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Facebook’s New “Snitch and Snatch” Surveillance Program Provides Intel to Jade Helm

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Technology is neutral. The same gun that is used to hunt for a life sustaining source of food, can be used to murder an innocent human being. In short, technology can be used for either the welfare of humanity or to the detriment of humanity.

In July, I learned that Facebook had instituted a new software program that ties directly into the new artificial intelligence programs connected to Jade Helm. I was told by my source that the program would ultimately be defended as a means to protect children from child molestation and that law enforcement would be dispatched by Facebook before an attack upon a child could be realized. I was also asked to wait to post this information until the cover story was in place in order to discredit this cover story.

The time to expose the Facebook controlled surveillance grid is now. The program has been in place since January and it has been rolled out just as I was told it would be in that this program will “protect children from predators”. Further, the early press release from Russia Today, the media outlet chosen to provide cover for Facebook’s latest intrusion into our private lives, states that the surveillance program’s further purpose is to detect person(s) or groups who are a “threat to national security” (i.e. people who are not on board with the encroaching tyranny currently unfolding in this country.

If the surveillance program was indeed legitimate in that Facebook really intends to only use this program to protect Americans, the choice of Russia Today (RT) to announce the roll-out of this program is a very poor decision.

I have had very negative dealings with the Russian media which has gained a significant foothold inside of the United States. In the Russian media’s protestations over an article I wrote two years ago exposing the propaganda nature of the domestic based Russian media, one of their officials actually wrote to the comment board of The Common Sense Show and stated that “although their entity is state owned media, they do not use propaganda all the time”. By the way, the Russian media was attempting to discredit me, at that time, because I had published videos and photos of Russian soldiers training on American soil on multiple occasions. Just for posterity’s sake, here is a picture of Russian troops at Ft. Carson. These are the same Russians training on American soil that RT, Pravada (lol-“the truth) and the Voice of Russia have tried so hard to cover up.

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