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Monetary Warfare & The Tianjin China Event — Bill Holter

[Ed. Note: **UPDATE**: Mike Adams reports, BOMBSHELL: China and America Already at War: Tianjin Explosion Carried Out by Pentagon Space Weapon in Retaliation for Yuan Currency Devaluation ]


What may go down as the biggest geopolitical false flag event since 9/11, the Tianjin, China explosions will remain a critical topic of conversation for some time because the Chinese government still cannot determine what caused the blasts that melted more than 8,000 cars, devastated multiple buildings and killed more than 110 people, with 90 still missing and presumed dead.

Bill Holter asks the question we have all been thinking; Was this catastrophic landscape of destruction the result of a tactical nuclear weapon of some type?

Coming just a day or two after China’s devaluation of the Yuan, was the horrific blast – which left a three acre crater in its wake – a sign of what’s to come if China fully abandons the Dollar?

It is rapidly becoming clear that something unconventional happened in Tianjin – which leads to the inevitable question: Has the monetary war gone nuclear?

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130 comments to Monetary Warfare & The Tianjin China Event — Bill Holter

  • Kim

    Fantastic! What a privilege to be continuously enlightened and fed the truth through SGT Report.

    • SGT

      Kim, it’s hard to overstate how kind your comment is, we are trying hard, and although we are sticking our necks out on this one, I believe our instincts (and research) are leading us in the right direction.

      • Kim

        Well Sean like you, most around me (inc parents and my brother) think me as a bit strange and off base. I take it personally and it hurts deep down possibly more than we know, making me feel hopeless.
        To get me through this world of confusion I rely on God through Jesus,beer, my lovely wife (who gets it) and fine people like you, Kirby, Holter, Midas Murph to name a few.
        I don’t know how I got here Sean but I keep stacking Ag and hope and pray for better times to come what may.

        • SGT

          I like how you snuck beer in there after Jesus but before your lovely wife. Just a little humor here K, hang in there. Those of us who have been awake to these horrors for some time, share your pain.

          • Jeff

            Sean, where is the ‘Like’ button. Because I agree with all of the above (including what a blessing your site is (Jesus & Beer included). Your site is my very first go to site and I am constantly checking it all day long. I haven’t yet head this interview, I am saving it to listen to while I’m at work (desk jockey). I can’t wait, it is exactly the question I have been thinking and no one else has asked. Thanks again brothers of SGT Report!

            Long Live Freedom!

            • jerry

              yes, yes, yes, thats right, thats right, I remember disclosing the same sentiments a long time ago, many sites have come and gone but SGT is still the go to

          • Craig escaped from Detroit

            Benjamin Franklin= “Beer is the Proof there is a GOD,, he LOVES us, and wants us to be HAPPY.”

            Gotta Love old BEN. Such humor, such intelligence, inventor, researcher, diplomat & ladies man… all in ONE package.

            Ben also said= “Failure to Prepare, is preparing to FAIL.”

          • Kim

            Yes for sure, wife before beer (most of the time).Forgot Mr Rick Wiles on my list.

          • Eric

            I’m pretty sure Jesus drank beer.

              • Jerry

                That article is complete nonsense. The oldest Bible texts were not written in Aramaic. The oldest manuscripts known for the Old Testament are the Dead Sea Scrolls dated before Christ and was written in Hebrew and the oldest New Testament manuscripts were written in Greek. A small part of the Old Testament was written in Aramaic. Some say that a few books of the New Testament such as the Gospel of Matthew could have been written in Aramaic first then translated into Greek but there is no proof of that.

                That article states, “In fact, it’s likely that Jesus’ people didn’t even know what wine was.” Really? Funny how Israel grew grapes and then put them into the wine vats or presses to make grape juice and then put the grape juice into new wineskins so it could ferment.

            • Jerry

              And I am sure He did not. Jesus came to Earth to be a sinless sacrifice. Alcohol is a dangerous drug. Drinking alcohol clouds ones judgment. Would Jesus risk everything just to do some drugs? Oh, and just so you understand, shortly after drinking one alcoholic drink you are no longer sober but drunk. And drunkenness is sin. Now may be you do not believe that Jesus was God which is fine. If that is the case you would have no problem seeing a drunk Jesus.

              • Eric

                Actually I was just joking around Jerry. Alcohol can cloud one’s judgment, but the bubbles can also give you a cerebral high and get ya thinkin.

                I don’t believe. I know.

                Origin of Christianity – Bill Donahue

                • Jerry

                  Looks like another video that just has some facts that do not apply to my beliefs as a Christian and a certain amount of speculation and probably like all videos some errors. Just so you know just because one culture was the first to write something down does not mean that it originated with that culture however many non-Christians automatically believe that where some story was first written down must have been were it started.

                • Eric

                  Jerry, you may want to start by reading this book if you want to be a knower. The first chapter alone is pretty telling.


                  If you’d rather be a believer, that’s up to you.

                  No harm no foul.

                • Jerry

                  Thanks Eric, but it does not really matter because all religions and non-religions are filled with speculations and error. I know more about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Gnostic Gospels then 99.9% of people. I also spent a good amount of time studying the different versions of the Bible and the different variant readings of the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts (textual criticism). It’s errors and contradictions. It seems every time I study a debatable subject by watching videos or reading books I find that they make silly mistakes. They say things that they are wrong about or they come to conclusions when there are other conclusions that are just as valid that they do not even think about. So I pretty much stopped wasting my time studying such things. But thanks again Eric.

                • Eric

                  No problem man. I’ve spent a great deal of study on these subjects as well and so have many others here. I’ll just add that if you haven’t, you may want to check out the works of Michael Tsarion and Santos Bonacci. But you will need an open mind if you do. The degree to which we have been bamboozled is astonishing.

                  As Michael said once, “The bible wasn’t written by idiots. It was written in code.”

                • Sorry Charlie

                  Eric, If you believe this stuff (the video you posted), I truly feel sorry for you. The above has nothing to do with Christianity. The devil (Satan) hates Almighty God, and will try to lead his followers astray. Satan is a liar and tries to deceive people, and plant doubt about their faith in their minds. If Satan can convince people that almighty God does not exist, or is a “fairy tale” based upon false religions or other nonsense, then he has won.

                  The God of Christianity is the Almighty God of all Creation, The God of Mercy and Forgiveness, The God of Love, but he is also the God of Justice and Truth. In today’s world where we see the works of Satan’s followers, we must be strong in our faith, and know that yes, there are false religions, but Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life. Satan is real. The Bible says “What good is it if a man gains the entire world, but loses his own soul?” With Jesus, we can have life eternal. I will pray for you Eric.

