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The Trauma of the Truth…

by Kevin Scott King, Truth Shock:

Awakening is a traumatic experience, and those who are compelled to awaken others must approach it as such.

When I created this blog I wanted to call it ‘The Forest’. Short for ‘one can’t see the forest for the trees’. An analogy that when one is in the ‘middle of it’ they cannot see what is really going on. One cannot see the whole because they are lost in the details. This confusion or blindness is deliberately created. But every bloody variation of this statement was taken on WordPress. Frankly, I’m not sure where ‘TruthShock’ came from. I did not have an alternative name when trying to create ‘The Forest’ on WP. I’m actually most skeptical of any entity that uses ‘truth’ in its identifier. The professional deceiver always wrapped themselves in truth. Which means you should be as skeptical of what I write as anyone else you expose yourself too.

But from somewhere in my conscious/subconscious ‘TruthShock’ emerged. It is short, easy to remember, easy to spell, gets one’s attention, and surprisingly was available on WordPress. If you do a search on ‘TruthShock’ almost every link on the first page is to the website, or a website posting one of my blog posts. So it is also a very ‘searchable’ name. Kinda weird to do that, I refuse to do searches on my name, so narcissistic. Anyway, the more important point is the name is also very accurate. First it explains what I am about; the truth. It’s almost like I can’t help it. I am driven to understand how things work, the facts, what actually transpired… also known as simply; the truth. And because of the sheer volume and depth of deception that we live in then learning the truth actually is shocking, not to mention the sheer audacity of some of the grand deceptions. So ‘TruthShock’ is an apropos name.

‘The Forest’ is this gentle, inviting, unassuming title. ‘TruthShock’ is bold, challenging, warning. It’s not that my plan is to SHOCK people with the truth. It is not in my personality to shock people. No, my goal, agenda, plan is to awaken the masses to the world of illusion we live in. In order to do this then one must become aware of the truth, and for most this process will be shocking. So I want to share and expose the ‘truth’, and I see no way for this to occur without the accompanying ‘shock’. Especially for those deeply asleep.

I’ve been reluctant to share the truth in person because of this potential shock, and fear of rejection. I’m still struggling with what is the best, most appropriate, fastest way to spread the truth. But it is what I am to be about. And ultimately in person. Not online, not YouTube videos.

I have no desire to traumatize people. Unlike the psychopaths who have stolen our sovereignty, and quite obviously relish the opportunity to traumatize, enjoy the moment of trauma, feed on it. I, the empath, am the exact opposite. I do not want to cause trauma, friction, distress. And yet I must, you must, we must.

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3 comments to The Trauma of the Truth…

  • PJB

    This would be a good way to share the truth. Direct them to this “Fly on the wall at a Bilderberg conference” story:

  • PJB

    Actually the fly at Bilderberg story would be good as a main story on SGTReport.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I have a better alternative for the title of ‘The Forest’. Short for ‘one can’t see the forest for the trees’

    SHould have called it “The BUTT Plug”.. (truth is all bound UP,, can’t come out.. give it a yank,, but STAND aside,, as the results will be MESSY.)

    When the eyes are opened and the SHTF,, fog starts to clear,, is enough to fill up any adult diaper with a bunch of discarded lies and preconceived ideas.

    Cold, hard truths, is like a BIG COLD JOHNSON into virgin-closed minds. Eyes are gonna be WIDE OPEN when it breaks to barriers.

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