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Clue-Evidence on a Silver Platter!

from The Wealth Watchman:

A  Familiar Game

Once again it is a great privilege and honor that The Wealth Watchman would consider what this nobody has to say and allow me to share it with the shield brothers! Thank you WW! It is always my desire to produce a column with a passion to uphold truth, justice and honest money!

Perhaps you remember the days you would sit around the table with family members and play this old classic detective game? Well I had the privilege of doing so on a surprise visit this past May with my siblings to surprise our Mom on her 80th birthday! She was thrilled to have us, and a good time was had by all.

The idea was that you and several participants have met at Tudor Mansion. Your host, Mr Boddy, has met an untimely end (no banker jokes please) and is the victim of foul play.

To determine who did this crime, you must do your due diligence and travel from room to room in the mansion, attempting to determine (through the process of elimination) in which room, with what weapon and who did it. Everyone in the game has different clues that eliminate certain people, places and items. If you get to a room and make a suggestion, for example: Mr. Green did it with the lead pipe in the Conservatory. Someone else in the game may be able to eliminate one two or all three of those clues leaving you to record your findings and move on. There is a little bit of luck involved as you need to eliminate the possibilities before your opponents do and then make the bold accusation based upon your detective work. If you are correct you WIN – Congratulations! (btw, I did win that night J ) but if you are missing any one or all of the clues when you make your accusation that was your only opportunity and forfeit the rest of the game.

Now there are 3 assumptions while playing the game of Clue:

1) If a crime is committed, it is the sworn duty of law enforcement to investigate and pursue possible leads on who did it, when it was committed, where and by what means.

2) When a list of possible suspects is assembled they are investigated, questioned as to what if any alibis they had.

3) When it appears that there is prima facie case against a suspect, then they are charged with a crime and arrested.

So now that we know the rules that most folks would agree are reasonable for upholding the law, what is the connection we are discussing here today?

The Crime?: Money Printing without backing. In other words counterfeiting. For the sake of argument, pretend you are given the charge of money printing in any banking system you would like; they all operate basically in the same manner. You have been granted carte blanche by your government’s politicians / bankers to print large amounts of currency of any denomination that you deem fit. This central bank doesn’t have anything at all to back said currency. Nothing of intrinsic value links your rag note. Nothing except antiquated ideas of TRUST in the system, government, authorities, etc. GQ actually published a story not too long ago called the GREAT PAPER CAPER where a guy counterfeited his way to millions and amazingly beat the system after getting caught. Disclaimer: don’t try this at home!

clue pic 2


The Weapon?: Control – P. Lets look at your computer screen for a moment. Just to start off, lets print a 100 million dollars which, by the way, is only about 1 hours of printing while during QE 3) You type on your incredibly sophisticated computer screen $ 100,000,000,000 and then hit the (Ctrl – P).

Shazam! Imagine the power for a moment……….. The power to buy your way into (or out of virtually any situation this life could offer). What kind of delusions of grandeur would you have? What great aspirations would you attain? This might just be a good thing! I mean after all no harm done right? I mean, we all know you plan on boosting the economy buy “investing this money” that you have hardly earned. That’s what any good citizen would do right? Well time to consider the other side of the fence now. The most important question of the day:

So who is the Victim? Let Murray N. Rothbard lay out his case from his book,

The Case Against the Fed:

“Counterfeiters are generally reviled, and for good reason. One reason that gold and silver make good moneys is that they are easily recognizable, and are particularly difficult to simulate by counterfeits.”

And he goes on to explain the unavoidable economic consequences when all of this money is printed:

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