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Former Merck Employee Targeted After Speaking out Against Forced Vaccinations

from TruthStreamMedia:

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  • Activists must press this question—are doctors, police and their children to be quietly exempted from being hit by vaccine hypos? And the children of legislators who were bought off to pass that bill? Will Richard Pan stage a phony demonstration showing him vaccinate a police chief’s children, when in fact the hypos contain only sterile water? How will the public know the facts? We can’t be asked to believe that police will go so far as to allow their own children to get vaccines that are going to cause their own children lifelong medical problems!

    Thomas H. Glocer of Morgan Stanley and William B. Harrison, Jr. of JP Morgan Chase are current Merck directors. Of the Merck directors, these two are the likeliest to be members of The Pilgrims Society, history’s most dangerous influence network. No roster has been located since 1980. In that one, members with Pharma connections included Sir Dennis Weatherstone of JP Morgan & Company and Edmund Pratt chairman of Pfizer. Weatherstone was knighted by the Queen, who is also the patron of The Pilgrims Society. The British at one time had 45 million opium addicts in China, many of them “recruited” into it at the point of a gun. Today these interests bribe lawmakers to force the public to do business with them. Vaccines cause recurring health problems, enabling hospital chains owned by these Worthy Gentlemen to “seize” and “absorb” still more wealth. Since police are usually exempt from law, will they and their families be quietly exempted from mandatory vaccines? What are the interconnections between Pharma and the nationwide blitz of cities poisoning their residents with mosquito spraying trucks? In both cases, Big Hospitals suck up more wealth due to health problems caused by hypos and spraying.

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