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Monthly Gold Cycles

from TF Metals Report:

This is presented without much comment, except to suggest that you might like to look up the various cycle period lengths found, and go try them out for yourself to see how well they do or don’t fit the fresh events gradually becoming included into the valuation of gold.

So you might say the table contains the meat and the price chart is a conversation piece.

I enclose below a list of the monthly gold cycles found in gold prices from 1924 to the present.

There’s plenty of material there for readers willing to compare probability scores with the cycles being talked most widely about on the internet blogosphere. You might get a surprise or two if you look hard enough.

For those who consider September 2015 is a vital time for various reasons: In the graph at top I plotted two 60+ month cycles in combined form and these two appear to make a turn about that time, but I caution against a simplistic interpretation because the other cycles have not gone away.

Better to look at how those interacted at their last turns and see what they accounted for and failed to account for back then, add a load of doubt about today’s markets being “different” possibly too if you think that may be the case.

Then look up the other potentially interesting periods in the list below, and check to see if they are worth further investigation.

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