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How Do YouTake Your Money Out of the Bank Before Jade Helm Ushers in Martial Law – Dave Hodges

from BacktoConstitution:

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3 comments to How Do YouTake Your Money Out of the Bank Before Jade Helm Ushers in Martial Law – Dave Hodges

  • barebones

    Good presentation. I am well aware of most of what was covered and the implications. Many of the unanswered questions that I have wondered about were discussed along with the obvious answers; thanks for the vindication.

    Most individuals are one dimensional. They still think gold is an non-threatened, stable investment. Too, how can anyone pay taxes, loans, and other obligations with all cash sequestered? Just look to Cyprus and Greece!

    I can’t deal with Dave Hodges. He’s a sensationalist. He doesn’t use a spell-checker. His grammar is challenged. Above all, He’s a pompous dork!

    Good, good job!

    bb, Montana, USofA

    PS FYI. The use of gold in electronics is its resistance to tarnish. The conductivity of gold is less than copper. Jim Willie, whose interviews I REALLY like, makes these kinds of mistakes too when beyond his bailiwick: “transformers convert AC to DC”. What a maroon!

  • rb

    This dumb ass compares gold to a horse. Tries to steer you to bit coin where Blythe Masters awaits. Talks about secession but gives no details. Tries to scare you with stories of fake gold and confiscation. Listen with caution.

  • 3rd Generation

    THIS is possibly the worst ‘presentation’ I have ever heard since the invention of the internet.

    SGT, please screen your postings more carefully. If you cannot make your point cogently in under a few minutes, stay away.

    Misleading titles REALLY piss people off.

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