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Garlic – DIY, recipes, and other information you should know about this amazing herb

from Natural News:

Most know about garlic’s antimicrobial properties. A healthy diet rich in raw garlic is the best defense against fungal, bacterial, viral, and parasitical infections. Garlic may also be used topically to treat vaginal yeast infections and athlete’s foot.

WWI soldiers used crushed garlic on infected wounds suffered in battle. Hippocrates, considered by many to be the “Father of Medicine,” also used garlic to heal cancerous tumors. Garlic’s history is as rich and plentiful as its benefits. It is a truly amazing herb and one that many naturally minded healthcare practitioners will tell you is one of nature’s most incredible plants.

Garlic Potency – Allicin

A sulfur-based compound called alliin and an enzyme called alliinase are separated in the garlic’s cell structure when garlic is whole. Cutting garlic ruptures the cells and releases these elements, allowing them to come in contact with each other and oxygen to form a powerful new compound called allicin, which not only adds to the number of garlic’s health-promoting benefits but is also the culprit behind its pungent aroma and gives garlic its “bite.” Allicin is garlic’s strongest antimicrobial component.

By chopping garlic more finely, more allicin may be produced. Pressing garlic or mincing it into a smooth paste will give you the strongest flavor and may also result in the highest amount of allicin. Let it sit for five to ten minutes before eating or cooking. If cooking is required, do not expose to heat for longer than five minutes.

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5 comments to Garlic – DIY, recipes, and other information you should know about this amazing herb

  • Stefan B.

    Oh, oh, oh…. Seriously, you had me at “…….used topically to treat vaginal……” …. I mean, YES! Who doesn’t want their wife’s crotch to smell exactly like your Ukrainian Baba’s famous cabbage rolls. hahaha

  • Dante

    Much of the garlic sold in grocery stores is from China. Avoid it, even if it’s organic. You could actually purchase American-grown organic garlic online if you can’t find it elsewhere.

    • mangrove

      Wow, I didn’t know that. I’ve been growing garlic for years now, and it’s one of the easiest plants ever. And you can get a large variety of garlics that the stores don’t usually have, from elephant to Chesnok Red to Music and many more. There are hardneck types and softnecks. I’ll be planting next year’s crop in late September or early October (depending on what kinds of horror-show events, like the Pope’s visit, occur since I’ll be distracted from my garden — lol).

      Anyway, if people want to grow garlic, it’s best to order now since supplies usually run out at the various vendors. I’ve used with great results. But there are a lot of sources out there.

      Once you’ve started growing it, you shouldn’t need to order any again because you reserve a portion of your harvest (June in my area, NC) and then plant the individual cloves in October, and you’re all set for sustainable garlic nirvana!

  • Last November I had a painful bladder/prostate infection. I practice what I preach about denying money to the Medical Colossus. I spent $7 on a bottle of garlic tablets and took three every four hours. The situation resolved in under three days and has not returned. In another episode I had arterial discomfort resolved with ten (10) garlic tablets taken at once. The sulfur compounds in garlic are very soothing to artery walls. Since going back on garlic three weeks ago my “deficit handstand pushups” increased to eight, not bad for age 61 or is it the garlic? A rumor about Zdravko Stoichkov, a 165 pound Bulgarian lifter in 1984 who put 465 pounds overhead, is that he was almost swimming in garlic! (Other things also). Regular use of garlic will absolutely enable you to achieve better health than any chancy Rx “medication” and cost much less.

    • SGT

      Charles, good to hear from you. I was going to e-mail you an update tonight actually, then just figured I’d do it after SS#23 posts…. which is happening in just a few hours, at 7am (WED)… cheers!

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