                • Eric

                  Sorry Charlie,

                  yeah you do that. pray your soul out since you have been deceived. But a few questions for you to ponder…

                  Where did the word “Satan” come from? hint: It’s not the english translation of the bible.
                  If the God of Christianity is the same as the God of Creation, why isn’t everyone a Christian? And if you read other translations (besides King James) why does it say that “El” created the heavens and the earth? Who is “El?” What is the tetragrammaton? Why does the pope wear all white and the cardinals wear red and black? Where does the word “Christ” come from and what is it’s meaning?

                  Like I said, I don’t believe. I know. You apparently have a lot of questioning of your reality and research to do. No need to feel sorry for me. My only problem is I learned how to read.

                  You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.

                  One more question…do you go to church? Find me the bible verse where Jesus said “worship me.”

              • jerry

                Whats all the hoopla about turning water to wine ? If he went through the trouble , would he not partake ?

                • Eric

                  I always learned it was more of a metaphor. Like learn to appreciate the value of water which grows a vine that produces grapes.

                  Not meant to be taken literally.

                • Jerry

                  The word wine in the Bible and in our own language just means juice of the grape, whether fermented or unfermented. So Jesus turned the water into unfermented wine. The people at the wedding at Cana were not drunk because they were drinking unfermented wine. Today though when people say wine they automatically think of the fermented kind. So yes Jesus did drink wine, the unfermented kind.

                • Eric

                  So what was he doing between the ages of 12-30?

                • Eric

                  Where is Gnostic? Anyone else want to chime in here?

                  I feel like I’ve gone through this nonsense with new people every year for the past 4 years.

                • Jerry

                  “So what was he doing between the ages of 12-30?”


                  Is this question for me? I do not know why you ask this but I can give a reasonable answer.

                  If you want I can also answer some of the questions that you gave to “Sorry Charlie”.

                  Just need to get some sleep before heading off to work first.

                • Eric

                  You don’t need to answer. I already know the answers. I would rather you think about it, question it yourself, and do your own research.

                  Listen to all. Follow none.

                  468 To Know Christ Know Yourself

            • Ed_B

              I don’t know about that but the bible says that He turned water into wine. Now, that’s a skill that any party-goer will appreciate. 😉

      • Craig escaped from Detroit

        I found this SEISMIC graph chart of the explosions at Tianjin. What is interesting,, you will see, that just prior to the initial blast (which shows the high amplitude in a shorter time frame), just PRIOR to that, is some slower shock-waves,, ramblings of SMALLER explosions/disturbances that are very ORGANIC.

        Then,, after the rumblings, shock waves,, the sharp blast (=3 tons of TNT) goes off,, and this appears to have dispersed the fuels that were then “ignited-exploded” causing the seismic shock wave described at =21 tons of TNT.

        To my UNtrained eye,, it appears the first, LOW shock waves-rumblings.. may have been,, some smaller, initial explosions that got into something very sensitive/unstable, which exploded big enough to cause the largest and latest part of the disaster.

        If this had been a “Rod from God” or a mini-nuke,, I think there would have been NO low amplitude explosions-rumblings preceeding the sharp amplitude shock wave. The charts would show a clean, NO waves and then suddenly show the initial “hit” either by a space based “inertial weapon”,, or a mini nuke going off.

        If these charts match up with OTHER stations around the globe, then I’d be convinced this was all organic and locally responsible.

        • Beligarant

          Yeah, this nuke talk is nothing but Fear Porn. The most logical explanation is the Chinese had some very dangerous and volatile chemicals buried 50 or 100 feet deep in an underground storage container. Sort of like a gas station except the tanks would of been buried a lot deeper.

          This created the crater. Very simple explanation.

          • Craig escaped from Detroit

            I just read that the warehouse was approved to store up to 24 tons of cyanide, but they had 700 tons or more of it.

            The company website and gov’t information has been taken off line, and may be due to local Chinese gov’t officials being involved with the company (which is far too common) and so all the big shots are scrambling to cover their asses.

            • Beligarant

              700 tons or 1.4 million pounds of cyanide, wow!! If this is correct then Tianjin just become the second Mother of All Super Funds sites right behind the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant melt down and resulting leaks.
              If this correct then I’m sure they can’t keep it muzzled for too long and the truth will leak out. Just glad this is 12,000 miles away.

          • SGT

            Hey Beligarant, As usual, we were asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS. As I advised, check YOUR HUBRIS at the door:

            BOMBSHELL: China and America already at war: Tianjin explosion carried out by Pentagon space weapon in retaliation for Yuan currency devaluation

            • Dissolution

              Not sure if you know, but Pete Santilli has SGT front-and-center from around 14 minutes in:

              • noname

                If it was a retaliation, why wouldn’t the Chinese government come forth with or at least hint at the notion and condemn the act publicly? Surely, they have enough experts to back this theory up?

                Funny how we tend to think we are “better” than anyone else in “solving” the mystery…from afar. I think this theory has been put out by those who would like to “claim” responsibility (without actually doing it openly) to instill fear for anyone else/nation who dares to cross them. Nothing else. We are all running with it and unwittingly helping them – we are their useful idiots, so to speak.

          • schlomo

            I agree. If you look around on the internet there have been similar explosions even in the USA at rocket fuel plants and fertilizer plants, and fireworks plants have blown up in China too. Or were such explosions in the US part of the ‘secret war’ between the US and China whereby China nuked us? China has weak safety regulations, and they probably had a million tons of high volatile stuff stored together and without safety precautions, and with people smoking everywhere. The plants and storage facilities in the US are away from residential areas, unlike China, so in the US explosion vids all we see is a shockwave go through the ground whereas in China the areas were filled with cars and buildings. Fires spread. In my city neighborhood an old factory building burned to the ground and flying debris landed on roofs a thousand feet away and those buildings caught fire. If there was no firemen the whole area would have burned to the ground. It was not a space weapon. If it exists, why not just destroy China’s government buildings when they are in session, as well as all military bases, and just take over the world? Nuking China over a 2% devaluation? What about the tens of millions of jobs and businesses they’ve taken from the US capitalist set.

        • Johan

          I agree completely. If you look at the explosion it’s definately not a nuclear explosion it’s way too slow for that. Just look at the clip

          There would have been geigercounters going off as well, no? Impossible to hide

          I do agree however that the timing is VERY convinient.

          I think it’s very similar to the Yemen explosion. What do you guys think?



