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Our New Modular Solar Generator!

from engineer775PracticalPreppers:

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3 comments to Our New Modular Solar Generator!

  • Rob

    He is right
    You need a system at least that size if you want to do anything worthwhile with solar.

    The portable so called solar generators are expensive and have no capacity regardless what anyone tells you.

    He also shows good quality solar charge controller and main disconnect with ground fault breaker.You want a inverter that has more than a one or two second surge capability as some motors like, washing machine loads take some large wattage and more than a few seconds to start up.Pure sine is really the only way to go.Battery storage is expensive but if you want to be capable of power at night (for low wattage items)
    You would want a battery bank with some storage capacity.Like 10 Golf cart batteries wired however you want as far as voltage.(cheapest way to go on batteries)taken care of last at least five years or more.
    Inverter voltage and battery voltage along with solar charger all have to have matching voltage usually although a Outback solar controller will let you run a different voltage of solar panels like 24 volt panels with a 12 volt battery bank.
    I really like the Outback Flexmax 80 solar controller.

    If you like playing with electrical stuff you might as well start big with your controller and batteries (power handling ability)and a good Midnight solar Main disconnect because you will want to keep upgrading in the future !You can always add panels and batteries later as you go.Thats the cool part you can build it over time
    I cannot stress enough about the importance of a good quality charge controller ,pure sine inverter and Midnight solar main disconnect assembly with ground fault breaker and shunt.

    Like racing you always want more power and it is kinda fun to build and work with.

    This guy made a good honest video
    Enjoyed it

    :Warning an initial investment could be around $4.000.00 more or less depending.

    Well worth it when, you have no electric bill ,dumb meter,tax,surcharges,taxes on surcharges,surcharges on taxes and giving up your property rights to power company`s who like to come look around. If you use public power you give up the right to keep power companies off your property.

    Anyway good day

  • Rob

    And use the right size wire don`t be an idiot.

  • Jon

    I take it that this is a system you don’t have to plug into your existing electrical box? Or if you wanted to how much more with this cost and who would you contact? would there be an advantage to this.

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