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FLASH CRASH: Today’s Historic Market Open, Caught On Tape

from Zero Hedge:

During the flash crash of May 6, 2010, the 1000 plunge in the Dow Jones seems historic, unprecedented and surely unrepeatable – after all the regulators had “learned their lesson” and would never allow a move like this ever again, right? Wrong.

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22 comments to FLASH CRASH: Today’s Historic Market Open, Caught On Tape

  • NIX

    Everything Is AWESOME!!!

  • Why is everyone FREAKING OUT its just a natural correction. 😝

  • Jerry

    You have to look at the decline in percentage and not so much in how many points. The flash crash back in 2010 was much worse. It was almost a 10% decline. And we had a number of larger percentage declines than today’s drop back in 2000, 2001, 2008 and 2011. But for some reason the ALT media is focus on points not percentage. I guess it is to make today’s decline look as bad as the flash crash of 2010 which it is not.

    • NIX

      Don’t wory the POPE will be in to save de day in september right on time for semitah rainbow unicorn baloney!

    • Igor

      Don’t forget 1987 (the big one).

    • KSKing

      Just a few small points you left out. The ONLY reason this crash is not much worse is because of intervention. Major financial markets around the ‘world’ are crashing. Not to mention commodity prices, bulk shipping, oil prices… did I mention the gargantuan global debt problem?

      With that being said this ‘crash’ is not the big one, nor is it the main event. Just think we haven’t even made it to Sept yet!

      • Jerry

        I was only talking about the magnitude of the decline, not the reasons. Understand? Other than that I agree with what you said.

      • Jerry


        You said that the ONLY reason this crash is not much worse is because of intervention. Yes, but not because of the PPT. The SP500 hit a strong area of support that was talked about over the weekend (meaning the low back in October). The market by a number of technical indicators became oversold and is way outside the Bollinger Bands. Many traders, if they were smart, covered their shorts and want long at the intraday low which is very close to the October 2014 bottom.

  • Igor

    6.6% is nothing. In October 1987, the market dropped 22.6% in one day.

    • Jerry

      You are correct Igor. A one day decline of 6.6% is not as big of a deal as some are making it especially when we have regained most of today’s losses at this time. Now several days in a row of such large declines is different. Of course I have been investing/trading for 30 years so I have seen my share so I am not surprised. Others who have not been around for that long could be understandably shocked at such a decline.

      • NIX

        staying in cash today was my trade.

        • Jerry

          Sounds good. Pretty much where I am along with gold and silver.

          • NIX

            30 years of trading. what do you see in your cristal ball for the week just curious.

            • Jerry

              Well it was 30 years of investing and trading but mostly it was investing until recently when I went back to trading the markets. I do not have a crystal ball but I sure wish I did. That is why I am mostly in cash and precious metals. Right now things are too volatile and too unpredictable. Not real sure about anything right now except that we are headed for a financial and economic crisis (collapse) of some kind down the road. Hopefully for everyone it will not be as bad as the worst case scenarios that I have heard.

  • NIX

    I am a happy little lemming

  • glitter 1

    Pretty good commencement for the lead up to the main event to come,their planned creative destruction finale.Why can’t people remember how 2008-09 commenced!Denial is thick and will be as this jumbo jet plows into the ground.Hope springs eternal.The sheep and the goats are being separated.

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