    • SGT

      Hey friends, I just want to mention this because it is very telling about who is REAL and who is not in the alt-media truth arena, I got an e-mail from Bill today saying that Ed Steer has been passing around an e-mail saying that because of Bill’s article ‘Did the Final War Just Start?” and this interview, that “Bill blew his credibility”.

      Here’s the comment from Ed Steer about Bill’s interview with SGT report:

      “Wow! Holter really blew himself out of the water with this Tianjin explosion thingy—and this doesn’t help him. Ed”

      I would like to share my response to Bill with all of you:

      Hey Bill,

      Well then, with all due respect, screw him. I suppose good ole Ed has ALL of the answers, right? Or does he just want everyone to keep their mouths shut until the governments of the world announce the “official” story”? Sorry, but what a coward. In significant geopolitical events such as the Tianjin explosions difficult questions need to be asked. Apparently Ed won’t be the one to do it.

      The interview with you already has 512 LIKES and only 12 Dislikes on You Tube, which is extraordinary. People appreciate those with the COURAGE to ask the hard questions. Trust me, Ed’s audience of young, engaged people will dwindle as yours grows.

      The question for Ed, in lieu of any evidence so far to the contrary, is: Are we not allowed to discuss the very real possibility that was an act of war against China? Or is Ed such a GATEKEEPER that such first amendment protected intelligent discourse is a “credibility killer”. Please feel free to forward this on to him – or send me his e-mail.


    • Jim Ludwig

      Kim, right on. SGT is wonderful resource for people still able to look at what happened(evidence)…and think for themselves.

      Many thousands of articles will be written about what happened that day in Tianjin; that day China devalued the Yuan for the second time in two days. What this has done is still in evolving in many ways; damage to Bankster foreign currency exchange rate(FOREX)derivatives; the chemical menace long to bloom up misery and death amid people least responsible for this horror. Wait until it rains.

      Bankula, that Western abomination whose mortal enemy is the light of day…Tianjin is graphic and hideous exposure of Bankula’s attitude and knee-jerk reaction to someone messin’ with its blood—the dollar, ultimate instrument of public doom.

      Yes, SGT Report is as valuable as REAL MONEY (precious metals, which Bankula cannot print endlessly). So Bankula attacks relentlessly, real MONEY, via derivatives on the COMEX, or better, CRIMEX—attacks on monetary metals with “paper metals”.

      But when it comes to the many thousands of articles gowing from truth instead of the dominant disinformation/propaganda swirling us around the drain…there is only one “first”.

      Check out the time stamp. Veterans Today published that one and only first:

      Clean and concise truth, the perfect “first”. All the rest is…after.

  • Jim Ludwig

    The Tianjin sub-surface nuclear explosion that created the classic “crater lake” was retaliation for…well, Nancy Sinatra liked to say:

    “You’ve been messin’ where you shouldn’t have been a messin'”

    Yes, China messed with the dollar. Here’s what Nancy might comment:

    “You keep playin’ where you shouldn’t be playin’
    and you keep thinkin’ that you’ll never get burnt. Ha!
    I just found me a brand new box of matches yeah
    and what he know you ain’t had time to learn.”

    Ha! is right. “He” is a nuke.

    Nukes are made for poppin’, that’s just what they do. Coupla days ago this nuke made a brand-new lake fer you.

    In Tianjin, most of the “admitted” fatalities and listed as “missing” are firefighters.

    How low can a blow go, destroy the heroes…then go for the spirit?

    • John

      “In Tianjin, most of the “admitted” fatalities and listed as “missing” are firefighters.”

      You would think that the Firefighters & Police would wise up & realize they are being used as collateral damage, just like our sons & daughters in the military, by the Politicians & Their Favorite Corporations, Wall Street & the Banksters (The Too Big Too Fail) in their Wars For Profit & Plunder.

  • knowtoomuch

    ■ 9/11 ; planes were hijacked in ‘Radar Gaps’ only military and secret service knew about : “”&HYPERLINK “”v=WC9KZ2Yy5g4HYPERLINK “”&HYPERLINK “”feature=endscreen

    ■ “The Masters Of Deception”, by ZionCrimeFactory :
    ■ Video- and audio analyse 9-11 : aluminium nose cone Boeing remained intact (!) and got out on the other side of the building ; 4min30 up to 10min :

    ■ “Missing Links”, docu 2h07min : “″&HYPERLINK “″v=GD_vwzjdTi4

  • loquito

    Thank you SGT. Always Great Work! Many changes coming our way.

    Stack Ag and enjoy the ride!

    Prepare the best you can and enjoy the ride.

    Spread the truth and enjoy the ride.

    It just a ride we can choose to be down and out or just enjoy. Changes are happing and many are unpleasant. The elite are losing the power. Many people are waking up. I talk with many people through out my work day and shoot truth here and there. I’m noticing a lot of people waking up. The one thing, I see, is some people lack to make changes in there habitual live. Because of religion, mocking bird media, sports, paper money, so many distraction have kept the them asleep. But it more becoming awake.

    Just keep the truth coming our way SGT!!!

  • Galahad

    Whenever there’s major incident I suspect US/Zionist involvement. This incident may well be the result of some kind of (non-nuclear) US technology, but unfortunately we don’t have any evidence.

    I think it’s a pity Bill raised the issue without giving any hard evidence. SGT – as you said yourself, most people are blissfully ignorant of what’s happening, and when they see easily refuted claims like this, it confirms their world view.

    Sorry, but our knowledge of the state of the world is based on evidence which people like you have presented so consistently. We can only persuade people if we present evidence.

  • Tallkiwi

    I can’t believe anybody really believes this crap! The Chinese supposedly do something with the dollar and so the US nukes them? Really? You people need to get real. The other part of Holters article talks about how His buddy, Jim Sinclair, was “told”, by the same people who “told” him about the run up in gold in the 1980s, that “the bottom is in”. I presume he’s referring to Sinclair channeling Seligman and Livermore, even Holter doesn’t seem to be able to bring himself to state it plainly and I don’t blame him. Given Holters supposed keen, but faulty, powers of deduction, how could he not ask Sinclair where Jesse and Bert have been these last 4 years when Sinclair has called the bottom, and the demise of the dollar, all the way down? Holter suggests, as though it’s something he and Sinclair have just realised, that China maybe purposefully manipulating the dollar higher in order to make exports more expensive and thus destroy the US economy. The strength of the $US has been on going for some time and has had little to do with China and was forecast by Armstrong years ago prompting guffaws and incredulity from the likes of Sinclair and those at Miles Franklin. Now this completely far out theory coming from the same people who have been wrong for so long on gold, silver, oil and the dollar. Seriously, why would you listen to anything they have to say?

