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Media Launches New Demonization Campaign as Oath Keepers Arrive in Ferguson

Despite Oath Keepers protecting black-owned businesses from looters during previous unrest

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

The same establishment media that celebrated black-owned businesses being looted and burned during last year’s Ferguson riots is once again demonizing Oath Keepers – the organization that helped protect property belonging to Ferguson residents from being attacked. Following Sunday night’s shooting, Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Jakari Jackson arrived in Ferguson to cover the latest developments. They were flanked by Oath Keepers members who were exercising their right to open carry.

Despite the fact that the Oath Keepers immediately began educating Ferguson demonstrators on their constitutional rights and having constructive conversations about how the movement should be about unity and not race hate, the media jumped on their presence and instantly turned it into another opportunity for race baiting and division.

Newsweek quoted the Southern Poverty Law Center, a George Soros-backed outfit that exists solely to smear conservative groups, accusing Oath Keepers of being “fiercely anti-government” and “militaristic”.

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  • C.i.

    Now This Is Going To Be So Good From Now On…..

    Viewed From Afare Though.

    America Is So Fucked It Is Good TV.

    We Are Amazed And Interested All Of The Same Breath Aye.

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