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Silver Will Be Gold On Steroids In Coming Rally — Jim Sinclair

On Gold: “This will be a rally you won’t want to sell… We’re not making into the winter before it’s known globally, that something has taken place that is irreversible. .” – Jim Sinclair

from Greg Hunter:

Renowned gold expert Jim Sinclair stands by his prediction last year of an eventual gold price of $50,000 per ounce. Sinclair explains, “You have to understand we are going into unprecedented deflation, and it’s the reaction of central banks around the world to the concept of deflation that brings about hyperinflation. . . . There will be debt monetization of all kinds of debt to maintain some sort of equilibrium. The price of gold is going to go to a level that is going to surprise everybody.”

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28 comments to Silver Will Be Gold On Steroids In Coming Rally — Jim Sinclair

  • long john silver

    I normally don’t listen to either of these guys anymore, being that the markets are starting to look wobbly I decided to give it a shot, it all sounded like that of which I’m expecting, but then Jim threw me off, when asked by Greg if Jim’s insiders have ever been wrong, his reply was no. Now wait a second, wasn’t he calling the bottom at Gold 1600? When Gold rockets off, three years from now, guys like Sinclair will be remembered for calling correct, which is bullshit..

  • Troy

    There is going to be some big time silver buying today. Silver down today, so lets all order some more. SD Bullion has free shipping with orders over $250, Provident free orders over $99

  • willygroper

    Look at the premiums charged by MF as compared to others.

    Andy Hoffman was definitely engaging in fear porn talkin his book.

    Due diligence folks.

    Look how long Japan has been in this mess.

    TPTB can keep this going longer than you can stay solvent.

    Given the folks awake are such a small percentage, I’m a bit optimistic when TSHTF. But the fact one can still buy PM’s leads me to wonder just what the plan is & how much counterfeit is out there.

    Is it going to be FEMA for those in possession?

  • Silver Shield

    Sounds like Jim is changing his tune from when I called him out…

    Listen to all.

    Follow none.

  • Rodster

    I remember two years ago when silver was around $25 oz and it’s now around $12.

  • Freedom Fighter

    Im glad i found this video, I had a dream about the up coming economical collapse last night. I was standing on top of a hill and behind me was a solid building and below was a highway and ocean parallel. Down the hill was many people going about there day, some driving and some on beach and some living in their homes and some in poor huts (poor folks) The solid building behind me was a big farm and factory, all sudden i was inside and it was empty and i saw group of workers using welding arch to cut and destroy the walls and the engine that was left inside, everything was sparking. I was upset thinking why are they destroying a perfectly solid walls and doors and engine, They were causing damage in ignorance, I knew this factory was supporting a lake behind it with its solid walls, all sudden the walls collapsed and water started to slowly rush past the building I was starting to get scared. The water flooded all the farm field and started pouring down the hill onto the average folks and the flow got faster and faster and started to wipe the cars and few people into the ocean. I ran down to a tree and climbed on top to avoid being pushed by the water waves that got bigger from the lake that breached the walls and the waves slowly caught on to me from bottom of tree to point were i had to hold my breath each time big wave came by. I remember passing out and waking up in my dream to bunch of survivors talking to each other with a sad look on them and i asked, how many people died … they said tons .. i woke up very upset and scared because i knew loved ones were fighting to hold on from being sweeped up by the waves of the rushing water .. which i came to a conclusion is the economical collapse that will sweep out many folks who are not prepared and cant see it coming.

  • long john silver

    Silver is now in the 13’s, I keep on hearing shortage but my local coin dealer is fully stocked.. Regardless, I’m following Clive Maund, and we should see 9.00. We are going into a deflationary collapse, I’ll be picking up 100 Maples tomorrow, sooner or later they will run out.. If it drops another dollar, give me another 100.. and so on..

    • Paul T

      Of course coin shops are fully stocked with silver while only about 1 percent of Americans are buying right now. Wait until the masses wake up and there’s finally a mad rush for silver and see how fully stocked they are then…

      • long john silver

        Up here in Canada, they are still selling above $22 Canadian, so as our dollar drops further because of this deflationary collapse, it will be unlikely we see under $20, regardless if Silver does or does not get to $9.00 US.. I’m just trying to time my next purchases to get the best return, a few extra ounces will go a long way..

        • jskauai

          LJS, you Canadians don’t get it! You have oil and other natural resources that nobody wants! We down here is USA have treasuries, 18 trillion worth! that EVERYONE wants. That is why the US dollar is worth so much more than your Canadian dollar.

  • Nick

    Paul T,

    That’s it exactly!

    I’m hearing retailers have to wait 4-6 weeks for their deliveries. To avoid gaps, orders are placed two or three times a week.

