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Bretton Woods Conference: July 1-22, 1944, Then, Ufa SCO-BRICS Summit, July 6-10, 2015, Now

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Our grandchildren’s history books will reference these two international meetings, Bretton Woods and Ufa, as post-World War II geopolitical milestones, and transformative benchmarks in the world order. This of course, unless Western/Israeli colonialism does not push humanity to the brink, with a last desperate attempt to save its fascist empire, with World War III.

At the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, 730 delegates from all 44 Western Allied countries met for three weeks in the summer of 1944, July 1st-22nd. China and the USSR were represented, but in physical presence only. World War II was still raging. It would be another ten months before the Soviet Red Army finally marched into Berlin, crushing the Nazi Wehrmacht, on May 9th, 1945. The Chinese Red Army would do the same to the fascist Japanese Imperial Army, while driving out all the Western colonial and KMT compradors, on September 3rd, 1945.

Between these two fraternal communist countries, they lost no fewer than 40,000,000 of their fellow citizens, in the fight to defeat worldwide fascism. The United Kingdom and the United States each lost around 400,000, or a total of 800,000. This is one-fiftieth, or only 2% of Russia’s and China’s sacrifices.

But no matter. Bretton Woods was decidedly an Angloland affair, with Western colonialism’s two global rentiers at the head of the table, the UK and the US. The other 42 delegates were simply warm bodies for ceremony and vacuous photo ops. The UK wanted to maintain the global suzerainty of the Western banking system (read London), including keeping the Nazi collaborating Bank of International Settlements (BIS) intact. It and its fascist roots are of course still in business today. The Americans wanted unfettered trade, knowing that it was king of the manufacturing mountain, now that Europe’s and Japan’s Industrial Revolution juggernauts had been decimated during the war. Of course, Uncle Sam got what it wanted. Cheap, imported primary inputs came in, paid in greenbacks, and expensive, finished products went out, only Benjamin Franklins accepted for payment, thank you, all transacted through Western banks. The US dollar was installed as the world currency for trade and the IMF and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) were created, the latter which morphed into the American controlled World Bank.

Israel was soon forced on the Muslim World. It is the West’s Islam hating, evil spawn, a grotesque Quasimodo helping empire to commit terrorism, false flags and genocide, not only in the Middle East, but across the planet. Israel is an imperial wet dream, a Myrmidon for hire.

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