  • petedivine

    If the blast in Tianjin was retaliatory, then you can bet China will strike back against the aggressor. In my opinion, China and Russia had to know this day was coming. Russia is being attacked directly through the Ukraine and with the Malasyan jet liner false flag. We should remember that the U.S. Is messing with Russia’s income. The U.S. Is at war, with half the world and most Americans have no clue. Like us, the Chinese will suspiciously look to the nation with motivation, capability, and familiar modus operandi. Whether Tianjin was an accident or intentional, tensions with China will continually rise until the cold war goes hot. The writing is on the wall…prepare accordingly.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed, Pete. My thought is that IF the Tianjin explosion was retaliation for some supposed Chinese meddling with the US$ (HA! As if the US Gov and Fed don’t do this ALL THE TIME!), then we can expect some payback from China. Given that, I would expect some Chinese commandos to do something nasty on Guam. It’s a small island with low population but with essential US military resources. Would not have to be anything stupendous. Something like some small time-bombs attached to the fuel storage tanks of the air base there should suffice. They could infiltrate via diesel submarine, which is very quiet when running on batteries, come ashore in small boats, do their thing, and ex-fil the same way. An hour later… BOOM!

      • petedivine

        …In my ignorant opinion Guam is critical to our Asian projection of military power but too small a target. Tianjin is a major port facility. I would expect a Tit for TAT retaliatory strike. I would expect something on a similar scale to a target of economic interest. I’m thinking N.Y. City. Why? HFT rigging in the Chinese stock market triggered the recent plunge, and a major port facility was essentially destroyed not just with the blast, but with the Cyanide poison. N.Y. City represents two birds with one stone.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    The New World Order is imploring a global wide strategy known as the Crisis Strategy of Cloward and Piven, where crisis are being manufactured at a rapid pace. All these misfortunes that are occurring are being done strategically on purpose. The crises that are happening in the world are foreshadowing a bigger event. The bigger event will be a collapse of America and the West, known as the 1st world and the transfer of power being economic, military, and freedom from the West to the East.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I am SURE that the SEISMOLOGICAL SIGNATURE of a “Tactical nuke” is WELL known among many researchers.

    This has got to be the one solid evidence, either FOR or AGAINST the Tianjin explosion, being either “Organic” or “Nuclear”. It will be the “Speed” of the initial wave-explosion signature.

    The ones who were physically closest to the blast,,,Japanese, Korean, Filipino, N.Z., and Australian research stations will ALL have this information. I also imagine even European, and North American stations can see the difference in the two.

    I wonder why we have NOT heard much about those recordings? Just a “guess”..but if there was a NUKE shock wave, it would be big news and we’d hear about multiple stations having recorded it… but if it was “organic”… then nobody at the stations would care much about it because it would just be “another organic bump” to go with all the other “organic shock waves” from all the normal explosions from chemical bombs, volcanoes, earthquakes, and gas explosions around the world which are constantly “bumping” the seismographs.

    Considering HOW many thousands of recording devices are out there, (weather stations), volcano & earthquake fault zone research, etc… NO NUKE blast really can go “un noticed”. Even hundreds of PRIVATE (and University & high school stations) exist.

    I wonder HOW expensive it is,, to buy a seismograph that can measure the different speeds of shock waves enough to see the differences?

  • Steve_D

    Another massive explosion reported in Asia, at a Holy shrine visited by Chinese tourists.

  • Steve_D

    **Breaking News**
    There has been a large explosion close to a shrine in the centre of the Thai capital, Bangkok.
    The BBC’s Jonathan Head, who is at the scene, says there appear to be both dead and injured, amid a huge amount of chaos.
    He says there is a massive amount of damage and a crater that indicates this could be a bomb.
    Our correspondent says that if it is a bomb, this would be a rare attack for the capital.

  • KSKing

    I approach this from the premise that this was not an ‘accident’. We know small tactical nukes exist. What we do not know is how these devices behave, what their explosion signature is. We now have proof that; “Tianjin’s vice mayor said “around 700 tonnes” of sodium cyanide was being stored at the facility. That’s a problem because as it turns out, the warehouse was only authorized to store around 24 tonnes.”. But this form is not volatile, however if exposed to strong acids it will convert back to hydrogen cyanide, which is volatile. We know there are extremely powerful non-nuclear weapons, thermobaric weapons. We know there was at least 2 large explosions. It seems this chemical stockpile just needed an ignition source… no need for a nuke.

    So we could speculate that strong acid was introduced to the massive sodium cyanide stockpile to convert it to hydrogen cyanide, which has a low flash point but high autoignition, and hence would need an intense heat source, like an explosion, to set if off. The 1st explosion was the above ground storage, the 2nd larger explosion was the below ground storage?

    IF a nuke was used then this is a signal to China; first WHO did it, and second that they are serious/insane enough to use nukes.

    We do not know the radiation signature of a tactical nuke. We know China censors everything.

    So let’s assume a nuke was used and Gov’t of China knows. What do they do? Why would they sit on this info? As opposed to a ‘created’ accident, where there would simply be no way to finger the perpetrator. I don’t think a nuke was used. A message was still sent to China. I said many months ago that the US is already at war. The current battlegrounds; Financial (trade), cyber, weather, culture, food, covert.

    Stop reacting emotionally… start thinking rationally. Use logic and reason and trust your intuition.

    • KSKing

      One more ‘coincidence’. One of Sodium cyanides primary uses is in the mining of Gold and precious metals. Let that one sink in, but as a reminder China announced an increase in it’s official gold reserves on July 17.

      What is amazing about the attack on Holter is he just ‘suggested’ that a nuke might have been used and specifically asked the community for their opinion. Don’t you dare think out of the box you crazy Texan! Written by another sane but ‘crazy’ Texan.

  • WillyT

    I for one do not trust TPTB AT ALL, and noting surprises me when it comes to them. I realise and have for many, many years they do not do anything in our best interests. This is an unofficial report, so lets not jump to conclusions people and perhaps make things bigger than what they are……… I totally support this site and is my main go to site for news and such. All that said though, not everything that happens has a conspiracy attached to it. This might shed some light as to what actually happened.

    Before the explosions, several fire-fighters were already at the scene trying to control a blaze. There have been suggestions that water sprayed on some of the chemicals could have led to the blasts.
    Calcium carbide, known to be at the site, reacts with water to create the highly explosive acetylene.
    Chemical experts suggest an acetylene blast could then have detonated the other chemicals for a much larger blast.

