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Is Trump A Wolf In Populist Clothing?

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

America, remember when a young upstart Illinois Senator Barack Obama promised everything under the sun. Obama promised to cut the deficit in half, well it was 10 trillion then, it’s over 18 trillion now.

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4 comments to Is Trump A Wolf In Populist Clothing?

  • Dante

    Shame on Infowars for attempting to legitimize this entire farce. Even asking the question imbedded in the title implies a certain respect for this circus act that the royals engage in and the very system that they OWN.

    Cut to the chase, Alex. They’re ALL wolves playing a rigged game so the suckers can be both entertained, AND remain hopeful that the system, itself, will ultimately be their savior. “Oh, if only a patriot were to be elected, DC will be cleaned up, blah, blah, blah.”

    Stroke their normalcy bias a little more, why don’t you. Time to stop perpetuating the fairy tale and grow the f up.

  • Minuteman

    Spot on Dante! Time to quit wasting energy on things that we can’t change…

    • Dante

      Well, Minuteman, I’m beginning to wonder if the “T” in SGT stands for “TRUMP”, considering the number of posts they award the charade he’s engaged in. A pity.

  • The Truth

    Well well, a Trump card to trash what is left of America. Welcome to the presidential fashion show.

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