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**READ & WATCH, Fringe But Interesting**: ET WARNING on Chemtrails, Oxygen-18, Asteroid Impact in N. Atlantic, Aug 15, 2015

[Ed. Note: Please understand, we don’t post “ET’s have warned us” content at SGT Report, and we wouldn’t be posting this one either EXCEPT for the fact that the HAARP Report channel is a very credible source for Geoengineering data and a channel we feature regularly. I can assure you that if we have chosen to post this strange video and the associated explanation from HAARP Report, we have done so for good reason. Take something from it, or… don’t.]

from The HAARP Report:

This video covers six private messages from Klaatu Roi, which appeared all at once, in my Youtube “messages” folder, on August 8th, 2015. I can’t vouch for all the information, but everything else that Roi has told me has later proved true, IMO. For instance, Klaatu Roi was the source for the “Secret Chemtrail Pilot Speaks” video, and he correctly predicted a new, nearly invisible spray would be used, starting in 2015.

Summary of the high points of this video:
1) Roi was a witness to the Sedona UFO in 1996, and had 45 minutes of missing time;
2) Roi has established a communication link to beings who are trying to preserve our biosphere, and our species;
3) The beings are trying to create more Oxygen-18 to prevent runaway global broiling, and chemtrails are a covert warfare tactic, to stop their efforts to save the planet;
4) The human population will be reduced to 250 thousand, NOT 500 million, as the Georgia Guidestones recommend.
5) If the ruling elites have miscalculated, the human race will go extinct;
6) All humans die within 15 years, after getting a full dose of chemtrail poison;
7) The ETs are offering the choice of stopping the chemtrail spraying, or they will be forced to hit the north Atlantic with an asteroid, around election time;
8) The rain that fell over Texas, in May, 2015, and ended the state’s four year drought, was a gift from the ETs;
9) THREE secret microwave transmitters are being constructed near major cities, which will cause deadly Ultraviolet (UVB and UVC) to reach the cities, within an 18 mile radius. (Please watch my video “Physics of Ionospheric Heaters, Killing the Pacific”, to see how microwave beams can create a hole in the ozone layer.)

As a matter of conscience, I’m giving out this information. I don’t care what people think of me, but I do care about stopping the death of our biosphere, and our species. It should be obvious to all intelligent humans, that the surface of our planet will be dead in a few decades, so anything we can do to reverse this process, we are obligated to do.

I’m also uploading this video, because my friend is suddenly at death’s door, in the local hospital. This person was fine yesterday, and I no longer believe in coincidences.

There are SO MANY powerful actions, we mortal humans can take, to stop these planet killing programs, but nobody is doing anything meaningful, to stop any of it! Remember, complaining accomplishes nothing! We must use our technical, scientific, NON-VIOLENT, LEGAL, and MORAL powers, to get control of these planet killers!

Here is a technical lecture, confirming much of what Klaatu Roi said, and explaining the mysterious nature of the Oxygen-18 isotope. Most people will not be able to understand this lecture, so I apologize, if it is confusing:
Lecture: Oxygen isotope anomalies in the atmosphere:

Note: at the time of this video upload (August 15, 2015), the video “Lecture: Oxygen isotope anomalies in the atmosphere” had only 296 views, so it is obvious, very few scientists know about the strange properties of Oxygen-18. When I watched the video on August 9th, it had only 80 views, so the NSA/CIA/ONR/ONI crowd are trying to get up to speed on Oxygen-18. The lecture video was released 18 months earlier, and only had 80 views, until Roi’s message hit my private inbox! This is good evidence, that the humans, who work for the secret controllers, are taking Roi’s information seriously! (Any scientists who study Oxygen-18 need to take extra safety precautions, from now on!)

If you want to know what the end will look like, there will be millions of these methane geysers, in only a few years: Pond in Canada Explodes:

Methane is 50 to 100 times worse than CO2, and there is enough methane to increase total greenhouse gas, by over 100 times, in just a few decades. Planet Earth is becoming a broiler oven, so we do not need to fear the elite controllers, any more. Our only fear should be, that we failed to act, when there was still time to do something!

I know this is really far out stuff! But, so is the sudden death of a biosphere as old, as diverse, and as beautiful, as the one we have been gifted with. Wake up, people, this is NOT science fiction! Our planet is dying, right before our eyes, and we are NOT taking proper responsibility to stop it! As intelligent, technical beings, it is our responsibility, to protect the weaker species, who have no ability to defend themselves!

If you have educational, meaningful, or helpful, information to add, please leave a comment.

[Ed. Note: For those who refuse to process any of this information without hurling ad hominem attacks, you may want to get up to speed on some of the very unusual things that have been happening in our solar system, like what’s seen in the videos below ~ SGT Report.]

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24 comments to **READ & WATCH, Fringe But Interesting**: ET WARNING on Chemtrails, Oxygen-18, Asteroid Impact in N. Atlantic, Aug 15, 2015

  • Paul T

    What is this crazy horseshit???

