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Tensions And Stakes Are High

from TF Metals Report:

As we watch the Minsk peace accords be assigned to the trash heap of history, Batchelor and Cohen returned last night with their usual, excellent discussion of the situation in Ukraine and the danger it presents for all of us.

Just a few of the topics covered Tuesday evening:

  • A summary of the recent military activity all along “the Donbass frontier”
  • The significance of the current visits by both Putin and Medvedev to Crimea
  • The (emergency?) meeting being held in Berlin on Monday between Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko…noting the absence of Putin from this group that originally negotiated the Minsk2 accords back in February
  • The nearly endless and unanimous, Cold War-style “red-baiting” and propaganda in the US media

Please be sure to listen to this entire program and then be certain to stay on top of the headlines as the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate.


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