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Multiple Families on Your Retreat

from Survival Blog:

When our family moved to our ranch/retreat, we spent the first year living in a 30-foot travel trailer in the barn. With five kids, ages fourteen down to one years old, it was a tight squeeze. That was some good rustic living experience; we used a wood stove for cooking, an outhouse as our toilet, solar showers, and solar power. We gained a lot of new skills and gained the motivation to get the old farm house fixed up and livable. Living in the barn also gave us and the kids a new appreciation for hot water, flush toilets, and gas cook stoves. Even running water at times was a luxury. Electrical power was a challenge, and getting the solar system working properly has been a learning curve that I am just getting the hang of after two years.

We spent weeks cleaning up the old farm house, beating back the weeds and blackberries, and fixing broken windows, pipes, and sagging floors. Needless to say it has been a lot of sweat equity, passion, tears, and work at side jobs to get to where we are today. There is still a lot to do, and I’m sure it will never be all done. However, that is okay, since this has always been a dream of ours to work together as a family in a situation where Dad is neither gone all day nor Mom run ragged trying to keep up with all the extra-curricular activities. A lot of sacrifices have been made along the way to get out of debt and downsize to break free from the golden handcuffs. This allowed me to retire from the corporate world and pursue our dream of homesteading. What an adventure it has been and will continue to be.

There has been no shortage of things that we have learned, surprisingly many of them the corporate world doesn’t prepare you for. In the books and articles, there seems to always be a reference to multi-family retreats, but typically it is only briefly touched on in the context that one family alone cannot keep up with all the chores and security. I would like to focus on our most recent experience with having another family live on our retreat. This article is written with the idea that things don’t always go as planned and the more you can outline and identify pitfalls ahead of time the more likely your multi-family experience will succeed.

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4 comments to Multiple Families on Your Retreat

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    If it can’t grow all it’s own food, or if I can’t eat it,, it ain’t stayin’ here.

    I fear, that someday in the next few short years,, the menu items may be updated with suggestions for “Long Pig”.

    Perhaps “Banksters over Rice Pillaf”…. Sweet & Sour Lobbyists,,, Politician Stew,, CEO cereal,, Bernanke/Yellen Buffet, Pentagon Pork Pie,, etc.

    I’m sure they’ll all be FAT & Tender. If you “Raised it”,, you can EAT it. I think there are a few of them who got FAT on MY hard labour, wealth, debt, etc.

    The Zombie Appocalypse seems to be approaching. Eat em before they eat you.

    (I still want to have my own CABLE or Satellite TV show,, I’ve got LOTS of ideas for clever satire, dark humour, or prophetic prophecies.)

  • Robert Olin

    I always feel such hopelessness when I hear intelligent people – the best and the brightest having more children then it takes to replace mom and dad. One hundred million couples with a third child add 100 million new people to the population. You have 5. You have more than doubled the population. When we double the population to 14 billion and then 28 billion your grand kids won’t have anywhere to escape to.
    You’re having 5 kids is no different them me driving my truck 100 miles per hour past you driveway where your kids play. It’s irresponsible.

  • kat Allen

    @ Robert Olin – take your anti- life rhetoric of this site. Its irrelevant and uniinformed.

    • Craig escaped from Detroit

      @Kat Allen,
      Everybody who does not understand how overpopulation is a planet killing problem,, should take their NEXT vacation in Mumbai-India, or Bangladesh, Tokyo, Beijing, Somalia, Cairo, Mexico City, Yemen, Gaza, etc.

      Population CONTROL is PRO LIFE for EVERYBODY,,, population gone wild,, is DEATH for EVERYBODY.

      Everybody who is against self control and limiting of the population,, is ignorant of mathematics and blindly pushing mankind to the cliff of death for every man, woman and child on this planet.

      To be TRULY “pro life”,, must also be RESPONSIBLE life.
      Amen Darwin.

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