    • SGT

      For those who refuse to process any of this information without hurling ad hominem attacks, you may want to get up to speed on some of the very unusual things that have been happening in our solar system, see the three videos we have added at the end of this article. Secondly, do you honestly think we just post random crap here? I can assure you that if we have chosen to post this strange video and the associated explanation from HAARP Report, we have done so for good reason. Take something from it, or… don’t.

  • Willie

    Check this link:

    “After spending many years listening to alternative media, a daily occurrence downloading and listening to podcast’s and then finding this place, I can’t listen to most of them anymore.”

    • SGT

      Talk about total BS… The Flat Earth Society? Flat Earth nonesense is the very definition of disinfo.

      • willygroper

        FWIW, several weeks ago by happenstance I met an X-NSA navy spook. He was 80 & rehab’d computers to give to the poor & elderly. Had a 4 hr chat with him. The convo was amazing & he told me with great emphasis that everything ever heard about Area 51 is true & if the Murikkan public knew they’d be out with pitchforks & torches.

        Flat earth…maybe/maybe not. Had another convo with a foreign Xnavy electrical warfare expert. He presented FE to me which I found very hard to wrap my head around. What told me there was a possibility were flight paths.

        Now for all those quaking in their boots with the nukular war scare mongering, I recommend Bruce Cathie. Once again this goes to astrology, planet alignment & timing for the thing to go off. He got a visit from the MIB for observing undersea anomalies on ley lines & calculating (longhand) just what it takes to launch a nukular strike.

  • Steve_D

    Will someone please tell Steven Hawking to put down the crack pipe.

  • LoadACrap

    Thanks Paul T, Willie And Steve For Summing Up What I Was Going To Say. I Stopped Wasting My Time And Just Skim The Headlines. Most Of These Jackwagons Want Youtube Views

  • Waldemar Perez

    “Listen to everybody, read everything and believe nothing until you can prove it with your own research”. Bill Cooper ex-Navy intelligence officer who knew a bit about UFOs. I’ve done enough research on UFO stuff to see and acknowledge the facts and the reality. I used to think that 9/11 truthers were a little bit crazy or wanted to profit from these stories, now I’m one of them. There is stuff we can try to change and stuff that is out of our control. I think UFO is way ahead and too far-out of the stuff that is within our reach (just an opinion/observation). But I understand the hesitance of people to listen/read to some of these subjects, its just to much to handle all at once. It requires time and lots of research, in the order of years (and yes I get upset/angry too when talking about this subjects to uninformed individuals). On top of that you have to learn to discern the facts from the fiction and these 2 from the US gov-created propaganda. Another problem I encounter often is that when you mix and match diff subjects like false flags, UFOs etc (which is why I love SGT, its an open minded blog) most people that are not familiar with them tend to dismiss everything and put into question everything, which is not good. That being said I have been humbled at this point so much that I never discard anything without first doing research, specially about UFOs where I don’t know much but one of those areas filled with CIA/MIC misinformation and smear campaigns. Keep an open mind but do verify and you won’t have any trouble seeing the truth on any subjects, including UFOs. And boy this is a fascinating but very controversial topic!
    My advice/observation/suggestion to SGT report would be to have separate sections for factual-provable info like 9/11 and more “speculative” stuff like UFO’s that are harder to proof and where you depend on someone’s reputation to prove a point. Otherwise, I think you could quickly start seeing loss of interests within a good segment of SGT viewers. As for me, I’ve done my research and even though I don’t agree with all the postings, I’m here to stay, I love SGT!

    • SGT

      Thanks Waldemar, appreciate your comment and insights. The style (linear) of this website may well be outdated, aside from the “categories” we list for each video (UFO/Unexplained), we cannot separate posts easily, That said, we try extremely hard not to post garbage of disinfo that could act as a “turd in the punchbowl” in a way that detracts from our highly credible and important work.

      This video and article was posted ONLY because it came from the HAARP Report, a highly credible source whose work we respect and regularly post. You used a good word, “discernment”, we find that most of our readers have it in spades, while a few others like to bitch and moan before fully READING, WATCHING and THINKING. Cheers!

      • tomche

        For this seasoned observer and visitor to SGTReport, I would just like to say that SGT does an outstanding job of filtering the crap and disinformation from the factual and “important, so please take a look” stuff.
        As a father of two young boys, I am trying to teach them to question everything, ask questions and make up your own mind. Critical thinking seems to be tough thing for many people, sadly. But I will do my best to get my boys to do just that.
        The integrity and sincerity of SGT is what keeps me here… for I know that Sean does his level best to inform and educate us all – and for that I am truly grateful.
        Yes, some things are hard to wrap your mind around as being true. It was that way for me right after 9/11. I believed the government bullshit only until a friend directed me to additional information – and then my quest for truth began in earnest in the fall of 2006. Since that time I have become an information sponge and voracious reader and viewer. My eyes are open and i am fully awake.
        Truthfully, I found the information very interesting but after 10 minutes of listening to that computer-generated voice, I reached my threshold and couldn’t listen to it anymore.
        Keep up the great work, Sean and may God bless you and your family

      • Waldemar Perez

        The other reason why this subject has always been so controversial is that it touches on religious gray areas. For instance, the Adventists are “certain” aliens exist but don’t come to Earth because is “contaminated with sin”. The Catholics (the Vatican) appears to be preparing for our “Alien Savior” coming while some other religions believe Aliens are demons from hell or another dimension. I wish I could find who is right (maybe they all are or aren’t) The best readings I can recommend as must reads on the subject of UFO’s are Richard Dolan’s 2 volumes “UFO’s and the National Security State”. Because it is hard to argue with scientific facts.

