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Donald Trump Exposes ALL U.S. Political Corruption (Including His Own)

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

The West is corrupt (the entire bloc). It is thus of paramount importance when notable figures within this rancid system draw attention to that corruption. It’s not because such people are better than anyone else, or that their opinions are more important. It’s simply that – because of their stature – the views expressed by the famous (or infamous) people in our society will always, inevitably, attract more attention.

In this case the revelations about U.S. corruption come from an unlikely source (Donald Trump), and from an equally unlikely setting, the Republican candidates’ debate, hosted by Fox News. Kudos to Mike Whitney (of for having a stomach strong enough to cover this event.

It’s not a case of Trump himself demonstrating any significant insight here. Indeed, it’s almost the opposite of that. It’s the fable of The Emperor’s New Clothes, all over again. Everyone knows that the Emperor is naked, but it takes a naïve, young boy to stand up and say “the Emperor is wearing no clothes” before everyone else (belatedly) acknowledges the obvious. At the Republican candidates debate; Donald Trump was playing the role of the naïve, young boy.

First some context. Trump was asked for his views on the U.S. healthcare system, an area of particularly dense and odious corruption (due to the massive quantities of dollars up-for-grabs). True to form, Donald Trump shocked the audience, the moderators, and the other candidates, and did so in an inadvertently ironic manner. The following excerpt (from Whitney) contains the ultimate in political gaffes, and insights:

the insurance companies are making a fortune because they have control of the politicians, of course, with the exception of the politicians on this stage. (uneasy laughter) But they have total control of the politicians. They’re making a fortune.  [emphasis mine]

It is necessary to break-down this paragraph, almost word by word, as Trump expressed his viewpoint in absolute terms, and using absolute language yields unequivocal conclusions.

they have control of the politicians

These six words do much more than merely acknowledge the endemic corruption of the United States (and now the entire Western bloc). This is an acknowledgement of systemic corruption – in several ways. The most obvious aspect is the fact that Trump makes no distinction between Republicans and Democrats. They are (all) simply “the politicians”.

Long before readers saw the expression “the Two-Party Dictatorship” in previous commentaries, the late Charles Lindbergh Sr. (a former Republican congressman and career prosecutor) wrote in The Economic Pinch – more than 90 years ago:

There is no material difference now in the old political parties, except which shall control the patronage.

Who are the real masters of the Republicans and the Democrats, of this century? It is “they”, which (in the instance above) refers to the health insurance oligopoly. However, the health insurance oligopoly is not the only corporate oligopoly which always gets its own way, through dictating to their servants in Washington, of either political stripe.

Big Oil always gets what it wants. Big Pharma always gets what it wants. Big Agriculture always gets what it wants. And (of course) at the absolute top we have the Big Banks, the banking crime syndicate which regular readers now know as the One Bank. Trump, himself, describes these thugs-in-suits:

These lenders aren’t babies, these are total Killers. These are not the nice, sweet little people that you think. Okay? You know, you’re living in a world of the make-believe.  [emphasis mine]

What Trump failed to add to this very accurate characterization was that the “make-believe world” to which he referred was carefully constructed by the One Bank itself (through the assistance of the corporate media oligopoly), to help conceal the multi-billion and multi-trillion dollar serial crimes which these financial psychopaths perpetrate, on a daily basis – even after they are caught.

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2 comments to Donald Trump Exposes ALL U.S. Political Corruption (Including His Own)

  • It’s about time that someone pried open their eyes. Unfortunately today you can have eyes and still not see! That, after all is the power of cognitive dissidents! Let’s hope this old saying stands true against that power. “The Eyes”, when you rearrange the letters, “They seE”

    When the new age comes everyone must shed the old.
    The true meaning of “The end of the world”

    The End Is Here!

  • docno

    Everyone just love to go around in circle..
    Republican is the right arm and the democrat is the left one linked to the creature’s body. The entire system is a political false flag.. or synthetic democracy.
    Rothschild has won over 260 years and still is the ultimate war engineer and profiteer..

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