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Shocker: Kitco finally implies that the gold market IS manipulated

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

Getting in front of my computer this morning, I started (as I often do) by perusing the headlines of Basher Central. Obviously one does not do this to be “informed” on precious metals markets, or the economy as a whole. However, it is a good place to identify the propaganda themes of that particular day.

Equally, as we go through the daily torture of this endemic market manipulation, Kitco is also a great place for some good laughs. This is something that regular readers already know from previous posts which poked fun at its absurd claims and headlines. And that was my first inclination when I saw this headline today at Basher Central:

Gold Weaker On Lack of Bullish News; U.S. Jobs Report Looms

But Kitco is also a source for a different form of ‘mining’: Freudian slips. For those readers not familiar with this expression/cliche; a “Freudian slip” is when a person says or does something which shows that what they are thinking privately is different from what they are saying publicly. When I looked at this headline more closely; I spotted a great, big Freudian slip.

Asserting that gold is “weaker” just because of a “lack of bullish news” is simply silly. Do we ever see a headline that the U.S. dollar was lower simply because of a “lack of bullish news”? No. How about U.S. Treasuries? No. What about Dow stocks? No…or any other market? No.

Then I asked myself a simple a question? Why would any market go down, simply because of a “lack of bullish news”? There is only one rational answer to that question. A market would go down because of the absence of “bullish news” (i.e. upward pressure), if (and only if) there was some constant downward pressure on that market, independent of the fundamentals.

And constant pressure on a market, independent of the fundamentals, has a name: M-A-N-I-P-U-L-A-T-I-O-N. When we consider what is implied by Kitco’s inane headline; we get a slightly longer, but much more rational headline:

Gold Weaker On Lack Of Bullish News To Counter The Downward Manipulation

What does Kitco say, again and again, along with all the other Liars of the mainstream media? The gold market is NEVER manipulated. And they say this even after the gold “fix” was just changed, so that it would be LESS-MANIPULATIVE. But (as this headline implies) what the Liars are thinking is totally opposite.

Note that the second half of the headline is entirely irrelevant, in terms of “fundamentals”, but highly relevant in terms of the Freudian slip. “Gold is lower because a U.S. jobs report is coming” is not a reason or explanation — at all. There is nothing fundamentally bearish for gold (or any asset class) about a U.S. jobs report. U.S. employment news (or any other economic news) only has an indirect impact on markets, and the impact is entirely dependent on whether the news was/is perceived as “good” or “bad”.

But what have we seen on “jobs-report Friday”, again and again and again? Indeed, what did we used to see every month? Irrespective of whether the report was “good news” or “bad news”; the price of gold (and price of silver) would always go straight down, literally the instant the news came out (in other words, before anyone could possibly analyze it). There are two points which flow from this.

1) As has been explained to readers; any (and every) time a market goes straight up or straight down, this is a mathematical representation of an ACT OF MANIPULATION. The only, possible way that any market can ever move in that manner is via an act of brute-force manipulation.

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