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Just an Accident… Or US-Pentagon PLOT Against China in Tianjin?

from The Black Child:

Was Tanjin China hit by a weapon or were the explosions just an accident? Are you unfamiliar with space based kinetic weapons? Well, the creators of the game ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Aren’t. Watch THIS!

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20 comments to Just an Accident… Or US-Pentagon PLOT Against China in Tianjin?

    • Willie

      It stands to reason that IF this was some sort of Space based kinetic weapon that it could have missed its intended target. Such a weapon would not possess an internal guidance system and thus be unable to guide itself to the intended target. It would all depend upon the launch calculations. Perhaps they need a supercomputer?

  • Rob

    That is very interesting. The worlds baddest computer is extremely close to where the blast occurred.Nice to find a few more dots that seem ..well….strange.We also know, truth can be stranger than fiction.

  • dan

    a near miss STILL sends the same message….to those that are on the receiving end….those that sent it , will soon be in the cross hairs of some very seasoned and patient adversaries….and payback is a bitch…..imho

  • jack

    Does US want to force China to fight back like Japanese in world war II and do some crazy things like peal harbor attack?

  • Jeff

    Very entertaining.

  • Tom Aumeg

    What someone has speculated, or what a video game says, is not news. If it was a militarized weapon, then the first explosion should have been the biggest. Yet it was the opposite. The first was the smallest, while the last one was the biggest. That speaks of something there, in China, exploding.

    Next, there was no warehouse at that site, so at least you’re right that it wasn’t a warehouse explosion that caused the pond. It was probably an underground storage tank. Again, with the last explosion being the biggest, it speaks of a sequence of events. That’s not consistent with a military explanation. It’s consistent with the detonation of things already in place.

    I’m disappointed that SGT Report keeps running with this, while not addressing the facts that the seismographs as well as the video are not consistent with the sensational theory. It’s like the facts don’t matter, the sensation is what matters.

    • Willie

      You are most likely correct. If you have time, look up the documentary video “Fool Me Twice” and review the segment on the Bali Bombing. Take note of the eyewitness commentary of the blast and the comments of the doctors who treated the injured.

    • SGT

      Are you disappointed Tom? How will I sleep tonight? As you well know, 24/7/365 we do our level best to provide the narratives that contradict what the bought-and-paid-for propaganda you get from CNN. You are smart enough to understand that, and you also know our position on this “event”, we firmly believe the Tianjin “event” was unorthodox, with the high probability that this was a direct attack against China. Stop being a passive aggressive a-hole in the comments, your “disappointment” real or theatrical is your cross to bear. And I certainly will not let your views influence mine.

  • Tom

    Well Holy Crap.
    That solves a big mystery. It’s starting to look like someone miscalculated the impact zone. Or they were sending an impolite message.

  • Paul T

    I just think someone farted…

  • Eric

    Where’s Jack Bauer?

    I thought this was a lost episode of 24 for a minute.

  • Bryan

    Large blast just happened in Cairo, Egypt and early reports suggest the explosion was similar to Tianjin, China. It may not be worth prepping if the NWO just plans to destroy everything. Report from RT:

  • Jim Ludwig

    Anyone wondering how important the Tianjin disaster is need only look at how profoundly comment sections even for SGT are avoiding what really happened.

    Ha-ha…shrug…no big thing.

    Problem is, this is a thing so far beyond big that people with a conscience can’t barely relate.

    What was done in Tianjin, why and how are so obvious.

    • SGT

      Jim, thanks. Precious few in the mockingbird media OR the alt media are willing to touch this story for fear of harming their “credibility” – in our view, they already blew credibility by refusing to discuss it, do you hear that Ed Steer, coward. Exceptions include Mike Adams at Natural News.

  • Mike

    1995, Under Siege 2, Dark Territory

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