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The Premium For Physical Bullion Is Exploding

from Zero Hedge:

While status quo-huggers are all too happy to point out gold and silver’s lack of utter exuberance amid this week’s carnage, perhaps they need to re-comprehend the difference between a heavily manipulated ‘paper’ market and the surging demand for physical precious metals that is evident in the 20-plus percent premium– and rising – being paid for silver bullion currently…



“One important aspect of the physical market that is often overlooked is the premium it commands over spot price. Right before the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, the spot Silver price fell as low as USD 9 per oz., whereas the price of a 1 oz. Silver Eagle was around USD 17 on the wholesale market and even higher on the retail market! That’s a price premium of 188%!

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9 comments to The Premium For Physical Bullion Is Exploding

  • rich

    Shanghai Exchange Has 73 Tonnes of Gold Withdrawn In 4th Largest Week In History

    There were a little over 73 tonnes of physical gold withdrawn from the Shanghai Gold Exchange in the latest week ending August 21st.

    This is the 4th largest withdrawal of bullion in its history.

    It is hard to tell what exactly is going on in such a dodgy, highly leveraged market, with its determined attempts to keep the price knocked lower so often during the late London to NY trading hours.

    But I am sensing a change in the market, and more things running under the surface than meets the eye.

  • Mike F.

    Keep up the great work guys! The world will live in could change over a weekend!!!

  • Troy

    I’m seeing new silver buyers come in to the picture in my area. The best thing that could happen is to see lower silver prices. We need massive shortages with the stuff. As a silver investor, I want lower prices. Some silver investors want higher prices because they are sitting on silver they may have bought in the $20, $30, or $40’s. Most of us know we need shortages, then we can see what silver is really worth. Imagine if there was no available gasoline to buy due to an event. The signs at the gas stations and say $2.49, but you can’t buy gas for that price because they are sold out….well, Joe Sheep down the road has 28 gallons, and across the road from him Bob Miller has 16 gallons in gas cans. I have a truck that ran out of gas, and I would like to buy some. What is the price of a gallon of gas? Whatever Joe and Bob tell you is the price. $50 per gallon, $100, $400?

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Life saving advice? Someday yes.

    Make sure, when EVER you get into your car to go anywhere,, you have enough gas to get home,, even if all the gas stations are closed as soon as you pull out of your own driveway.

    I’m keeping my tank FULL at all times, & spare cans FULL at home, and I will also be carrying from 2-10 gallons extra in the car at most times. 2 gallons on short trips,, 5-10 gallons on LONG trips.

    To be honest, I must drive to Detroit in Sept (ouch),, and I’m afraid the crash will come while I’m on the road. I will be keeping CLOSE watch on world events,, and it the Shit is starting to HIT the FAN while I’m on the road,, I’m gonna turn right around and come back home and DELAY all my “out of state” business.

  • James in NY

    So far I’m not seeing “out of stock” or prolonged lead times. I did see 8 weeks for delivery displayed but never waited more than 3 weeks on average. The mark up is running say 13-16% and includes postage. That said, no I’m not telling where I get my bullion,..sorry.

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