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My Home Won’t Keep Me Safe in a SHTF

from Survival Blog:

I just wanted to start by saying I’m so thankful for sites like yours and other independent media out there that have the courage to share the truth. I know we can’t ever be free until we start thinking for ourselves and caring to learn the truth. It’s amazing how many people I’ve talked to and tried to warn, but they aren’t in the least bit interested. I would say the church is less interested than the world. They don’t seem to care about anything outside of their comfort zone.

I’ve read that Americans have an eight second attention span. I truly believe it. I’ve passed on websites to warn people that no one has checked out. I have printed warnings from websites and passed them along, and no one even takes the time to read them. When society collapses this country is in serious trouble. I call America “the walking dead”. It about sums it up. America has lost its soul it seems.

I believe in God– the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit– with all my heart, and along with that comes love, respect, and fear. Not too many fear God’s power and judgment. God is true to His Word, promises, and judgment. I don’t think “but God, how come?” is going to get us very far on judgment day.

I don’t see any real sacrifice for God. I see way too much “easy believism” in churches. The God of the modern church is a pushover– a false God that has been made equal to or a little smaller than themselves. There isn’t much hope for a country when even the church becomes so self-centered. I’ve never seen so much “me” in society. Try to talk about the true God and you get persecuted by the church. Try to warn of the evils of the government and they don’t care. Tell them the reasons they’re sick is because of a horrible American diet of sugar, GMO food, processed food, and Round-Up, and they laugh at you.

It amazes me to see people self-indulge and then ask God to heal them because they’re sick or dying. If things keep going like this, the elite will have their population goal of 80% reduction met sooner than later without firing a shot.

Americans are completely serving the flesh in food choices, what they choose to obey when it comes to God, and who they vote for to keep the entitlements coming (another sad topic). I truly wish there was some way to bring together the true church– the remnant, not the 501c3 government corporation church that’s under a gag order on speaking the truth of our anti-Christ government.

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5 comments to My Home Won’t Keep Me Safe in a SHTF

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I do think that “God” communicates with us,, on a subtle level,, feelings,, dreams, instincts… but seems to be self ruled by the “Prime Directive” (ala: Star Trek).. NOT to interfere with the evolution of a planet or people.

    So,, it really appears that we are “on our own”. Rely on your gut, on your Logic and your analytical skills, and mostly on your OWN TWO HANDS.

    The “Lord” helps them who help themselves,, (mostly because he doesn’t really help at all.)

    It may be more appropriate to say “May the Force be With you.” It does seem like God is more likely some “creative force” rather than a distinct intellect. Plenty of evidence for this line of thinking. Pretty much also was the thinking of many of our Founding Fathers.

    (Ever notice that God is NEVER mentioned in the Constitution? Does it NOT seem strange to you that the documents CREATING and Founding of a Nation does NOT label their efforts as Godly this or “Ordained” by that?)

    • B.M.

      The Constitution does, after all, mention God. Article VII reads, “done in Convention … the Seventeenth Day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven and of the Independence of the United States of America.”

      Additionally, many of the Founding Fathers affirmed the Bible was used heavily as a guide in drafting up the Constitution and it’s principals.

      • Craig escaped from Detroit

        OMG !!! You are SOOO right. How could I have MISSED it?

        They used a calendar date and called it by the common nomenclature “year of our Lord” instead of calling it “Star Date One Seven point Seven Six” of the United Federation of Planet’s Calendar.”

        The proves everything you say is right. Uh,, how could I be SOOO blind.

        Of course,, Thomas Jefferson called referred to looking for tidbits of wisdom in the Bible,, as picking Diamonds from a DUNG HEAP. Yep.. the founding fathers were inspired by the DUNG HEAP bible (according to Jefferson). Then there is the other famous quote,, hard to track down if he really said it,, here it is.

        Christianity is the most perverted system that has ever shone on man. (Thomas Jefferson)

  • Steelerdude

    Well, after reading this article and working as a analyst for 25+ years, there is no place safe once the shtf….not your home not your bug out place…

    the best you can do is team up with surrounding neighbors and fortify …. make your neighborhood a one man stand…thats all you can do…

    bugging out is stupid … (mad max movie comes to mind)…you have no one to help you
    or alliance with…plain dumb!

    • Craig escaped from Detroit

      A couple of VERY interesting (and EYE OPENING) narratives that I read,, one was about living in Argentina during their worst crisis years (big inflation, lots of crime, shortages, etc)
      People were getting killed for food, gold, silver, etc.. but gov’t was still “partly” functioning.

      And the other one, much more severe, was living in Bosnia during the Serbian war.
      In this case, the city became surrounded (like a FEMA camp) and the outside forces were trying to exterminate everybody inside the city. No gov’t services working. No food, no water, no gas, no phones, no electric. People getting killed for a can of beans or gallon of water or a piece of firewood.
      People were hiding from snipers and gangs were robbing people who were not part of an armed group. Rapes, murders, some cannibalism, many of the dogs and wild animals were eaten.
      To keep warm in winter, people were cannibalizing everything from inside homes,,furniture, floor boards, or tearing down homes… no trees were left standing.
      It was like a Mad Max situation.

      Hope for the best, but PREPARE for the worst.

      In a few weeks, (when my next pension check arrives), besides more canned goods, etc, I’m gonna buy a couple rolls of Barbed wire & elec fence supplies (and solar fence charger).. just to help “deter” people from climbing over my fence at night, protect my garden, etc.

      My best protection, is the fact that I live more than 6 miles away from the nearest town (and it has less than 15,000 population). All the people living in this area, have 5-100 acres of land and nobody (zoning laws) is allowed to be living on anything smaller, so we all have gardens or farms, or at least have the space for it.

      The nearest “city” with 100,000 population or higher, is further than 55 miles away. This is a good little area to be living at, and my place is NOT on the main road,, I live a 1/2 mile down a SIDE road. (so if we get a Mad Max, all the highway located homes will get looted far sooner than the side road homes.)

      Hmmm,, that reminds me,, I’m gonna get with my good neighbor, and we will make some SPIKE NAIL boards that may be needed to place them across the side road to help “Prevent” non-residents from “snooping” around.. and YES,, we will ALSO put out some ORANGE CONES and Road Closed signs, etc.. warning the area is closed to all traffic, etc.

      I wonder if a sign similar to a Military base would be effective? It may help reduce the number of “adventurous Looters” to change their minds and Turn around if they think they may wander into a Gov’t type of Restricted Compound.

      (Warning: This Base is a RESTRICTED AREA is closed to the PUBLIC and patrolled by armed guards.
      Deadly Force is approved by the Base Commander.
      Anybody wishing to be allowed ENTRY into this RESTRICTED AREA must park OUTSIDE this Barrier and Call this Cellphone number for Approval. If Approval is given, you must WAIT here for an ARMED ESCORT to take you into the Base.)

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