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Hidden $Trillion QE Monthly Volume

by Jim Willie, GoldSeek:

The massive Quantitative Easing (QE) abuse by the USFed and steeped lies are centered on its volume, which in reality is an order of magnitude higher than admitted. The recent usage of certain REPO windows has been effective to disguise huge volume of bond purchases. The entire bond system is irreparably corrupted. The REPO window hides QE extras with naked bond shorting linked to a $1 trillion extravaganza that receives almost no publicity. While the public, and even more financial market participants, focus on the Dow Jones stock index, the Treasury Bond yield, the crude oil price, and very little else, they overlook the Reverse REPO window and the related Failures to Deliver data for USTreasury Bonds. The two work like a hand and glove.

The abuse is laced all through the USTreasury Bond market. These big banks never pay for their crimes, as they repeat them in other forms. Since JPM is the official USFed market agent, no consequence in criminal charges.

It is given praise and more bond redemptions. When caught, the Wall Street and London Centre banks pay fines and penalties, sometimes even meager restitution, but they chalk it all up to a business expense. Criminal fraud is merely a cost of doing business in New York and London. The public is none the wiser. The American public by and large are in need of remedial education, lately showing no knowledge of money, capital, banking reserves concepts, the USDollar status, or economic meters. The greatest shortcoming is knowledge of how to grow an economy, since tin cupping with handouts aint the answer. The answer is found in business investment, something our Marxist leaders oppose unless they have personal investments involved. See Chertoff and airport devices. See Rumsfeld and Tamiflu programs. See Obama and Solari investments.


Focus on the Reverse REPO, which is highly innovative from two angles. Normally the USFed requires collateral to be placed at the REPO window, from companies seeking cash infusions on a temporary basis. Sometimes the USFed announces a ripe volume of Reverse REPO infusions into the system. They occasionally attract bad attention, but it wanes with the next fiction on strong markets and recovering economies, or even debate among fools who anticipate official rate hikes. The USFed uses the Reverse REPO to hide some of its QE volume. It is concealed QE volume, part of the biggest lie in US financial history since the USFed has generated multiple $trillions in hidden channel support, massive gushers. The key is no collateral placed on the opposite side of the window. It is neither stimulus nor minor in volume. The central bank helm is managing a gigantic volume, hidden in numerous ways. The John Q Public is none the wiser, reading the controlled fiction in financial press publications, about wondrous stimulus. In reality, QE kills capital and assures an economic collapse. It is happening before our eyes.

The related other side of the table features the Failures to Deliver on USTreasury Bonds. The Wall Street Journal and New York Times report on the phenomenon, but quickly move off the topic. To have a significant figure of undelivered USTBonds speaks of more deep criminality. It indicates counterfeit or naked shorting by Wall Street banks. They have found a way to bring in liquidity to their broken insolvent big banks, selling USTBonds they do not own, receiving the funds into the corporate treasuries, improving handsomely their cash flow, never to deliver on the product. The buyer is often none other than the US Federal Reserve, which does not force prosecution for counterfeit or bond fraud from its vassal bank accomplices in the crime of counterfeit. Other buyers must wait, since no penalty is meted out for violations. The result is a fancy pants infusion of big $billions into the Wall Street banks with no costs associated. One must wonder how they hide the funds within their balance sheets, 10-Q filings, and quarterly statements. Probably they do so by mixing it in with their ample busy narco funds within New York money center banks.

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12 comments to Hidden $Trillion QE Monthly Volume

  • Eric

    “The American public by and large are in need of remedial education, lately showing no knowledge of money, capital, banking reserves concepts, the USDollar status, or economic meters. The greatest shortcoming is knowledge of how to grow an economy, since tin cupping with handouts aint the answer. The answer is found in business investment, something our Marxist leaders oppose unless they have personal investments involved.”

    It’s much worse than that. They don’t know who they are. They don’t know hardly ANYTHING!!!

    I can’t believe how many people I hear that think Trump is going to save the day and solve everything.

    “oh well he’s saying all the right things.” Ugh one of the things I like about Jim Willie the most is his rants on the MORONS!

    It’s a chore for me just not pulling my hair out and screaming… “OK FINE! Then go have another drink and just leave me alone!”

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Thank Zeus for Jim Willie.. he & his “team” do a great job of digging, analyzing, dot connecting and asking the right questions of the hidden side of the curtains.

    I learned SOoo much from Jim’s rants and exposures of what’s triggering different things and how the corruptions really work at so many levels.

    People like Jim have really saved me from my own “early death”.. because of people like Jim, I have prepared well.
    My thanks to ALL of the HEROES of truth. Jim Willie, Mike Maloney, David Morgan, Max Keiser, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Jim Rickards, Peter Schiff, Bill Holter, SGT, Zerohedge, etc etc etc.

    I got silver, I got seeds, I got gardens & fertilizers, I got solar, I got acres, I got ammo, I got toilet paper, I got canned goods, etc.
    Even as my CAR has been in the shop for 5 weeks,, (only been able to catch a ride into town twice),, I’ve been stuck at home,, and still gotten FATTER. I’m gonna do VERY well.

    I just need a few big rolls of barbed wire, electric fence wire, razor wire,, etc. Hahaha. Pehaps “invaders” won’t be a problem THIS far from town.. and they’d have to bypass at least 6 miles of active farmlands to get to my LITTLE homestead.

    So WHY would anybody pass up THOUSANDS of acres of FOOD.. just to try to find MY LITTLE place?

    Now if there were NO farms for miles and miles,, (like around EVERY big city, I’d be shakin’ in my shoes.) If I had to rely on the gov’t for water service? I’d be scared shitless.

