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Clinton Exploits Virginia Shooting to Call for Gun Legislation

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

Attacking the Second Amendment is a major component of campaign

Within hours of the fatal shooting in Virginia of two television station employees, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for anti-gun legislation.

“I will do whatever I can. I am not afraid of this fight. I am not backing off from this fight because it has gone way too far in one direction and we need to get back to some balance,” she told an audience of college students in Las Vegas recently. On Wednesday Clinton ally Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy criticized Bernie Sanders for voting against the Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act.

Following the 2013 defeat in the Senate of legislation calling for background checks, Obama and the Democrats have pushed hard to kick start the issue.

The White House admitted using executive authority to restrict access to guns and Obama declared his commitment to imposing gun laws, including requiring background checks for sales online and at gun shows.

The Obama administration has reacted to the incident under the banner of “gun violence,” code for anti-gun legislation:

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6 comments to Clinton Exploits Virginia Shooting to Call for Gun Legislation

  • CalSailX

    Let me see she’s responsible for the deaths of at least tens of thousands of humans, and she says this kind of horse shit? I’m sorry that fascist whore can go sit, and twist on a fence post until she’s indited for all I care!

    • DOH!

      Why would you use a website that runs cover for a jew faction (israel lobby) to share the news though. the jews behind communism have slaughtered 100s of millions of people, and info wars will never identify the elite and globalists then and now. BTW, they’re the same people.

      Who knows how Sean juggles that one in his conscience.

  • CalSailX

    I guess it’s not “gun violence” when it’s her or Bill’s thugs that are doing the killing!

  • Johnny Oeratt

    Hey Killary, Eat Shit!

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