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Desolation Row: the Silver Market

from Gold Silver Worlds:

Silver peaked in 1980 and then crashed into “Silver Desolation Row” in 1999 – 2001, like now.

The 1970s decade was the time for commodity price increases and inflation. The 1980s and 1990s saw a preference for paper assets and stocks, while commodities, gold, and silver prices collapsed.

Cycles and preferences change. Silver was “bombed out” in “Silver Desolation Row” by 1999 – 2001. Stocks were all the rage from 1982 – 2000. But the NASDAQ could only be pushed so far and then reality intervened.

About like now….

Examine the chart of the silver to S&P 500 Index ratio. Note the low in 2001 when silver was “bombed out” and scratching for a bottom in “Desolation Row.”


The ratio looks about the same in 2015 – bombed out. I haven’t heard people comment about silver that “you can’t give the stuff away,” but we must be close.

Compare the ratio of silver to the San Francisco Housing Index (Case-Shiller data). Again, silver looks “bombed out.”


Compare the price of silver to the Population Adjusted National Debt of the U.S. Again, silver looks “bombed out.”


From Bob Moriarty:

“What we can know is prices in relative terms. In absolute terms, the lowest price for silver since 1975 was $3.53 in 1993. In relative terms, silver hit $4.01 in November of 2001 and that was the lowest relative price in 5000 years. So in late 2001, silver was cheap. And I said so. In April of 2011 I saw silver getting nutso again as it did in January of 1980 and I said so.”

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