elites,, that China can do anything you can do,, and China can do it better… so the slap in the face was slapped BACK at the west and with double force.

    It’s a BITCH SLAPPING CONTEST and it’s getting very interesting. (USA slaps China, & China slaps USA.)

    Going forward? Yes,, TOO many variables to really figure it out.. we will KNOW it when we SEE it. (same as the old SCOTUS statement years ago about “how to identify PORNO”.. the judge said “I know it when I SEE it.” Hahaha.)

    Get your POPCORN and Drinks ready,, watch the DRAMA.

    Yes,, Get ready for the MAD MAXX coming to the USA, Europe, Australia, S. America, UK, Canada, NZ, Japan, etc.

    It’s just about the right time for EVERYBODY to plant a fall-winter crop of POTATOES, cabbages, root crops,, cover crops, etc.

    Jump in your car, sometime in the next 7 days (postponing any gold or silver, or gun purchases), and STOCK up another hundred or 2,, of canned goods, bags of rice, oatmeal, canned fruits too, and don’t forget some extra bags of garden fertilizers, bug chems for when you have no other way to beat the bugs, etc.

    If you can’t store a thousand gallons of water (1200 gallon tanks run about $750 delivered on a FedEx truck),, then buy the type of WATER FILTERS that will make DANGEROUS water safe to drink and make a rain water collection barrel, etc. And make sure you can do all your living without the power grid. If you want to store “tanks of water” but don’t have the space for it, then you can put a bunch of 50 gallon plastic water barrels,, in the garage, yard,, or some in the house, (just remember each one weighs 400 pounds when full and will break floors that are not reinforced.) (ONE nice thing about SEPARATE barrels of water,, is that if ONE gets a leak or contaminated,, you won’t lose the entire stockpile as will happen with a single, large tank.)

    OK,, STOCK UP now. Remember what Craig says:
    If you don’t stock up TOO early, you will SURELY be TOO LATE.

  • Rodster

    China is NO different than the Western Banksters. In fact their track record proves they are much worse.

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