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Desperate Push for Nuke Deal, Economic Warning Signs, GOP Debate, California on Fire

from USA Watchdog:

Congress is in recess, but that is not stopping President Obama to continue to push Democrats in both houses in Congress to vote yes in the deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear program.

The President surly knows it will be voted down by the Republicans and many Democrats in the House and Senate. The only question: Will the President have enough votes to sustain a veto? It is a foregone conclusion that the deal will be voted down and the President will veto it. If his veto is not overridden, then the deal will go through. One big problem with getting the votes are the secret side deals that Iran has with UN inspectors. The other problem is that even unclassified information about the deal is not being released by the White House to the public. If it were such a great deal, why so secret, which is the same thing I said about the Republican sponsored secret trade deal called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). It will all come down to a veto or a veto override.

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