  • long john silver

    I just called to confirm the availability of silver maples, and she said they have lots. So I will pay them a visit tomorrow..

  • long john silver

    I’m under the assumption that they have frightened the daylights out of every, Tom, Dick and Harry. The media has helped, who would want to buy anything that has been going down for over four years now.. There is blood on the street in regards to precious metals (REAL MONEY). This is when you buy, not sell..

  • Gerald

    It may be $14 an oz,but you cannot buy it for that anywhere.From what I see,there is at least a $4 premium.So if it goes to $5,I doubt you can buy it for less than $15.Sucks

  • Dante

    I heard Harry Dent on Coast To Coast AM this morning. He’s still holding to his $700.00 gold prediction. I forgot what he claims silver is going down to, but it’s significantly lower than what it is currently. He says this is due to the fact that we are facing deflationary pressures. He also is advising holders to sell their stack, but keep the 90% silver because it has value as American coinage. Sorry Harry, I’m not selling ANY of it.

    I don’t buy into Dent’s crystal ball any more than I buy into predictions that are to the contrary. While I could understand both points of view, does anyone REALLY know? What I do know is that silver and gold are a store of wealth. As such, I don’t give a hoot what price is placed on them, they have INTRINSIC value BECAUSE they are REAL money. So, I only pay attention to the artificial price in so far as getting the most bang for my buck when I purchase them. Otherwise, it’s irreverent in the grand scheme of things, though I don’t expect my view to be viewed as a sane one to those who only view gold and silver as an investment.

  • Nick

    Silver is way overpriced at even a dollar an ounce; you can’t even eat it! LOL!

    • Paul T

      I know huh! Gas is way overpriced to! You can’t even drink it!

    • Dante

      can’t eat it, but you can sure buy a a lot of food with it from people who understand it’s intrinsic value.

    • Eric

      Nothing real that you can touch is overpriced when you compare it to the fiat money supply!

      EVERYTHING is undervalued!

      Except for bullshit. There seems to be an oversupply of that.

    • Beligarant

      @Nick : You sir are absolutely correct!!! Luckily you can eat stocks, bonds and currency if printed on quality cotton fiber paper. Just use a lot of tenderizer and soy sauce to help wash it down. LOL.. However, stay away from quarters, dimes and half dollars because those things are not good for your teeth.

      Also, don’t know how many credit cards you’ve eaten lately? Do you prefer them well done, sauteed or just straight out of the wallet?

  • Troy

    Just ordered 44 ounces of silver an hour ago

  • glitter 1

    When different/various people speak/talk you have to listen carefully,sometimes between the lines,the inferred message(s).Case in point,LW’s Elite friend provided information/told him this and that,JS “Was Told” what the price of Gold will be.Now JS rubs shoulders with some heavy hitters,he is no minor player compared to us common folk, LW’s elite friend and JS’s inside source most likely belong to the same country club on the higher/upper end of the food chain,closer to the source(s).
    As far as Gold and Silver price crashing/being beaten down at the same time the Markets are dropping/crashing.They can’t allow money fleeing the Paper Markets find safety in REAL MONEY,now can they!It should not be a surprise at this point,it’s just a replay of what they did leading up to and during 2008/2009 until they couldn’t control it any longer then G & S rocketed upward way ahead of the Major Averages/Markets rebound with QE. I suspect they are implementing their play book again.The only thing different this time around,the current supply deficit is already happening much sooner this time around.You can bet that the BIG BOYS have been getting theirs, hence the shortage for the LITTLE GUYS.By the time this thing is in full bloom,there won’t be anything available for the little people,TOO LATE!TO BAD!SO SAD!As Larry Edelson recently said,The price of Gold will most likely go to ~$1,000 before it kicks into gear headed to $5,000.
    The timing of this week’s market plunge is right on cue given what is being called for September into October.The PPT will most likely pull off a bounce into this weekend and may well get it back close to recent highs,but that will be a trap.September will see the DOW.S&P and Nasdaq roll over again and back through/into new lows.Once this happens it will set off the sell panic just in time for October.

  • Dante

    Of course, the bankster’s propagandists on the financial channels make no mention of the fact that China just unloaded at least 106 billion in US Treasuries in the last 2 weeks alone, about the same amount as they unloaded in the entire first half of the year. But I guess that’s not important. So long as the market remains in the green, keeping up the pretending is all that matters.

    • glitter 1

      Yes,that’s why the DXY was crashing at the same time all the MSM was talking about how the China Devaluation is causing the Dollar to strengthen.HA HA HA it was obvious to me that someone was dumping Treasuries then it came out the China had sold/dumped 106 Billion worth.

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