    • Eric

      Craig, what are you eating? Get some enzymes (pineapple or papaya) into your diet, take a probiotic everyday (healthy bacteria – acidophilus bifidus), drink more water, and sweat out the junk. Don’t confuse hunger for thirst. Stick with the fruits and vegetables and lay off the carbs.

      I wish you could take your car to my guy. He fixes everything no matter what it is in 2 hours. Maybe get on that bicycle!

      • Craig escaped from Detroit

        Yep,, a bit too many carbs.. and yes,, the Papaya enzymes are the best “human mimic” stuff,, but a close 2nd,, is the KIWI fruit. (if you didn’t know it,, now you do.) You can even use Papaya or Kiwi as a meat tenderizer,,but DON’T over do it,,as the meat will get PRE digested and turn to slime-mush. Just a bit of enzyme fruit will un-toughen cheap steaks.

        As for the car guy? You live in a warm, dry climate,,yes? I wonder if your guy has EVER worked on a car that spent 14 or 15 years in the RUST belt,, where they also put SALT on all the roads in winter? Wet snow, plus SALT,, equals ungodly amounts of rusted lines, bolts, clips, etc.

        Up north,, the most REQUIRED tool,,is the acetylene cutting torch. And also gas torch for heating bolt-bosses sometimes to a dull red so you can back out a rusty bolt.

        Rusted cars from years in the rust belt,, are the worst thing a mechanic can work on. Parts also become rusted-welded together. Some parts look like those ancient ship wrecks,, just a mass of unknown metal blobs. My mechanic guy,, although a genius and superb mechanic,, has been used to working on SOUTHERN cars.
        He and his wife used to own a certified repair shop, and motor rebuilding, hot rods, and custom work on cars, farm tractors and heavy construction equipment, dozers, graders, etc. Also did some years of working on cargo plane turbo props, and electrician at Disney world.

        Like I said,, a genius and super mechanic. He’s even custom made a few parts already for my car. I know,, because I helped..and it was required to fix things that are not available at any price.

        He said he’s gonna contact the county & state school officials who knows him,,and he’s gonna strongly suggest they ADD some RUST belt cars to their “car mechanic schooling system” to teach the new students about the challenges of working on RUSTY equipment.

        This guy,, finished OTHER jobs for me,, very quickly when it was areas that were oily, greasy and the rust was prevented. I was in town,, for a WHEEL Bearing estimate,, the parts & Labor @ the Firestone shop.. was about $230-250. This guy,, got the NEW part and changed it properly,, all for $125.

        We help to support each other with different areas of help. It works out well.

      • Desert Fox

        “I wish you could take your car to my guy. He fixes everything no matter what it is in 2 hours”
        By no way picking on you Eric but a statement like that {and I hear generalizations all the time} show how difficult understanding our economic situation and surviving a potential collapse actual would be. We all have some specialized knowledge {agree with your diet and exercise comment} and a lot of generalized knowledge. No man will be an island {or very darn few}
        No way in Hates is ANY mechanic worth his salt going to claim that he could fix any problem in a couple of hours but his customers/friends might. Not everything has a short or simple answer or you just don’t expose yourself to all the complexities out there. Then the questions and answers are much simpler.
        When the tires meet the road we’ll see how this whole thing plays out. Unfortunately, we as a Nation have truly been corrupted and set up for a significant hard landing/crash. That’s going to be a real awakening for many.
        Feel blessed to have SGT and guests like Jim available to us to sound the alarms as we peer behind the curtains as well as our forum members who bounce ideas of each other.
        It’s a continual learning process until the bell rings and School is OUT…….. for good.
        Stay Strong.

        • Eric

          Yeah it sounds like Craig has a bit of a project going with his car too. I’ve just really lucked out using Yelp lately. First found a wonderful dentist, then a great mechanic who rebuilds old jeeps. He doesn’t claim to be that good, but I have been very impressed with him so far. Then again, he’s not originally from America and doesn’t have a bad attitude or huge sense of entitlement. It’s just unusual to find good people to work with, that I am a bit shocked when I find someone who loves what they do so much that it shows in their work. Most of them just want to charge you an arm and a leg and take advantage of you. At least that’s my usual experience.

          I didn’t really expect Craig to drag his car all the way out here. But I will say, for anyone who needs major dental work done, it might be worth the trip.

          • Eric

            Come to think of it. I think my dentist actually flies to Florida to get her teeth worked on. I don’t remember who it is but I think the dentist she goes to is the only one she is willing to let work on her teeth. I can find out who and where if anyone wants.

          • Desert Fox

            Good stuff and good points.
            There are certainly some cars out there that are less complicated/easier to work on. That doesn’t carry across the board on all cars you see on the road but it’s smart to not own those cars if you know better.
            Car repair is an expensive business with insurance and regulation {if you do what the State demands} with expensive tools and increasing electronics diagnostic equipment costs. If you are working out of your garage and working on older rigs it’s a completely different game. Still, looks like you found a good one.
            Yelp is a solid resource. Nothing wrong with stretching your dollar while we still can.

            • Eric

              Car repair is an expensive business, but it’s not as expensive as tooth repair!

              Not to mention the additional pain…she might as well have been pounding on my head with a hammer for 2 hours.

              At least I know I’m in good hands. Nice to be taken care of by pretty girls for 3 hours, even if you do have to pay for it. 🙂

  • willygroper

    >>>>>>>>>See Obama and Solari investments.

    Holy crap I think he had a brain fart.

    I hope he meant solyndra instead of Catherine Austin-Fitts firm.

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