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California’s List of Coming Seizures: Vaccine Seizures, Gun Seizures, Pension Seizures and Gold seizures

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

If you are still a resident of the increasingly authoritarian police state of California, here is a news flash for you: Your Democratic masters don’t much care for your civil liberties, freedoms and rights, and in the coming months and years they are going to try to eliminate as many of them from you as possible.

Natural News readers already know that California has some of the highest taxes, highest pension costs and most restrictive gun laws. They also know the state recently adopted the most restrictive mandatory childhood vaccine law in the country, denying parents the right of informed refusal and forcing them to expose their children to potentially dangerous concoctions for the “right” to a public school education (that they are forced to pay for nonetheless).

Now, the little Stalins who dominate the state legislature want the vaccine requirement extended to adults as well.

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