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The Assault On Donald Trump Shows That Our 2 Party System Is Really A 1 Party System

by Michael Snyder, End of the American Dream:

Were you sickened by the Republican debate the other night? The hype leading up to the debate was unbelievable. Never before had there been so much interest in a debate this early in an election season, and it turned out to be the most watched program on Fox News ever. A record-shattering 24 million Americans tuned in, and what they witnessed was an expertly orchestrated assault on Donald Trump. From the very first moments, every question that was launched at Trump was an “attack question”. And then the laughable “focus group” that followed was specifically designed to show that “ordinary people” were “changing their minds” about Trump. By the end of the evening, it was abundantly clear that Fox News had purposely intended to try to destroy Trump’s candidacy.

And of course Fox News is far from alone. Every mainstream news outlet in the entire country is running anti-Trump news stories every single day. Virtually every other presidential candidate in both parties is attacking him, and virtually every “political expert” from across the political spectrum is trashing his chances of success.

So why is this happening?

Normally, candidates that are not part of the “establishment” do not pose much of a threat. In order to win elections in this country, especially on a national level, you need name recognition and you need lots and lots of money.

Donald Trump has both, and no matter what you may think of him you have to admit that he has star power.

And he was never supposed to run for president. You see, the truth is that only members of “the club” are allowed to play. The elite very carefully groom their candidates, and they are usually able to maintain a very tight grip on both major political parties.

This two-headed abomination that we call a “two party system” is in reality just a one party system. Yes, many Democrats and many Republicans really do hate one another, but at the end of the day there is very little difference between the two parties. That is why nothing ever really seems to change no matter who gets elected. George W. Bush continued almost all of Bill Clinton’s policies, and Barack Obama has continued almost all of George W. Bush’s policies. When they are running for office, they tell us what they think we want to hear, but once they get to D.C. they do exactly what the establishment wants them to do.

Donald Trump, whether you love him or you hate him, is a threat to this system. He is not controlled by the elite, and he does and says all sorts of things that drive the elite absolutely nuts.

If he was polling below 5 percent that wouldn’t be a problem. At first, the mainstream media attempted to portray him as a joke that would never get any real support.  But since then, Trump has proven that he is a serious candidate with some very serious ideas about how to fix this country.  Now that he is receiving far, far more support than the establishment choice (Jeb Bush), he must be destroyed.

I can promise you right now that the Republican establishment will pull out every dirty trick in the book to keep Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination.

And if Donald Trump runs as an independent, the elite will move heaven and earth to keep him out of the White House.

This isn’t even just about Trump.  If Ben Carson starts getting too much support, he will be destroyed too. This is how presidential elections in America work.

What we witnessed during the Fox News debate the other night was not an accident. The goal was to make Jeb Bush look good and to make Donald Trump look bad. The following comes from Mike Adams

But the one thing that really stood out was the total fraud of what Fox News pulled off. It was clear from the first five minutes that Fox News had pre-arranged softball questions for Jeb Bush to highlight his “heroic actions” and accomplishments. Meanwhile, the kinds of questions directed to Donald Trump were all thinly veiled accusations and insults, designed to attack Trump on issues that had nothing to do with running the country.

The typical questions went something like this: (paraphrased)

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5 comments to The Assault On Donald Trump Shows That Our 2 Party System Is Really A 1 Party System

  • Cause

    The veil is continuously being removed on the media bias. Most of the people on this sight, already know, the 911 commission was a joke, not to mention the long list of red flag events. The destruction of Building 7 was clearly engineered demo.

    Everyone on that debate stage live under the paradigm of what they say is truth. They can’t begin to solve our problems until they confess this sin. It is intense make believe. The media forces the evidence under the rug by bombarding us with BS.

    Sad truth is, if even Donald stood up and challenged the lie that is, I believe it would be the end of him. And all the conservative church going people who have sacrificed their children for this country will be yelling “crucify him” not knowing they believe a lie.

    • matt

      correct Cause..Perhaps it is his mission to be a martyr ..after all..he has made more money that imaginable and achieved alot in his life..Perhaps he wants to leave his legacy as someone who cared enough for his country to sacrifice himself in order to help the awakening..who knows!

  • AgShaman

    It’s not difficult to fathom that the path to obtaining membership in the “club” is not the same for all intitiates.

    Some may gain entrance by stealing large sums for the Syndicate. Others may gain entrance by giving up millions of ounces of silver to a bullion bank starting an ETF. It would not be a stretch to imagine another entrance exam into the Syndicate’s club could be to run as a candidate for president, clear out the competition not already in the club, sucker the sheeple into believing in the election farce, and implode in the end to help protect the 2 party selection process.

    Only a fool would believe Trump does not already have the clout to rub shoulders with enough insiders that understand which players in the shadows wield the power and who maintains control of the captured govts. He would no doubt be “tipped off” about the timeline of the planned “take down”….and most likely, creatively warned and offered a seat at the “Club’s Table”….should he be willing to perform a task and do the Syndicate a favor.

    Trump cares about Trump. Chances are good that he is doing the Syndicate a solid. He knows they have no problem with dispatching ‘sitting’ presidents, politicians, journalists, and whoever happens to get in the way of the human resource and earth management monopoly.

  • The Truth

    When the leaders have no one else to fight against, they fight amongst themselves. This clown Trump is a wolf in sheep clothing. He is a billionaire for crying out loud! Who’s interest do you gullable Americans think he will be looking out for? I think somehow people are really being programmed by this BS propaganda. This guy has always been a bad actor, and the fact that Americans actually follow him goes to show that they are far beyond repair. We now have another special ed person running for office. Bush Jr was the first. Vote at your own perils!


    The Truth… Come on, what is YOUR solution? I just want all this crap exposed.
    Trump, is the “wrecking ball”!

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