    It was a transit warehouse used to store chemicals before the were shipped off so it may very well be just a terrible industrial accident. Although this is not an official report by the Chinese government, it may just be what happened. Apparently there was 70 times the amount of chemicals stored in this facility, way more than what they were supposed to have there. I have travelled to China and they certainly do not have many safety measures in place any where in the continent. Not even close compared to North American standards. Hence the reason China has had some very bad industrial accidents. If this truly was some sort of a nuke I’m guessing China would have already figured that out. So perhaps it’s as simple as this just an accident. You decide.

  • drak

    A tactical nuke I do not know, but even a conventional explosive could chain reaction a concentration of material. I would like to introduce a natural asian thought that might be introduced into the region. Many Japanese suspect the trigger event for their tsunami was man made, Daiichi Plant had Stuxnet on it’s plc system computers, the Isralies I heard handled security for some Power plants. Did the shutdown processes not start because of stuxnet? These are speculations, But what may be percieved by both suspicious Chinese and Japanese reviewing these events may very well be a common suspicion of Asians going forward that Fukushima and Tianjin are related events. Could this be a cojoining catalyst for two previous antagonists, Japan and China? Regardless of what happened in China, the instgator of past destructive events may just find out the unintended consequences of their past for future events.

  • Tyler Durden II

    Cell phone footage:

  • Dante

    It’s one thing to rationally debate whether the Western Financial Crime Syndicate was responsible for this explosion or not, or to debate the type of weapon used if in fact some believe it was an attack by the West. But it’s quite another thing to stick so tightly to your normalcy that you refuse to even consider the possibility.

    After all that we know about the on-going, centuries-long criminality committed by the Syndicate, and in a good many cases against their own populations, and yet some still defend them by refusing to debate this with an open mind?

    Jeez, the last time I checked, the US was the first nation (and ONLY nation that we know of) to attack another with an atomic bomb, and for reasons of MUCH lesser importance than what we’re facing today with China. And yet, still the normalcy bias. What the fu** is it going to take!?

  • Tom Aumeg

    As one who is regularly critical of SGT report, let me chime in and praise this report. It is not sensational, it doesn’t amplify voices that claim double-secret probation knowledge. It is factual, and intelligent, linking together these events, each of which individually might be nothing, but so close in sequence, I smell smoke.

    By the way, for China to declare 10,000+ tons of gold would be like a financial nuclear weapon. The value of nuclear weapons is as a deterrent. The threat of the bomb is the value, because it prevents the enemy from certain acts. Once you use them, they are no longer of any value. That explains their reporting numbers, IMO.

    • SGT

      Tom, thank you. Despite criticisms from dinosaurs like Ed Steer and others for DARING to ASK the tough questions about this horrific event, we are being completely validated today – though frankly I wish it were not the case because this officially means WW3 has begun.

      • Tom Aumeg

        Okay, but careful about buying into the The Natural News story, which is a little thin, relying as it does on double-secret-probation knowledge that can’t be verified. It claims the explosion was due to the “Rod of God” weapon, basically a tunsten rod hitting the earth like a meteor, but at a steep angle. Until now, this has only existed in sci-fi, and we don’t know what sort of yield it could produce. And the helicopters over Beijing picture could have been taken in San Diego, and it would mean nothing special.

        Something unusual happened, that’s certain. The crater, and the burnt cars as far away as they were, is more than one would think could happen from a chemical explosion. It could still be nuclear. And the links to SDR rejection, and currency devaluation, are very interesting. I’m sure there’s more to come.

        • Tom Aumeg

          Thinking a little more about it, I guess what I was saying is that you are validated by the case itself. You asked a good question, and offered some unpleasant possibilities, that were not inconsistent with what we knew. Ed Steer is irrelevant, and if he demands that certain questions not be asked, he discredits himself. I understand that the tendency is always to fight back against things like that, but for those of us who read it, seeing the difference between attacks against the hypothesis, versus demanding that the question never be asked, is child’s play. Every question can rightly be asked, when the fact are not inconsistent. So I don’t agree that you’re validated by the Natural News Story. First off, you don’t need it, but second, you haven’t made any conclusions, and neither have they. Between the asking, and the drawing of a conclusion is a whole lot of bluster, and possibly misinformation. That’s where I am very strict about what I’ll accept into the realm of facts, versus what it unsupported.

          • SGT

            Understood. To sum up, I meant that because we took some heat for daring to even pose the questions, we feel “validated” today that another highly respectable alt media Journalist (Mike Adams) has the courage to be asking the same questions, and drawing similar conclusions. I have no time or care for those who would comment “unsubbed” or “you people are insane” because we merely asked some logical, albeit potentially painful and uncomfortable questions. It happened multiple times on Sunday night/Monday morning – and we will not miss those types of people.

            • Eric

              “you people are insane” = emotional reactions from uncritical thinkers.

            • Tom Aumeg

              Note, Sean, that Craig observed on seismographs, the same as I did on the video. There were smaller explosions, and later, larger ones. This is not consistent with the projectile theory, whether kinetic, or nuclear, which would produce an abrupt explosion of maximum force. This is now a challenge, to see how you respond. If you can explain it, so that it reconciles with the projectile theory, then let’s hear it. But please don’t ignore it, and continue with the sensational claim. That would damage your credibility.

  • PTS

    I have American friends who have served in the last couple of years as missionaries in China. Two quick observations based on their experiences:

    First off, Americans are like Rock Stars there. Blonde-Haired Blue-Eyed individuals literally stop traffic when they walk around these HUGE Chinese cities, which leads me to my second point.

    What happened last week sounds to me like a controlled “Shot Across the Bow.” 100-some people died, and it is extremely tragic, but that number could have been exponentially more had it happened in the center of one of China’s many cities with millions of people living there. Check out this link, and look at how MANY Chinese cities have populations of 8 Million, 10, Million, or 20 Million people. By comparison, NYC is home to about 8.5 Million. China has TONS OF CITIES in the 7-10 Million range. Just Guangzhou and it’s surrounding metro area has a population of 44 Million people!

    My point is, what happens on the global scene when something like this happens in the heart of a densely-populated Chinese city?

    I pray that cooler heads prevail, because this has the makings of something really ugly. This certainly sounds to me like the Western Bankers’ “Shot Across the Bow.”

  • boogoo

    I woke to my bin being kicked over in the night..DAMN YOU OBAMA!! I knew he would retaliate to my liking a post on FB. Long tin foil! 😉

  • Christine


    Earlier today I posted something on an other page from Nesara (which I always take with an enormous grain of salt… but the way I see it, no one gets it all wrong all the time or all right all the time, regardless how much disinfo they spread) because it seemed interesting. Especially the two google pictures of before and after. You may want to take a look at it.

