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Firefighter Brilliantly Shuts Down Cop Who Attempts To Violate His Rights

from The Free Thought Project:

Philadelphia, PA – Tony Soto, Pennsylvania fire fighter was pulled over for his tinted windows, and stood his ground brilliantly in a series of videos uploaded on March 25 which quickly went viral.

In the first video which was captured via personal dash cam, the officer claims that he pulled Soto over for a couple of reasons. The first reason being his tinted windows- which Soto quickly invalidates by showing him his tint permit. The officer next claims that the man’s headlight is out, which Soto asserts it was not and he’s right.

Upon receiving the information proving Soto broke no laws, the officer attempts to illegally open the marshall’s door.

Soto requests a supervisor as the officer is attempting to violate his constitutional rights, and pulls out his identification as well as his fire fighter badge. He then hands the information over along with his tint permit.

We’re going to stop all this nonsense with you guys down here- just stopping people and doing whatever you want so that’s done, those days are over,” Soto calmly tells the officer.

“I’m glad you think you’re changing the world,” the officer replies.

No sir actually, let me explain something to you, I’m not changing the world okay, I’m professional, and we’re going to change it one person at a time,” Soto continues on to say.

After once again reading the tint permit, the officer returns to ask Soto if he has any firearms in the vehicle. Soto informs the officer that he does not, and explains to the camera that he does not have one and that he obviously does not consent to a search.

The officer walks away, gets in his vehicle and pulls across the street, after Soto had requested a supervisor over the harassment.

“I’m going to set my phone back down before I get shot and they say that I’m reaching for something,” Soto states as he ponders why the officer would pull away and sit across the street during a traffic stop.

After waiting several minutes, unsure if he is still stopped, Soto reminds us all to know our rights.

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1 comment to Firefighter Brilliantly Shuts Down Cop Who Attempts To Violate His Rights

  • Suzanne

    City police are CORPORATE STATUTORY CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. Their activities have nothing to do with the LAW… it is all about trying to invent ways to get into your bank account. City cops have quotas to meet! Should you wind up in one of their courts, it will still come down to paying their fines because the city courts are CORPORATE STATUTORY CODE ENFORCEMENT COURTS, not courts of law… they operate outside the Constitution.
    This is one reason for the National Liberty Alliance, which offers training and has organized the citizens’ grand jury movement to bring back constitutional (natural) law.
    Please take a look.

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