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Epidemic of sea mammal deaths explodes as Fukushima radiation contaminates one-third of the earth

by David Gutierrez, Natural News:

Dead and dying sea mammals continue to wash ashore at unusual and alarming rates along the California coast. Scientists are stumped, suggesting that the cause may be food shortages caused by abnormally warm waters – but unsure of what has caused the ocean off the California coast to warm so rapidly.

Meanwhile, the radioactive plume released into the Pacific Ocean following the Fukushima nuclear disaster draws ever closer to North America’s western coast. At the same time, radioactive material is still pouring into the sea from the Fukushima site. Could the ongoing radioactive poisoning of the Pacific and the dying of its marine mammals be related?

Whales, dolphins now affected

On July 6, San Francisco news outlets reported the discovery of a large dead dolphin that had washed ashore at nearby Ocean Beach. While one death might not be particularly unusual, a dead sea lion pup and a dead adult elephant seal were also found washed up at the same beach, on the same day.

In the few months prior, numerous dead whales had washed up along the nearby coast.

At the same time, literally thousands of dead and dying sea lions have been beaching themselves from San Francisco to San Diego. In the first three months of the year, more than 1,800 sea lions – many of them starving and sickly juveniles – were found on beaches or in coastal back yards. More than a thousand of these sea lions beached themselves in March alone.

“You could equate it to a war zone,” said Keith Matassa of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

Three of five years since 2011 – the year of the Fukushima disaster – have seen abnormally high numbers of sea lion strandings.

Mainstream scientists are not pointing the finger at radiation, however. Instead, they suspect that marine mammals are dying due to a food shortage caused by abnormally warm ocean temperatures. And they may have a point: Temperatures between San Francisco and Monterey are an astonishing 5 degrees warmer than normal for the time of year.

A third of the world poisoned?

Scientists do not know why the waters are so warm, and have not studied a possible contribution from the massive amount of radioactive material from the Fukushima disaster that is predicted to slam into the California coast some time in 2017. Without such a study, any connection may have to remain speculative.

What is certain, however, is that the massive release of radioactive material into the Pacific Ocean is likely to have dire ecological consequences.

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4 comments to Epidemic of sea mammal deaths explodes as Fukushima radiation contaminates one-third of the earth

  • some guy

    “Scientists are stumped”

    The word “Scientists” should ALWAYS be put in quotes.

  • Rob

    Some guy is right


    Need to come to terms with the FACT, schools of marine life migrate and move all through the oceans.

    So does a galaxy of poison when it is poured into the ocean continuously no matter how large the ocean.

    There is no charge for this information and all of you are fired !

    we have prisons and death camps waiting for you for being accomplices to crimes against Humanity.

    Thank you and good day

  • Michael Anenberg

    Isn’t it obvious already? How stupid do they think we are? Damn Stupid! That’s How!
    This is a disaster of apocalyptic proportions. I am confident that this terrible event will Earth forever. Perhaps the entire northern hemisphere will be destroyed and killed off? God will then bring another end of the world event upon us to cleanse whatever is left after the inevitable tribulation that includes this Fukushima destruction.
    I may not make it. But I pray that this planet will be sterilized for the humans that remain and survive. Scared? No. But I am committed.

  • Ed_B

    Before either of you two rag on us scientists, perhaps you should go through what we had to in order to become scientists. This means education in many aspects of the sciences… and LOTS of it… several years, in fact, followed by many years of continuous learning and experience.

    Yes, it is easy to criticize others and it is even easier to believe nonsense reported in the media. The number of lies told in the media about what scientists think, know, or believe is legion. Much of this is part of the control meme that so many on this site rant and rave about, yet fall into just the same as others whom they excoriate.

    As a scientist, I can tell you both that there are a lot of falsehoods out there that are presented as facts but that are nowhere near being facts. This is particularly so in the area of environmental science, much of which has been manipulated by the left-wing political agenda.

    As a scientist, I spent 32 years of my life working in science, learning, designing and running experiments, collecting, testing, and reviewing data, managing research projects, writing reports on my findings, etc. Not once during any of those 32 years did anyone in any of the 6 companies for which I worked come to me and ask me to falsify my data or rewrite my reports. I would not have done so had they asked. This is called integrity and most in the scientific community have it. Those who put their political agenda ahead of the truth are not scientists, IMO. ALL scientists revere the truth and seek it. Anyone who works in the sciences and does not do this is not a scientist, regardless of their academic credentials.

    I agree that the Fukushima nuclear power plant is a disaster of epic proportions, that it has been handled VERY poorly, and that the damage it has done and continues to do is horrific. A MUCH better response to this disaster should have been mounted and it should have been international in scope with many countries contributing their expertise, equipment, and funds to remediate this severe problem, which IS international in scope.

    But then, no one has asked me what I thought about it, so they continue to fumble along doing an incompetent job while the ecosphere of a good part of the North Pacific Ocean continues to suffer. This is not a problem created by scientists, although it is one that CAN be solved by scientists and engineers given the direction and support necessary. But neither of these has been forthcoming, now, have they? No, they have not and we all must ask “WHY NOT?”. Clearly, this problem is either not being taken seriously by TPTB, OR it is part of their plan for us. If it was recognized as a problem, then much more effort would have been made at resolving the issues involved. Technically, this has all of the earmarks of a trial balloon disaster and TPTB are likely collecting data on the damage that occurs. If so, then this is why they are not interested in solving this “problem”. To them, it is not a problem but an experiment and, horrible as it is, they want it to continue so they can get all the data possible from it.

    Japan cannot solve this problem. They have had 4+ years in which to do so but have failed utterly. All Pacific nations need to hold Japan accountable for this gigantic catastrophe, socially, economically, politically, and scientifically. A consortium of nations should come together and apply the very best remediation science and technology to this problem and RIGHT NOW, not years from now when the environmental disaster becomes obvious to one and all. This is where scientists excel… in recognizing that which is not yet obvious. This ability has been and is being wasted by TPTB. Instead, we are treated to a continuous diatribe on Hillary’s email, gay marriage, fake elections, DC escapades, the government scandal of the month, Hollywood stars and their problems, and a host of other trivia while deadly serious problems occur and are allowed to continue with little to no effective addressing of them.

    /Rant complete/

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