  • Christine

    Many call it for what it really appears to be. Bill Holter had the moral courage to put his name on it the minute he felt something was wrong with it, just like Thierry Messan calles 911 as early as 2002 and emphasized on Rumsfeld’s statement, the day prior to 911 and… ended up having to leave France in a jiffy and resettle in Syria, via Lebanon and a few other countries.

    If you do not follow, here is the site. Pick your language at the top. It takes a few days for articles from dozens of reputable journalists to be translated from their own language into English. Unlike ICIJ, it dares name names, give dates and be specific.

    Both sites put the proper perspective MSM long ago stopped giving. Any question the 6 large media have lost billions since 2014? People are canceling cable faster and faster. And NO, it’s not the price. It’s the lack of value for the money.

  • TT

    Oh Crap!
    Never thought you two were wrong, just always afraid that you were right. Now proven right?
    Now even I could use a beer.

  • gary h

    because of the incredible amount of work Dr. Judy Wood did/has done on the 9-11 event..
    the hundreds & hundreds if not thousands of incredible photographs at her website
    .the hundreds & hundreds of toasted cars in & around Manhattan, while millions upon millions of 8.5″x 11″ sheets of print paper floating everywhere & piled up in the streets 2-3 ft. deep in many many plaaces around the WTC complex.. UNSCATHED!
    the strange holes in the tops of the WTC complex buildings that didn’t completely collaspe.
    cars & trucks & SUV’s miles away are partially melted,while others right next to the melted ones are untouched
    while other parts of the car were completely gone..
    the steel wheels are melted,but the rubber tires are intact!,[very,very strange indeed]
    and then you have these same cars,trucks,& SUV’s steel engines ON FIRE..BURNING METAL ENGINES!
    the 8,000 or so melted cars in China immediately reminded me of the melted cars in NYC on 9-11..absolutely a connection there..the connection IMHO? NUKES and/or DIRECTED ENERGY FROM SPACE..
    very likely exactly the same weapon that was used on 9-11 [nuclear]
    would love to get Dr. Judy Woods opinion/thoughts on this new Chinese event,& surely she is already looking at it, & would think she will most certainly have an opinion on what went down there soon..

    the strange holes in the tops of the WTC complex buildings that didn’t completely collaspe..& more
    this blast was nuclear just as mini-nukes were used on the WTC towers on 9-11..still say Dr. Judy Wood may well be the go to expert on this China explosion..strange how so many alternative radio hosts will not let Dr Judy Wood on their shows.& btw..Jesse Ventura also believes Judy Wood is one of the very few scientists that got what really happened on 9-11 in NYC correct,just as i do….JMHO..

  • boogoo

    People just want to believe there is some almighty, overlooking powers that be that are pulling all the strings and in ‘control’..Or perhaps some outer Earth beings that are secretly controlling our Government..OR EVEN some Guy in the sky with a big beard and finger of judgement and retribution..

    ANYTHING that doesn’t just expose the fact we are some irrelevant species (not to mention incredibly ignorant) destroying ourselves with greed and arrogance and some kind of misguided belief we are somehow important.

    The human race is far too stupid to have control of anything..look at the concept of ownership..I dont know anyone who doesn’t think he has ownership of SOMETHING material, land etc etc f^&*n etc

    Fact is..You don’t have ownership of even your own life..If you did you could choose your destiny

    Accidents happen..and the fact one could happen in China due to lack of care is of NO SURPRISE to me..

    But like Georg Carlin says.. Just sit back and watch the freak show and take no emotional stake in any of it as it’s fat too dysfunctional to even think for a moment you can change the course of human ignorance..(ok I mad e the last bit up myself)

    Have a great day people..The sun is still shining and the Psychos are still fighting it out for whatever they think they are entitled too.

    By reading this site sometime you could be lead to believe that there is no such thing as an accident..and that would be to siggest WE ARE PERFECT!! AHH HA HA HAAAAAA!!!! Now that’s funny!!!!!

    • Eric

      boogoo. The human race isn’t stupid. We’ve just been in the dark ages for the past 12,000 years.

      Ignorant yes. Irrelevant hardly.

      • boogoo

        Eric..Irrelevant YES! Floating around the universe on a ball of gas..running round in a hurry going nowhere..Accumulating CRAP our whole lives, Dividing ourselves with colors,relg,flags, OR WHATEVER you want to divide yourself from other humans to have some kind of sense of ‘more important’ or relevant to another

        Lizards are just tiny Dinosaurs waiting for their next turn..and if you think whatever species is around after we have destroyed ourselves gives a flying F^%$ what happened to us your mistaken…

        All I see is a species trying its goddamn hardest to do anything to distract itself from its Mortality..I work with war veterans with PTSD who have discovered they were used and lied to and now thrown on the garbage heap of USED BY…And Society says THEY have a problem…As I get older I tend to associate more with the ‘mentaly ill’ as they don’t give a crap to compete in these mindless game people are so engaged in…

        Have a great day people…It can always be your last..Thats the ONLY reality..the rest is distraction!

        • Eric

          Well first of all we aren’t “floating.” We are “traveling” around the galaxy at 66,600 mph (interesting number). And we are going through “ages.” In the vedic tradition, we are coming out of the Kali Yuga (The age of vice or the demon age). In Greek, we are leaving the Iron Age. And in astrology and the precession of the equinox, we are leaving the age of Pisces (2 fish) and entering the age of Aquarius. Divine mythological associations with Pisces include Poseidon/Neptune, Vishnu, Christ, Aphrodite, Eros, and Typhon.

          • Eric

            Ugh. I’ve tried 50 times but for some reason I can’t post the rest of my comment.

            Hang in there.

          • Jacobson

            So you worship the idol (stars).
            No wonder why you hate jews…
            You worship the product and not the creator.

            • Eric

              Where did I ever use the word “worship?”

              At least I know that the true creator is not YHVH, yahweh, jehovah, Yaldabaoth, Baal, Moloch or which ever other satanic god it is that you rock back and forth to.

              I keep telling you. I don’t hate anyone one. Hate is a feeling. And I remain in a state of love.

              Tell me, did you ever get past Deuteronomy Torah boy?

              “I guess my only problem is I learned how to read.” -Texe Marrs

              Which son of Jacob are you anyways? Reuben Shekelbergerstein? Looking forward to the collapse of the dollar. I wonder what the shekel will be worth in such a world.

              • Jacobson

                You are looking at the stars and worship while trying to figure out things.
                The people who wrote the Vedic and other scripts worshipped the statue and the stars, they used to get horney from the statue and had sex in front of it.
                The indian people worship the cow, like in ancient days.
                You think that you are something special but you adopted a barbaric primitive scripts as your guide.

