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Gold War II: The One Bank’s Indian Gold-Grab

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

The prequel to this piece, Gold War: China’s SECOND Announcement of More Gold Reserves, explained several points. Readers were enlightened as to the rules on what sorts of gold transactions must be reported by our governments in a “timely manner”, and what sorts of transactions have no reporting requirements, at all – i.e. any/all disclosures are purely voluntary.

In providing this information, it was explained to readers why China’s second announcement of increased gold reserves actually had even greater significance than its original announcement. This is true even though the first disclosure was a total of 600 tonnes, while the second disclosure was a mere 19 tonnes. Why?

China’s first disclosure of 600 tonnes was a voluntary disclosure (and merely a partial one, at that). We know this with certainty, for two reasons:

1)  It was a large number.

2)  It was a “round” number.

This is too much gold for China to have purchased, on the open market, in the one-month reporting period for such transactions. They could never extract that much gold out of the market (in one month) without at least triggering a very sharp spike in price, and/or a formal inventory default. Secondly, purchases on the open market are rarely round numbers. The government buys what it can, at the price it is willing to pay.

For precisely (the opposite of) these same, two reasons, we know that China’s second announcement of “more gold” (the 19 tonnes) was a mandatory disclosure, and thus represented the first time that the government of China had purchased gold on the open market, in at least 6 years. It was that blockbuster announcement which led to the inference that this was (possibly) the beginning of a full-scale “gold war” between East and West – but started by the West, not the East.

However, as promised in the first installment, there is far more proof to present to readers in support of this hypothesis than just the twin disclosures by China of increased (official) reserves. As also noted, providing such evidence would require turning to the gold market of India, the world’s largest private repository of gold.

Estimates on the total amount of gold collectively hoarded by India’s 1.2 billion population range from a mammoth 18,000 tonnes to even more-stupefying estimates of as much as 30,000 tonnes. The more-conservative number comes from the World Gold Council, a banker-operated institution of serial liars, thus the larger number may, in fact, be the more-plausible total.

Whatever the exact number; India has a lot of gold. To a cabal of serial gold-thieves like the One Bank, that hoard is nothing less than the Holy Grail. What makes this massive accumulation of gold even more mind-boggling is that India has never produced significant amounts of gold itself (via gold mining). Thus almost all of these 10’s of thousands of tonnes have been imported into the nation, over a span of many centuries.

In this respect; it may represent the largest migration of real wealth in the entire history of our species. It is with this thought in mind that the One Bank launched its first attack on this market. Its goal was not to attempt to “liberate” some of that 18,000 to 30,000 tonnes of gold. Rather, its goal was to block more gold from entering the nation.

The modus operandi of these convicted currency-manipulators was (surprise! surprise!) to manipulate India’s currency. They took India’s rupee to an all-time low, and engaged in naked extortion with India’s government: block gold imports, or else.

We know this, because it was broadcast by the One Bank’s pets in the Corporate media: India’s rupee is falling “because” India was importing too much gold. We know this was/is a lie, because (as explained previously) the “explanation” from the media was economically impossible, and thus gibberish. But as soon as the government of India instituted an embargo on gold imports, the rupee (magically) began to rise in value.

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Image: Wikipedia – Great coat of arms granted to the members of the Rothschild family by Emperor Francis I of Austria

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1 comment to Gold War II: The One Bank’s Indian Gold-Grab

  • Cui Bono ?

    Canadians are used to Social security payments, Pensions, free education for his children & grand children & free Health System.
    Mr Nielson may not realize that Indians do not have these financial support systems available to them & therefore have to save their hard earned money in time honored hard assets such as Gold & property, for their old age, to educate their children, future medical & other existential needs.

    The Dowry system was originally a fair system of giving the daughters a fair share of their paternal property. It was a kind of social security for them incase they ever found themselves in need.

    Traditionally, most Indians have saved in the safety of PMs etc to buy their homes outright. The system of Mortgages has only recently been introduced. ( I guess the Banksters have decided to create, manipulate & cream off from the rich Indian property markets soon )

    Indians inherently do not trust their corrupt to the core Government because since the beginning of the establishment of the so called ” Independent India ” it has always been “each man for himself”.
    To survive such circumstances, investing in Gold & property becomes paramount for these people.

    Moreover, for centuries they have been invaded & robbed by so many predatory races of the North & the West,
    That they have learned over time to trust the value of gold & property. Wealth they can count on.

    In the larger picture, one can notice that the Banksters have harvested country after country off their wealth & left the people poor & destitute.
    It has happened before in India & is currently happening in Greece, Venezuela, China….

    Indians have a culture which is much older than the History of our modern day fractional reserve ( Predatory thieving & criminal ) Banking Systems. They understand the G.R.E.E.D of the Banksters & their puppet Governments & do what they can to protect themselves.

    I request Mr Nielson to kindly reevaluate his mistaken judgements of the Indian character & in all fairness, repost the correction.
    More so, for the western readers to better understand whats really going on.
    That they will be next !

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