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Is America Still A Classless Society?

from Western Journalism:

Where once our nation was largely a meritocracy of individuals engaged in vigorous business, invention and achievement, it has now become a nation of different classes.

The liberal Democrats encourage class warfare between the rich and the poor. They treat these groups as though they were collective masses of humanity, poised against each other, ready to do battle. Their battle cry is Income Inequality, which claims that the Rich Mass steals from the Poor Mass and that only government can step in to equalize them by seizing wealth from The Rich and redistributing it to The Poor. The politicians pose as Robin Hoods. Their Sherwood Forest is the American Economy. But the story they tell is a lie, not because classes do not exist, but because they are a creation of big government. America was formed as a classless society, a meritocracy based on initiative, effort and perseverance in an atmosphere of free capitalism.


America has no hereditary class structure, no nobility, aristocracy or landed gentry. Everyone has the free will to pursue chosen goals. But government is naturally self-interested. It feeds on those it governs in order to make its power grow. Thus, classes have gradually been introduced by Government, in order to change the nature of governmental power.

This nation is not divided into vast masses of Rich and Poor juxtaposed against each other. The rich are individual people. So are the poor. The rich are rich separately and independently of each other. So are the poor. Poverty is local. So is wealth. Notwithstanding the immense revenues of big corporations, it is people who produce and enjoy wealth. This is important to recognize and remember. There is a lesson in it. Despite the mantra that society is a vast collective, divided into smaller masses, the truth is that every individual is free to engage in producing wealth. Individual initiative, talent and energy are the basis of enterprise. It is the fuel of the engine that creates wealth. If people have vision and apply their talents to a purpose, they can acquire wealth–sometimes a great deal of it. Only government can interfere with the free exchange of ideas and goods. And it often does!

It is true that people’s circumstances differ, that the starting line is never equal. That’s the nature of the world. People are born into relative wealth or poverty. Initial circumstances create opportunities that differ. But circumstances change according to attitude, intelligence, talent, interest, education, effort, perseverance, and vision. These attributes are the energy that creates opportunities, which in turn create wealth. Opportunities are not a static commodity doled out to a preferred few. Opportunities are made by people with will, perception, and perseverance. Even adverse conditions can be overcome. Everyone can get an education. It takes personal responsibility; but anyone who goes to school, does his homework and pays attention will open up possibilities that ignorance prevents. Moreover, education tends to expand geometrically in an ongoing process of self-education. The captains of industry who built the foundations of wealth in America generally had limited academic education, but replaced this with great vision and energy. They created their own opportunities through their own initiative. This should make the issue of class moot.

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