                Both Judaism and Islam were created as a contrast to idol worship.
                How can you worship a statue that was made by a man?

                Yaweh = יהוה
                past+present+future = היה הווה יהיה
                “Don’t worship the stars beacuse I made them”

                I’m from the tribe of Benjamin and I have the documents who shows it.
                You are descendant of pagans and you follow their way.
                The shekel? it will be a silver shekel after we will build the 3rd temple of Jerusalem and there will be no wars, no murders, no lies and no false leaders.

                Now go worship the cow, pagan boy!

                • Eric

                  Oh jacob only you could twist someones words into an entirely different topic. Just continues to prove the schizophrenia of your tribe. There’s nothing wrong with being sick as long as you work towards improving your health. I know it’s difficult to see reality the way it really is but let’s go back so you at least have a chance of understanding.

                  I was originally talking about “time” and “ages.” How do you misinterpret that as “idol worship?” When you look at a building, are you worshipping an idol?

                  I don’t suppose you have ever looked up and studied the stars? You may want to try it sometime because rather than “trying to figure it out,” it actually all starts to make sense.

                  So I don’t know how you turned that into idol worship, but I don’t know how you can worship a statue anymore than i know how you can sacrifice your children. You tell me?….


                  How do you only read part of a book and never question or read the rest of it?

                  Job 38:31-33

                  “Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades, Or loose the cords of Orion? “Can you lead forth a constellation in its season, And guide the Bear with her satellites? “Do you know the ordinances of the heavens, Or fix their rule over the earth?

                  Let me know when you get past Deuteronomy

                • Jacobson

                  There’s an influence of the stars and their energy, but it is only part of something bigger – the Torah of Israel speaks about it and teaches it.

                  The guys who wrote the scripts you study were pagans who worshipped the BULL and the STARS.
                  The only thing you have in common with ’em is that they were human beings and you are too.
                  Now go to the studio to practice your pagan believes and leave the jews, christians and muslims to practice what they want.
                  Kapish pagan boy?

                • pa·gan/ˈpāɡən/
                  a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions.

                  You say it like it’s a bad thing. You go be deceived all you want. I’m not stopping you. When you want to know truth, you can come back here anytime.

                  I don’t believe. I know.

                  Let me know when you’re tired of being brainwashed by the synagogue of satan. I’ll be here.

                • Eric

                  Which documents are those Jacob? More jewish paper deceiving you? You still think you’re chosen eh?

                  So sad it is that you still can’t see beyond the literal meaning of things…


  • dan

    When a ‘truth seeker’ hits the ‘nail on the head’ or is very close….the ‘rats’ will come out of their ‘sewer’s and try and ‘chew away’, at both…..’rats’ have been very busy the past 15 years…with a clinton,bush, and obama at the helm….may they all reap the rewards of their treachery…and be ‘flushed’ away by the ‘light of truth’….as we can see at this site….imho

  • Willie

    Watch what the other hand is doing…

  • Christine

    TPP was the first step, originating from Washington. A trans-pacific agreement deliberately excluding China.

    Secretive and selective and sure as all hell not disclosed to us. It has to be fast tracked! And even our own elected officials couldn’t talk about it!

    China then disclosed gold reserves the US would dream about but can’t even meet toe-to-toe, approached Washington-controlled IMF and was… rejected. China devalued its currency once, twice… three times and Kaboom!

    Anyone involved in litigation knows that two thing are absolutely necessary to win: a thorough timeline and appropriate documentation for every single step in said timeline.

    The start of it all was not the “China’s slap in the face by the IMF”. Washington openly declared economic war on China with TPP a few months ago while intensifying its (insane) propaganda against Russia and building up NATO war machines on its borders… a few months after Moscow’s May military display (to which every BRICS country participated) clearly showing the strength they have built up and the physical impossibility for Neocons to prevail. This insanity will end. It simply won’t end well for this country… whose physical land is already 40% in the ends of foreigners, those same foreigners China has been unrelently signing treaties with since…? 2008? Including many countries being flirted with through TPP? Washington lost it long ago. China signed trade agreements. Our last bastion was the dollar to keep it all under control. It’s gone. So… Washington does what Washington has always done. “Bomb, bomb, bomb.” Except that. this time, it will not work.

  • Christine


    A few people have declared that “the US signed 1880 treaties and never respected any one of them.” I can’t affirm it. So, what I’ve been doing is go back to every single treaty ever entered into, not just by the US but by England and the Pilgrims, since the colonization of America. In my research, so far England breached everything. I’m compiling numbers. I doubt that the US have signed 1880 treaties since 1776 but I will be back with true numbers.

    And it is true that none has been respected, be it by England before the Declaration of Independence or the US since. Again I am compiling the numbers. It takes time. Compare with treaties signed by China and Russia and not respected. It’s enlightening. It is actually surprising the US are still in existence.

  • boogoo

    Ok.Guys..Have to change to narrative to explain the Cyanide..It was a Cyanide infused rod from God and Obama is brewing it in his back yard…But I’m sure they’ll come up with something..Maybe ask DAHBOO Tin foil hat) expert on false flags for an explanation

  • jujubean

    Fascinating input by everyone on this site but I’m surprised that no one is considering that Israel might be at the bottom of it. The suggestion that Fukushima was triggered by the Stuxnet program is on the mark. I doubt that anyone here would defend the Israelis in the global war theatre especially since the Chinese are key players in the pushback against the Rothschild regime. Unfortunately there are still too many unknowns but the subsequent attack on Chinese tourists is telling and makes the Tianjin explosion exponentially more suspicious. We are now left to see what kind of retaliation ensues.

    • Eric

      Israel is at the bottom of everything.

      “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.” -motto of the Israeli Mossad

      The term “self-hating jew” is still a new concept to most people. I expect there will be a lot more of them to denounce the crimes of the Israeli government.

      Too bad Jacob still would rather attack the truth tellers than his true enemy.

  • Christine


    There is hope: judging by the comments here and the lack of rebuttal and/or denial, people are indeed waking up. We’ve come a long way since 911, when pretty much everyone bought the official version, hook, line and sinker. Israel is currently imploding and the cabal is running scared. We already know that France is sponsoring a UN resolution to curtail Zionists’ take over of the entire Palestine and return it to 1967 borders (to Netanyahu’s great chagrin and paranoid rage), which resulted in Charlie Hebdo massacre, and more and more Jews and non-Jews disavow completely Israel publicly. Israel is well aware that its days are counted, based on what is happening in the UK with the petition to try Netanyahu for war crimes and the call to boycott of the 700 UK artists.

