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Germany Continues To Lead The West In Physical Gold Demand

from SRS Rocco:

Even though most of the world’s gold supply continues to flow to the East, German demand for physical gold investment remains the highest in the West.  This is probably due to a percentage of Germans who are not at all happy with the current financial system with the European Union, including the ongoing situation in Greece.

According to the World Gold Council’s Q2 2015 Demand Trend Report, German gold bar and coin demand was 24.1 metric tons (mt) for the second quarter.   Thus, German physical gold investment during Q2 was 40% of the total in the West at 59.6 mt:

West Gold Bar & Coin Demand Q2 2015

As we can see from the chart, Germany was in first place at 24.1 mt, U.S. ranked second with 12.5 mt, Switzerland came in third at 11 mt, followed by other European countries (total of 7.7 mt), Austria (2.5 mt), U.K. (1.9 mt) and Canada (0.5 mt).  You will notice that France came in last by actually selling a net 0.6 mt of physical gold into the market in Q2 2015.

So, when the situation in Greece starting to heat up as a possible exit of the European Union (during the middle of June), the French thought the best financial strategy at the time was to sell gold.  LOL.

Now, if we were just to focus on European physical gold buying (removing the USA and Canada), Germany would account for 52% of gold bar and coin demand in that region during Q2.  On the other hand, if we tally up the WEST vs EAST on physical gold buying, this would be the result:

West vs East Gold Bar & Coin Demand Q2 2015

Total Eastern gold bar and coin demand for the second quarter was 115.9 mt versus the West’s 59.6 mt.  Again, Germany accounted for the majority of the West’s physical gold investment (shown in its flag color on the chart).  Now, I realize the World Gold Council’s figures may not represent that total amount of gold flowing into China and India, but it gives up some guideline to just how much less gold is flowing into the major western countries.

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5 comments to Germany Continues To Lead The West In Physical Gold Demand

  • Ed_B

    “So, when the situation in Greece starting to heat up as a possible exit of the European Union (during the middle of June), the French thought the best financial strategy at the time was to sell gold. LOL.”

    It’s hard to say why the French were selling gold. It might have less to do with whether or not this is “the best financial strategy” and more to do with a need for cash. People who buy physical gold tend to hold it for a long time and only sell at need. Also, do we know whether this was primarily individuals or institutions who were selling gold? Probably not.

  • long john silver

    Is the “World Gold Council” not a Rothschild created agency to feed us bullshit? If all the government numbers are bogus, why would anything coming out of this agency have any truth to it? We keep on hearing shortages here, shortages there, but the comex is still up and running.. I will keep on stacking because owning real money makes so much more sense, but putting any value on numbers coming out of the world gold council, is like believing in the tooth fairy..

    • Eric

      Just a thought but it’s probably going to come down to how many silver contracts are standing for delivery in September and December at the Crimex.

      There’s only 55 million ounces (880 million dollars at today’s “price”) in the registered category available for delivery. Could go on for a while but one of these days. Bang! Zoom! To the moon Alice!

  • James in NY

    Since the west is debt strapped, this may figure into the imbalance. I know it’s often said this is because of sleeping sheeple whom are deeply programmed,.. and that certainly plays a part as well. But the Keynesian Parasite system has certainly destroyed our wealth. Yet even China has a central bank. It would be interesting to see how silver investment correlates in this situation. Silver being more modest in price.

    My guess is cash strapped west has it’s hands tied. Many finding it difficult to pull what money they have locked up in the system in the form of 401k etc. I think even for those of us sure of how this will go down have our moments of “Please be wrong”. We have seen ourselves go from tin foil hat to possible monetary adept and the bad is,…it’s all bad.

    After all, be able to have seen this road while others could not also offers up the cataclysm view as well. This view of which we also hoped “Please be wrong”. We are seeing proved correct as well by the blaringly defiant government hell bent on taking us with the sinking ship. Daily crushing the rule of law, human rights, the constitution, and the plan for dissidents.

    If you can expatriate yourself and leave, do it now. I’m seeing people already become unglued and very little has happened yet. Those just waking up are mad and confused and this is a hell of a time to realise the house is on fire!

  • John Australia

    The Banks called Silver and Gold Stackers Conspiracy theorists and nutcases, yet Cyprus and Greece and events in Switzerland and Bailin Legislations World wide including Australia in Nov 2014 (Ive seen the document) The Lenders referred to as THE HOSTS-Great They don’t even identify themselves-It might be just a few at the Top of The Masonic tree!!

    Anyway If all genuine hard workers stay away from their TRAPS-Gambling and vice and try to just squirrel away their hard earned cash in REAL MONEY-SILVER then the Conspiracy theorists will be the Nouveau Riche of TOMORROWS WORLD.

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