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Obama Administration Building Personal Info Database to Divide Americans by Race

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

President Obama has committed the government to the practice of race-based political and social engineering long after he leaves office, using the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in a bid to force more ethnic diversity on neighborhoods all across the United States.

As reported by Hoover Institute Media Fellow Paul Sperry, writing in the New York Post recently, the effort will become part of Obama’s legacy: It amounts to the federal government’s unprecedented collection of sensitive data on Americans by race, with the end goal being “racial and economic justice.”

What’s more, Sperry notes, this extraordinary data collection is being done without most Americans’ knowledge (or consent). In particular, administration racial analysts are mining and amassing personal data related to health, home loans, credit cards, places of employment, neighborhoods and even the manner in which children in schools are disciplined – all in an effort to document “inequalities” between minorities and whites.

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3 comments to Obama Administration Building Personal Info Database to Divide Americans by Race

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    One big reason why it was necessary for me to ESCAPE from Detroit, is because of BLACK CULTURE, crime, arrogance, lack of care for their homes, yards, pit bulls,,etc.. and did I mention the Black thing?

    There is a BIG race divide, and it is far larger in the Black racism against whites than the reverse.

    The largest percentage of racist bigoted people I have personally witnessed, is the black race in America.

    I am very happy with my new location, officially about 25% black. Not radicalized like the 50-90% black areas of the country.

    The one thing that can be worse, is the Muslim community. (Don’t forget, that TOUCHING Detroit, is a city called DEARBORN.. often called “Dearbornistan”. More than 100,000 of them. I’ve lived among them for decades, and understand more than enough to know that Islam must be removed from this planet.)
    I did MORE than my fair share to understand islam,, even read the Koran,, from cover to cover and learned something about the Haddith & Sharia Law and more.. and it’s gotta be flushed from the human race.

    Yes,, of course I read the Bible from cover to cover,, and when you REALLY study & analyze it, I see WHY they say the most EFFECTIVE book for creating atheism,, is the bible.

    Simple example, is the All powerful, all seeing, all knowing, unbeatable God,, LOST the battle against the simple VALLEY people who created a bunch of 1HP & 2HP iron chariots and used them to BEAT God. Judges 1:19.

  • Ed_B

    “Simple example, is the All powerful, all seeing, all knowing, unbeatable God,, LOST the battle against the simple VALLEY people who created a bunch of 1HP & 2HP iron chariots and used them to BEAT God. Judges 1:19.”

    Allow me to suggest that God is defeated ONLY when He wants to be defeated. When Lucifer was causing trouble in heaven, God did not even bother to smack him down. No, He sent the 3rd in command, Saint Michael to do the job… and do it he did. St. Michael is God’s general and he kicked Lucifer’s butt so badly that he not only was hurled bodily from heaven, he couldn’t stop his fall at Earth and plunged all the way down to the bowels of hell. So much for how powerful Lucifer is. It would be the absolute height of arrogance to presume that any human being knows God’s motives or understands Him well enough to explain who He is, what He wants, or how He operates. While there is truth and wisdom in the bible, it is also likely that it contains its share of errors, omissions, and much else that is based more in human frailty than in divine wisdom.

    • Craig escaped from Detroit

      Well said “Ed_B”.. having the intelligence, logic and sight to figure out there are likely a share of errors, omissions, etc. I agree with it being a mixture of truth and human frailties.

      The sad part about Judges 1;19… is that God had promised to support and accomplish the victory for and with Judah.. and even if God only “appears to lose when it suits him”.. then it would mean that he LIED to Judah.. which would violate the rule of being “sinless”. Because if God is the “author of lies”, then it clearly means that he is not the God at all.

      The Logic keeps getting deeper and deeper,, does it not? I do find a lot of great, wonderful, and interesting things in the bible, but also, totally wrong things too. Such as when a man rapes a VIRGIN,, NO crime or punishment exists if the RAPIST MARRIES his victim. (The woman appears to have NO power in the matter.) That is NOT MY kind of God.

      Or, how God approved of King Solomon who had about 700 wives & 300 concubines (sex slaves) all at the same time, and this was not considered any sin by the never ending, timeless God whose word never changes. (I am the same yesterday, today & tomorrow.) etc. So the idea of marriage being between ONE man and ONE woman,, kinda falls apart by a factor of 700 plus 300.
      Divorce would not be needed if every man had 1000 vaginas at his command.. if you got tired of one of them,, just move on to the other 999… but you’d not have to divorce the lazy one.

      I’d actually love to go to the PET SHOP and buy one of those TALKING SNAKES we hear so much about.. the ones that are SO CHATTY,, clever, and NOT shy,, they can even get a woman to do things she normally would NOT do. Now that’s my kind of Buddy to take to the BAR or shopping mall with me. But I cannot seem to find a single talking snake.. you’d think the Chinese POACHERS would track them down and sell them….eh?

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