  • denk

    those who think the unitedsnake is above doing such atrocity pse read this,
    dont miss the comments.

  • Christine

    The Neocons, in their hubris, tend to overlook that fact that the US are a puny 300 year-old. Rather than learn what the natives knew, the world largest genocide took place right here: they were a hindrance and had to be decimated.

    The rest of the world has thousands of years behind it and if the Neocons used their brains instead of their weapons, they would realize that the world will survive without the US. The US, however, will not survive without the rest of the world since their exclusive industry is… war! If people are interested in learning about Russia, the ultimate enemy, here is a piece I strongly recommend. It will answer all the questions as to why there will not be WWlll and why Washington’s noise is only the confirmation of it’s increased fears of what it has brought onto itself.

  • boogoo

    Actually I heard Justin Bieber has been working undercover for the Jews as he was actually created in a test tube in Israel..One of his groupies was given the master plan and (WAIT FOR IT) THE SUITCASE!! of which she had in the boot of her car and drove it into the complex and blew herself up..Word has it Obama was ticked that Justins last CD didnt top the charts in CHina so wanted revenge..So you heard it folks..Don’t buy Justins new CD and pay a hefty price….

    Oh and the car was loaded with Cyanide..just to explain that one..I’m off to the store to get more foil…anyone want a roll while I’m there? It is Chinese made so you might need to wrap your head in it twice to make sure…

    and if this scenario gets debunked then I will go with my first instinct that it was Santa

    • Jacobson

      Justin Bieber?
      He turned to be an idol the american worship.
      In Israel he is nothing.
      Boogoo, are you a friend of honey booboo?
      Good luck psycho !

        • Jacobson

          Matisyahu is a great singer and a good guy.
          The attemp to insert political influence into the music and art is SICK.
          The spanish government appologized and he will join the concert.

          Now let’s enjoy his lyrics, and wake up people in the mainstream media:

          Sometimes I lay
          Under the moon
          And thank God I’m breathing
          Then I pray
          Don’t take me soon
          ‘Cause I am here for a reason

          Sometimes in my tears I drown
          But I never let it get me down
          So when negativity surrounds
          I know some day it’ll all turn around because…

          All my life I’ve been waiting for
          I’ve been praying for
          For the people to say
          That we don’t wanna fight no more
          There will be no more wars
          And our children will play
          One day [6x]

          It’s not about
          Win or lose
          ‘Cause we all lose
          When they feed on the souls of the innocent
          Blood-drenched pavement
          Keep on moving though the waters stay raging

          In this maze you can lose your way (your way)
          It might drive you crazy but don’t let it faze you, no way (no way)

          Sometimes in my tears I drown (I drown)
          But I never let it get me down (get me down)
          So when negativity surrounds (surrounds)
          I know some day it’ll all turn around because…

          All my life I’ve been waiting for
          I’ve been praying for
          For the people to say
          That we don’t wanna fight no more
          There will be no more wars
          And our children will play
          One day [6x]

          One day this all will change
          Treat people the same
          Stop with the violence
          Down with the hate

          One day we’ll all be free
          And proud to be
          Under the same sun
          Singing songs of freedom like
          One day [2x]

          All my life I’ve been waiting for
          I’ve been praying for
          For the people to say
          That we don’t wanna fight no more
          There will be no more wars
          And our children will play
          One day [6x]

          • Eric

            For someone who supposedly doesn’t worship idols you sure are doing a lot of it.

            Actually I think inserting political influence into music and art is what makes music and art a form of art in the first place.

            Why is there a world jewish congress anyways? There’s only 18 million jews in the world max!

  • Rob

    Anybody notice the chick on the advertisement in the London video doing the myley virus tongue sticking out right at the entrance to the bombing.

    Just saying….. you know how these sicko`s play.

  • Mike E

    No one has linked the destruction of the NaCN stockpile to the gold production yet…

    Why is that? This will strategically cripple China gold production.

    Am I wrong???

    Seem like the perfect RoShamBo (South Park Style) move against China in a financial war.

    SGT let me know what you think…


    • Marvo

      Mike, that’s the most cogent comment that I’ve seen so far on this thread. I think this could well be a reason or the reason for the blast.
      What I don’t buy is that this ‘attack’ was carried out by any kind of dropped-in device. Why couldn’t it be done the old fashioned way, using ground based set charges. Based on what Tom Aumeg commented, the seismic signatures fit better with the latter scenario, although that’s nowhere near as sensational and headline grabbing, is it?

  • C.i.

    Sadly All Is Getting Out Of Hand.

    Everywhere On This Site SGT And Many Others.

    Too Much Bullshit And Wanting A Media Score Point.

    When The Dust Settles Over Broken Bones And Sadly Lacking Journo Nuclear Or Plain Dust Wastelands Global

  • C.i.


    And I just Got Canned From Finnishing Just Then.,..

    Organised Aye.


  • Christine

    No kidding!

    US Loses Status as World’s Leading ‘Bastion of Liberty’

    Read more:

  • Eric

    From Fulford…

    August 20, 2015

    “The recent blast in Tianjin China is linked to the ongoing cyber-war inolving the financial and intelligence communities of the world. The blast produced an electro-magnetic pulse that was directed at disabling the Tianhe.”

  • Allender

    Both Bill Holter, and, SGT Report are National Treasures.

  • denk

    from past pattern , fukus revered in sending nasty *gift* to china/russia etc, prior to a major event, this is to inflict max humuliation to the host when its under the world’s spotlight.
    the timing of tianjin blast is just a bit too convenient, coming on the eve of beijing’s ww2 victory parade and right after its yuan devaluation.

    on the practical side,
    tianjin is a fast rising super star in china’s next phase of economic development, it plays a pivotal role in the *one belt , one road* grand strategy.
    *China’s ports, cities and hinterlands feature prominently. Fifteen ports, from Tianjin in the north to Haikou in the south, are earmarked for upgrading. The Shanghai and Guangzhou airports are slated to become logistics hubs. Inland, largely poor provinces are supposed to see a boost too.*

    this reeks of a signature cia hit, the sobs always aim for the max bang per buck.

    +this deals a serious blow to tianjin port’s ugrading plan,

    +major petrochemical projects suffered a series of major *accidents* recently,
    future development would come under even stiffer resistance from the populace.

    +the tianhe super computer has been shut down due to structural damage to the building,

    +the msm , even alternate media’s almost gleeful trumpeting of massive malpractice and corruption further erodes cpc’s cred amongst the populace,

    +china’s image suffered another huge blackeye,

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