        Regardless of subject we can all agree we are living in dangerous times and its worth listening to everything and being prepared the best we can. I commend you for the work you do and understand your frustrations, there is nothing that bothers me more than opinionated ignorants putting people down. But what we are trying to accomplish is a tremendous task of reversing generations of brainwashing and educating people simultaneously. Plus WE ourselves are still learning as we go and correcting our view of the universe/reality that we thought we understood. Enough to make the most sane go cookooo.

        Sean, the style of your blog is great (linear) just like Zero Hedge my other favorite site. Please don’t change it! I forgot you have the unexplained section in your blog, sorry. Keep up the good work!

        Have you seen/posted James Corbett’s “How to Fake an Alien Invasion” yet? If not that’s a recent most watch! Enjoy!


  • glitter 1

    Doc Marquis,through correspondence,has stated that the Elite have been working for over 75 years on the UFO deception to come they are planning.

    He said they are working up the official explanation for when The Rapture occurs at the beginning of The Tribulation when millions of people suddenly vanish.It will correlate to returning extraterrestrials to the planet.
    For instance,The History Channel has been almost non-stop with the Ancient Aliens series for several years now.I don’t watch that non-sense with the two “Dr’s” you know the one with the weird hair and now they have David Wilcox with his “Great White Brotherhood Of Ascended Masters”Delusion(IMO),working to bring Peace and Harmony to Planet Earth.The show appears to be accelerating the proposition their return is pretty much soon/imminent.Are they preparing the masses for something?And what about all the Alien talk coming from the Vatican lately.

    The God Of This World,along with all of his controlling minions,have maintained an illusion for millennia and due to Biblical Prophecy he/they know their time is running
    short.Many things/events are converging straight ahead.Deceptions are/will be rife going forward.

  • Phil Downunder

    Hi Sean,
    Don’t get your knickers in a knot over copping a bit of flak. You of all people should know how difficult it is to wake up your “friends, neighbours and colleagues”, so a couple of people calling “BS” or crap on a “fringe” topic is understandable. Hell, a few years ago, I’d never seen “Loose Change”, never heard the JFK “Secret Societies” speech and certainly hadn’t read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” or Tragedy and Hope. The message in this video resonated with me for a few reasons. The Chemtrails over Sydney have disappeared. My sleep patterns have gone bananas(asleep at 8pm awake at 3am), even my wife having dreams about seeing strange lights in the sky, telling surrounding people who ignore her info, messages being dropped from the sky telling her that I would be OK.etc. And then there is the economic collapse issue. It seems to be a lot for people to process. Then again, they could be trolls.

    Anyway, hang in there man, you’re doing a STERLING job. (and I mean STERLING)

  • Phil Downunder

    Oh, and BTW…. I just watched a “crazy” movie today called “Left Behind”…… why now?? Things are getting weird….

    Just saying.

  • Dissolution

    For those of you citing the concepts of a “rapture” and “left behind”, and for anyone else who is likewise interested in the topic, you would benefit from listening to this commentary by Rick Wiles of TruNews from June 8.

    Beginning around 9 minutes in, and more specifically from 11 minutes in:

    “invented by Americans, for Americans.”


    • glitter 1

      Yup, the only thing that has happened in the last 50 years is that we are that much closer to the judgement/wrath,which means that men will not endure sound doctrine,which means they will be subject to strong delusion and will believe a Lie.Also,we have now seen what 120 years has brought towards the apostasy in The Body Of Christ aka The Church with the introduction of the new age satanic bible versions based on the corrupt Wescott & Hort Greek Text.

      2Ti 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
      2Ti 4:4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

      Not every mouth that professes to be “Christian” will be so:

      Mt 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
      Mt 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

      The doctrine of The Rapture is not 50 years old.I’m not sure where Wiles is getting his info or what he is using as his authority,Oh but I’m sure he is right because he says he is,right!Would love to hear him debate his doctrine with a Peter Ruckman or other real man of God.He makes it sound oh so right,especially without any rebuttal(s).Time will tell now won’t it.

      Here is just one example:

  • Timco

    It seems perfectly reasonable to me, but then, most of my close friends do live in Fairborn Ohio.

  • J.Gagnon

    You are missing dinosaurs also … but with all the various subject matter you have grouped , there are some truths to picked from…

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