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LLPOH – “But You Have To Be In Stocks!”

from The Burning Platform:

This is an appropriate time to retell something that happened a few weeks ago. I met with a financial adviser to go over my affairs to align them with Australia and US law.

As is probably no surprise, I currently hold no stocks whatsoever. I am heavy cash, property, etc. Not that I am happy with those assets either, but in the end 100 acres of land does not suddenly become 50 acres of land. And $100 in cash tends to become $50 in cash over a medium time frame (barring bank collapse).

The conversation included these snippets:

Adviser: “You really need to diversify more. Stocks are the best long-term investment. Here, have a look at these charts showing long-term growth”.

Me: “F**k that. Stocks are fucked and are gonna collapse.”

Adviser: “No they are not. The world-economy is strong. The US is growing and their unemployment is down, and their economy is booming!”

Me: “F**k that. You have no idea. If the US economy is so strong, why are real wages down, why is the participation rate down, and why are the numbers of people on welfare benefits booming?”

Adviser: “Ummm, what is participation rate?”

Me: “You are joking, right? You need to educate yourself about what is happening in the world. Plus, you need to understand that Europe and China are hanging by threads, as is the US. What do you think will happen to US/Australian stocks if Italy, Spain, or France goes the way of Greece?”

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15 comments to LLPOH – “But You Have To Be In Stocks!”

  • Ed_B

    “Not that I am happy with those assets either, but in the end 100 acres of land does not suddenly become 50 acres of land.”

    No, it does not. But with 2008 as our guide, $600,000 worth of real estate CAN become $300,000 worth. In a time of bad deflation, which many believe is coming, cash is the best asset to have. Not that it doesn’t also have its own problems too, with deflation likely and collapse possible, if not likely.

    Perhaps the best response to an unknown and volatile financial future is to have the best diversification that you can manage? I like land and other property a lot but do not want to have all of my money there. A good mix of cash, blue chip dividend-paying stocks, real estate, and precious metals would be the way to go, IMO, and one can split their money among these as seems best to them. For me that would be about 40% in the blue chips, and 20% each in the cash, PMs, and real estate. This is not necessarily good for someone else but it would work quite well for me. YMMV

    • NIX

      “Not that I am happy with those assets either, but in the end 100 acres of land does not suddenly become 50 acres of land.”

      Overnight! 🙂

    • Eric

      Yeah I understand the case for diversification Ed. But I think 40% in equities at this late stage is pretty damn high.

      I like Marc Faber’s 25% Equities, 25% Gold, 25% Cash, and 25% Real Estate much better as long as you have your stock certificates, metal, cash, and deeds in hand.

      But hey just my opinion. You know what I prefer…

      55% Gold, 35% Silver, 5% Platinum Metals, and 5% Cash and Mining stocks. I don’t consider my house as a real estate investment, just a roof over my head with some equity and a mortgage. And I also have a deposit (cash) into my account every other month. Granted, I am also a couple years younger.

      Add in an ammo can or 2 full of lead and a couple 30 year supplies of non GMO emergency food.

      Thinking about trying to place an order from Doc’s Trading Post here soon.

      • Eric

        Also, not a bad idea to consider taking some profits in equities if you have done well over the past 6 years.

        I’m considering dumping my tiny little portfolio of mining shares at this point. Not because I want to, but without the stock certificates or direct registration, there is a real risk of losing it all.

      • Craig escaped from Detroit

        Try going to ,, and you can find/ buy,, pick up at the store (often no shipping charges),,, the 5 gallon buckets (some items have a 20 year shelf life),,
        Powdered Eggs.
        Wheat berries (regular or red-hard wheat). 20-25yr shelf life
        powdered milk
        powdered BUTTER. (this one really shocked me)
        20 pound bags of rice (often in stock at local stores) $9 / 20#.

        When shopping ‘in person’.. always check the “Best by dates”.. I’m NOW finding some beans & other canned products with BBD as far as 2020. Most things,, you can get with BBD of 2017.

        And the prices for the LONG TERM items,, is FAR cheaper than the Survival supply web sites, and delievery-pickup times,, often much shorter too.

  • james

    I am totally diversified. 3 types of gold coins, 9 types of silver. 0 types of stocks.

  • james

    Oh, and I forgot, 5 types of ammo.

  • rb

    40% blue chips. LMAO

    You would seriously rather have paper assets in this environment than a tangible ?

    Good luck with that.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Investments? I am FULLY and SAFELY Diversified in ALL the “asset classes” that really mean anything.

    Cash at home?..$750

    100# of rice=$50 (WalMart)
    40-cans Ravioli-double stuffed= $0.78/can
    Cans of Beans, corn, Mixed veggies, sweet potatoes, peas & carrots, beef tamales, beef stew, canned chicken, tuna, spam, chili w/beans, canned fruits in syrup, etc

    Bags of red beans, black beans, white beans, pinto beans (don’t forget the CUMIN, curry, garlic spices, & bottles of LIQUID SMOKE.. adds a great touch)

    100# of sugar, 12 pounds of BROWN sugar, 8# oatmeal, 6# grits, 2 boxes of cocoa powder, packages of KoolAid drink mix, 140 pounds swimming pool salt (same as kosher/canning).

    Garden seeds, 50# bags of garden fertilizer (10 bags), bug chems.

    Silver coins, & bars, and 20-60 grams of gold.

    12 gauge ammo, 22LR,, etc.
    Propane, kerosene, gasoline, water well, And other “Household and personal items, water filters, blah blah blah.

    • Craig escaped from Detroit

      I estimate, that I have enough of everything, to stay at my location and eat & drink from my own supplies for 12-18 months without needing a single item from the store.

      This is NOT including my garden or any possible hunting. Just boxes, cans, bags, from my in house stocks.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Antacids,, yep.. I never did an actual “count” and/or ratio of veggies & fruits (alkaline) vs meat/sugar/starch (acidifier).

    Will certainly be adding more canned fruits & veggies. Total can count? Don’t know, but it’s prolific, terrific.

    25# baking soda= check.
    25# magnesium sulfate (epsom salts)= check
    25 gallons of powdered milk boxes (keep in deep freeze)= check
    5 gal bucket Powdered eggs= check
    200# bulk kitty litter/dry toilet= check
    swimming pool powder bleach= check
    solar stuff, wood burning stuff, greenhouse stuff, car supplies, meds, etc etc etc.=check

    Ohhh.. the house just SHOOK from a “shock wave” generated about 40 miles away at the big “military base bombing range” at the coast. When they drop the big ones,, is shakes the house like a big lightning-thunder strike. You’d swear that your house just got hit by a farm tractor or 18 wheeler. …. I feel sorry for all those people who live within 10 miles of the “range”. …. There have been some days,, when practice bombing is pretty active,, but never (or very rarely) during sleeping hours. Our tax dollar being wasted for “banker wars” and military budgets.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I like “Faber” too.. I remember the “OLD” diversification (which included PM’s).. used to suggest 10% in PM’s.. now,, (these last 5 years). .. some prominent names are suggesting 10% in stocks/bonds,, and 90% in PM’s / Farm land, etc.. (probably advice from Jim Rogers?)

    Selling the paper investments (taking the profits), is very solid, great advice. And since we seem to be following the history of 1929 which started with a “pre-crash” in Aug ’29 before the BIG one hit in Oct ’29 (shemitah day).. and we are looking at OUR shemitah day in just 2-3 weeks from now.. I’d be very worried if I had any money in markets, banks, or “investments” that was not SOLID, physical things in my own hands.

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