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The Global Economy Is Officially Melting Down

by Joshua Krause, Daily Sheeple:

As much as the financiers on Wall Street and the officials at the Fed would like the party to keep going, it looks it’s finally about to stop. Years of bailouts and monetary expansion have created one of the most inflated and artificial economic booms in history, and now it appears that this global economic bubble is deflating. Markets across the board are melting down as we speak, and the financial crash that supposedly “fringe” analysts have been predicting since 2008, is finally upon us. Take a look at what’s going down right now.

  • The Dow has fallen 1300 points from its peak. On Friday alone, it fell by 530 points, making it the 9th worst stock market crash in US history.
  • The Shanghai composite fell by more than 11% this week. All told, China’s stock market has lost a third of its value since its previous peak, and the only thing holding it up is their government’s intervention. It lost 4% of its value on Friday after it was revealed that their manufacturing activity had reached a 77 month low.
  • 400 of the world’s richest people lost a total of $182 billion this week, amounting to 6.3% of their collective wealth. When the people who benefit the most from inflated markets are getting hurt, you know that the bubble is bursting.
  • The dollar’s rally may be finally nearing its end. Its value has fallen slightly, but consistently for the past 2 weeks.
  • Commodities have fallen to a 13 year low. The price of copper has reached a 6 year low while oil has suffered its longest decline since 1986.

That last one is very telling. You can always tell when the global economy is in bad shape based on the value of various commodities. It’s one of the strongest indicators for an economy, since it reveals how many real, tangible goods are being produced. Curiously, many of these commodities have been falling in value throughout the supposed recovery that we’ve been in since 2009.

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1 comment to The Global Economy Is Officially Melting Down

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I really don’t want the Shemitah to come THIS early,, please..just ONE MORE PENSION check before it BLOWS.

    Hahaha…it’s exciting and scary at the same time… but I just LOVE to watch the RICHEST people losing BILLIONS every day. Sweet revenge.

    I’m running to the ATM Monday morning to remove everything that’s not needed for my automatic bill payments.. keeping the cash at home.. just in case we do a CYPRUS or GREECE, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, or a 1929 at the market open in NYC.

    I see the Nikkei is 18,911 (it fell below 19,000 just MINUTES ago.. and the traders gotta be FREAKIN’ in their pants.

    Australia is down 2.8% and is almost UNDER the 5,000 point level, another psychological cliff.

    And Hong Kong is crashing= 21,530.10 Down -879.52(3.92%)

    It’s already looking like a BLACK MONDAY in Asia,, Europe will be opening in about 6 hours.. and then USSA is next on the HIT LIST.

    $15.26 SILVER.. they are DESPERATE to push Gold & Silver DOWN,, so the SHEEPLE don’t figure out that the PM’s are the ONLY SAFE way to spend your money,, (but ONLY if you carry it HOME in the car.) It may be TOO late to get any of it thru the MAIL system.

    Better to be OVER cautious than to be BROKE. If this is NOT the “day of the Triffids”.. or “The Day the Earth Stood Still”,, then you’ll have more time,, but maybe not enough.

    Monday morning, at 8am,, it’s the ATM for me,, and then GROCERY shopping. MOAR RICE<< MOAR BEANS,, MOAR KOOL AID drink mix,, etc etc.

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